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    Train Tracks - old and new

    by , 02-03-2014 at 02:10 PM (427 Views)
    Yesterday spent meditating on personal direction, and love, the kind of love the saints poured out into this world .. I even set forth a direction for myself and put it on paper..

    Dream opens up with my view looking south down an old rail line. The tracks and ties have been removed and the surface graded. There are workers pouring a new gravel bed from the south coming north. The sun is out and it is as if morning. As I look around I am on a large square 20 or so acre patch of green grass with some trees . The trees are thicker in the southwest corner around both sides of the tracks and thin out as you go north till they are no more by the north edge of the property.
    All around this property to the west, the north and the east is either flat grassy plain or plowed farm fields. To the south is rolling hills east and west that are grassy, with forested hills to the southwest.
    The train tracks are on the very western edge of the property going straight north and south. At mid property there is what seems a covered bridge the tracks are going to go through. I don't see the progress of this construction beyond the bridge to the north.
    The workers get the gravel laid and graded and a foreman comes along and is measuring for the tracks. they seem to have one rail set up to the western side of the gravel, but there are no ties to spike them too. I seem to see them driving spike into the gravel temporarily for some reason. Makes no sense to me even while in the dream.
    Dream shift to looking eastward. There is an old rail line to the north about mid property, rusting and seemingly now out of use. It comes into the property from the north through a open building that looks like a twin corn crib you would drive through, about a third of the way along the north side from the west. It snakes to the east and around a huge old dilapidated barn.
    My view shifts to inside the barn. You can easily see through the open slats in the sides of the barn all the way around. Its built more like an open corn crib than a barn as far as the outer walls go. Inside you can see the rotted falling apart structure. The south wall is falling down on the ground with the wall base completely rotted and off the foundations. The whole view to the south outside is blocked from the collapsing wall.
    Inside a railroad construction engineer is there looking at the old rail line that had gone through this building. He was looking at how to get the line opened up through this wreckage of a building. I seem to show him that the line y'ed off around the east side of the building outside, so they didn't have to come through here anymore.
    We went outside and saw the old line go on around the building back to the west and out the south central part of the property where is y'ed off in two directions again going southwest and southeast. The sky is now overcast and cloudy with the wind picking up.
    My view races upwards as if flying overhead and around the property looking it all over and taking it all in. There is some latent thoughts and concerns of installing of crossings where the old tracks go through the property where a dirt or gravel road runs east and west. Not sure what is going on with the 2 rails lines, one old and one new. Dream ends..

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