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    Points to ponder

    by , 01-17-2014 at 02:07 PM (384 Views)
    Framed up in mind before bed something like this, How do I turn the taking in this all encompassing Love of equanimity to a pouring out from within myself of this great Love?

    The dream seemed to shift all over the place throughout. T was difficult to remember afterwards and only after I mediated upon it in yet another dreamlike state did I recall its components and see meaning in it.

    At first there was traveling with others, one than another, as if through jungles and thick under brush and entanglements. It was as if a war was going on and those that I was following one at a time were stalking enemies. From my vantage point I saw not the faces of those enemies, but saw those who I was following stalk them and kill them. There was no feeling in me one way or another, I was simply witnessing.

    In this upon meditating, I see that the enemy, each one being the same essential thing, was some aspect of myself that needs "killed", cut away, or let go of to drop away.

    From there I found myself among friends that I game around with on occasion. Tables set up and conversations going on and people in general milling around. Each had a dessert on a plate in front of them. The conversation came about that there was a ingredient in each persons dessert that was unique to each individual. Each must find out what that ingredient is and then its purpose is in bringing out the energy within oneself.

    This one was nearly self explanatory. The circumstances of each life is unique , like a fingerprint. Each must navigate the path in their own way, finding their way within using their own map. The machinery of yourself has adjustments that only you can make.

    Moving to the north from there, I am in an open area with a dirt floor and sawhorses with a partially built dugout canoe on them. Gilligan form Gilligans Island is there doing something. He has something in his hands sitting on the canoe. I look and it is a set of small clear plastic boxes of different constructions and with different types of lids. A Gilligan is now pressed inside each little box, with no Gilligan out here with me in or by the canoe.

    This one seemed to mean that one cannot wall themselves up , or box themselves away from the world. Doing so does not allow for the Love to flow in or out.

    The view shifts to a hill rising to the north. A long hill east and west dropping to a valley floor about 70' below with a creek at the bottom and a field of beans on the other side of the creek. There are logs on a truck at the top of the hill. The truck bed tips and all the logs roll down the hill and across the creek. As they go across the creek and up into the beans I feel a tension inside me thinking they need to stop or the beans will be ruined. When they hit the beans the beans tangle up the logs and bring them to a stop.
    After they stop there is the thought of how to get them back up the hill to the truck. Lots of people show up from the east out of the bottomland coming to the logs. At the same time I see many people milling about up on the westward side of the top of the hill where my viewpoint is. There is some matter of concern. I find myself strapping on a old west up and set them back in the truck at the top of the hill.

    This, at the time of meditation seemed to convey that working together sees all problems solved. At the moment I think the "together" means aspects of myself. Need to chew on this more

    There was much more detail to this dream as well as perhaps more content. There seemed to be some more set in /around a machine shed at may parents place with more logs and my friends, but the clarity if that is gone at this time..

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