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    One mind...One voice...One body...

    by , 01-24-2014 at 02:07 PM (478 Views)
    Yet another dream that was seemingly lost after dreaming it..
    Last night I was reading through a variety of teachings in books and in online encyclopedias. Suddenly I saw them all as one thing, all concepts, all hindrances of sorts as such. Pushed them all aside and went to bed. Dzogchen speaks of "guardians" of the teachings. Not sure why, but I simply thought in mind something like," Guardian of the teaching, open the teachings to me, I lay my ego self at the doorway as an offering"

    The dream had loads of detail and many different places. much I have forgotten and or left out here. The parts that stayed with me are as follows. I was travelling westward on a highway that stretched east and west dividing the land to the south and the land to the north. Seemed /I was moving more along the southward side.
    I came to a hill that sent the road jogging slightly south on the other side. At the top of the hill there was a 2 story building to the north and a single story building to the south set back to the west more, way further south off the road than the structure sitting to the north of the road. The land to the south was very steep, about 6-7' straight up off the road. You have to climb up off the road to get to the flat. On the north side , other than a small ditch it is fairly flat and level with the road.
    I seem to go across the road to the north and have some interaction with some people over there. There is some sort of country fair or gathering of sorts going on mainly out in the road between the two lands. There seem to be a few people from the north moving through the crowd and doing things of interest, but no watchers on the north side. On the south side, there are rows of people , spectators along the top edge of the steep drop off sitting in lawn chairs. More up on the flat milling around, as if a second fair is going on , on south towards the building there. there are also people from the south out gathered in the road at that fair. The people from the north do not seem to go over to the south side.
    I seem to get several dozen eggs in Styrofoam containers from someone in the building to the north. I end up going back to the south and try to climb up the bank. Seems as I do most of the eggs break in the cartons in the effort. I get into a corner to the east and set the eggs that are left up on the bank where some old woman in a chair takes them for me .I get up the bank after a lot of effort, but find the eggs all ruined when she hands them to me. I look back to the north, as I do I find myself on the north side quite a ways back down to the east.
    There is a town of sorts there, buildings and structures, one which stands out as sort of a terminal like for buses or airlines. Persons are milling around doing their own things. There is some sort of induction or presentation going on, perhaps a play, unsure. It is dark out, blue/black in color though like just after sundown.
    I run into a woman that I do not know. I am facing north and we embrace. There is sort of a loving presence felt. the view goes from embracing standing, to embracing lying on the ground with her on top of me. As she lifts away there is a vision of a male figure of sorts, more of a male presence seen lifting away where she should be in relation to rising up off me. It is very hard to put into words. Male but not male, human, but not human. Bright white light fills the sky behind this vision as it rises up and away. What is happening is not entirely clear, but I seem lucid to know not to feel distressed about the representations. It begins to rain.
    Following that, I mill around briefly looking west at something, but do not recognize what is going on or what I am drawn to look at. I find others with me, some familiar faces, other not. There is also a feeling of the presence of more still above and behind travelling with as if guiding and watching. There is a resolute feeling arising to move east and north to the east. At first glance there is nowhere to go east as a thick forest is off that way and to the north from the town . There is a sense that a hidden path lies off towards and in that forest. Going there and finding it we all stop for a rest before going on East.
    While making camp of sorts, several thoughts come to me, one is about the embrace I had, and the presence of those up and behind us says not to worry about the things I was thinking back there as those thoughts were sort of a trick that that phenomenon play on one through ones embodied personage. At least that's how I describe the exchange and the meaning.
    Following that, the dream begins to fade and I wake up.

    Now is where it gets fuzzy. I remember waking and going back in a dreamlike state to recall the dream. I seem to get to the point where the embrace happens , but as the presence lifts away from me there is a feeling of some part of me being pulled away with streamers of light between me and this presence. As it pulls free I wake hearing something fall off a table down stairs. In the silence that follows I seem to say the same thing I framed up in mind when I went to be in regards to the guardian of the teachings, but immediately following that I also found myself saying " One mind...One voice...One body". Then it was as if I had been sleeping and woke up again.
    I do not know whether this latter happened during the first telling of the embrace, or during the recalling of it. Nor do I really know when I was really awake and not. Truly a strange happening. Ad I am not really sure which order the mind/body/voice statements arose either at this point.

    Will comment later

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    1. NonDualistic's Avatar
      Reading through some Dzogchen books, Body, Voice, and Mind are 3 interdependent aspects of existence...

      I have been looking at these components in too much a independent context. This seems to suggest I practice to integrate them in my minds view... one, one, one