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    Loving through the bigotry

    by , 02-05-2014 at 01:27 PM (388 Views)
    Its as if my consciousness were taking a ride with 3 other persons one at a time. By "ride", I mean that its as if I were sharing in their own personal conscious experience, as if I were a part of their consciousness, experiencing directly what they are experiencing. I see what they see, feel what they are personally feeling, know their thoughts. At the same time I am aware of my own thoughts, my own feelings, and see also as if a observer from outside the experience. Its really a unique multi layered experience, all in one.

    The first person seems as if a female who is into "God". Religious or spiritual as the case may be, she seems to be known as a believer in God. We travel north into a lush green park like area turning east along a roadway or drive and follow it as it turns south towards other people and a suburban type area. As we come into the other people they begin to persecute this woman for her beliefs. They ridicule and heckle her. They insult her and push her around. She endures their anger and hatred with a wall of pure love. She feels no anger, nor hatred towards them. She feels compassion for them, polite and caring for them in attitude and presence towards them even in the face of their persecution.

    Then the dream shifts back to the beginning again and this time its with another person. A male gay person. The situation that develops is about identical towards this person as the last. Even the physical locations and settings are the same. This man is persecuted by those who hate gays and lesbians. He endure the same sort of heckling and persecution. Pushed and hit, he has the same love inside him as the previous woman did. The experience is nearly the same and his feelings of love, compassion, and caring , are as steadfast as the previous womans.

    Dream shifts to a third person. This one is a black man, seemingly in his early 30's. The path traveled runs the same direction wise, but the roadway is wider and the scenery and landscape broader. This one is seemingly set in a past era, 50's or early 60's. This man is a man who is a talented repair man. He has a broad knowledge of repair and fixing things in general. He meets the same persecution as the previous two, this for no other reason than skin color.
    This experience is a little different than the first two. There is way more detail to the instances of him being put down and put "in his place". While in the other 2 experiences, I did not really have any personal feelings, in this one I seem to marvel at this mans composure and the huge amount of love and compassion in this mans heart. I "hear" his thoughts each time he is confronted. One large white man puts him down and then tries to fix his own car. He don't want any black man to touch it, he knows what he is doing. The black man know how to fix the car and wishes the guy would just put his hate away and ask for help. There is great compassion here in this ones heart. Other things happen and my view is whisked above the scene as I begin to feel anger towards all these other people doing these things to this black man. My connection breaks and the dream ends.

    This experience was profound. I was left with the thought of why I had taken hold of anger when these 3 people under direct provocation had not. Tells me I have more work to do inside myself. This is humbling.

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