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    Tibetan woman

    by , 01-30-2014 at 01:52 PM (312 Views)
    Dream view is dark and overcast, much of it at dusk to start. In a open building of sorts at the base of a hill . The hill rises upwards to the south. There are support pillars here and there. I start out facing east looking for something or watching for something. Don't know what. I turn to the west and there is a young Tibetan woman standing there. I walk by her going north where the hill drops off again to a flat are that stretches out and away with a road and some housing, yards and such. It starts to get light out, though cloudy and overcast. I turn back and the girl has some sort of pet she pulls from around her head or chest area. It is almost like a cartoon character of sorts. Small , happy and care free, it is all the colors of the rainbow, bright and brilliant. It runs off to the north among the houses to play and look around.
    Then there is a sense of urgency that it need to be found and brought back. I go look, but seem to merely be watching. A second bright, colorful little animal or pet of sorts runs out and retrieves the other one and takes it back.
    I am again up by the woman facing west towards her. I have feelings for her, love and she seems to have them too for me.it was not readily noticeable at first , but after a few hugs and a kiss it is very noticeable, the feelings kind of as if playing with me. What is subtly noticeable is also that the love coming from her, is much deeper, much richer , than that which comes from me. Its like my love is the same, but watered down in some way.
    I find myself going to do something and must say goodbye to here for a while. I am going uphill, up stairs in the hill to the south. She comes and stands in my way beckoning an embrace and a kiss . Her love melts my resolve to do what I am doing and I forget, as she guides me to the west to a path going back north again down a hill through some stone monuments. I find myself with it seems 2 -3 others. Not clear as to whether I am the 3rd or the 4th in the group.
    We knock down the tallest most important monument on the way down. We turn and struggle dragging it back up the hill to re set it. The first attempt fails and we all slide down the hill again with monument in tow. We seem to get it set back up again the 2nd time.
    There is a road coming from the southwest around the base of this hill and straightens out to the north angling slightly west as it goes on out of sight. A row of tall dark buildings are seen along its eastern side. I cant see anything directly east where the road does fork and goes directly east. Its like the view is blocked with white fuzzy light, like when you get a migraine headache.

    That's all I recall, though there was more dreams that seemed to involve 3 persons in different settings, but I just don't remember them at all other than that.
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