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    1. Loving through the bigotry

      by , 02-05-2014 at 01:27 PM
      Its as if my consciousness were taking a ride with 3 other persons one at a time. By "ride", I mean that its as if I were sharing in their own personal conscious experience, as if I were a part of their consciousness, experiencing directly what they are experiencing. I see what they see, feel what they are personally feeling, know their thoughts. At the same time I am aware of my own thoughts, my own feelings, and see also as if a observer from outside the experience. Its really a unique multi layered experience, all in one.

      The first person seems as if a female who is into "God". Religious or spiritual as the case may be, she seems to be known as a believer in God. We travel north into a lush green park like area turning east along a roadway or drive and follow it as it turns south towards other people and a suburban type area. As we come into the other people they begin to persecute this woman for her beliefs. They ridicule and heckle her. They insult her and push her around. She endures their anger and hatred with a wall of pure love. She feels no anger, nor hatred towards them. She feels compassion for them, polite and caring for them in attitude and presence towards them even in the face of their persecution.

      Then the dream shifts back to the beginning again and this time its with another person. A male gay person. The situation that develops is about identical towards this person as the last. Even the physical locations and settings are the same. This man is persecuted by those who hate gays and lesbians. He endure the same sort of heckling and persecution. Pushed and hit, he has the same love inside him as the previous woman did. The experience is nearly the same and his feelings of love, compassion, and caring , are as steadfast as the previous womans.

      Dream shifts to a third person. This one is a black man, seemingly in his early 30's. The path traveled runs the same direction wise, but the roadway is wider and the scenery and landscape broader. This one is seemingly set in a past era, 50's or early 60's. This man is a man who is a talented repair man. He has a broad knowledge of repair and fixing things in general. He meets the same persecution as the previous two, this for no other reason than skin color.
      This experience is a little different than the first two. There is way more detail to the instances of him being put down and put "in his place". While in the other 2 experiences, I did not really have any personal feelings, in this one I seem to marvel at this mans composure and the huge amount of love and compassion in this mans heart. I "hear" his thoughts each time he is confronted. One large white man puts him down and then tries to fix his own car. He don't want any black man to touch it, he knows what he is doing. The black man know how to fix the car and wishes the guy would just put his hate away and ask for help. There is great compassion here in this ones heart. Other things happen and my view is whisked above the scene as I begin to feel anger towards all these other people doing these things to this black man. My connection breaks and the dream ends.

      This experience was profound. I was left with the thought of why I had taken hold of anger when these 3 people under direct provocation had not. Tells me I have more work to do inside myself. This is humbling.
    2. Train Tracks - old and new

      by , 02-03-2014 at 02:10 PM
      Yesterday spent meditating on personal direction, and love, the kind of love the saints poured out into this world .. I even set forth a direction for myself and put it on paper..

      Dream opens up with my view looking south down an old rail line. The tracks and ties have been removed and the surface graded. There are workers pouring a new gravel bed from the south coming north. The sun is out and it is as if morning. As I look around I am on a large square 20 or so acre patch of green grass with some trees . The trees are thicker in the southwest corner around both sides of the tracks and thin out as you go north till they are no more by the north edge of the property.
      All around this property to the west, the north and the east is either flat grassy plain or plowed farm fields. To the south is rolling hills east and west that are grassy, with forested hills to the southwest.
      The train tracks are on the very western edge of the property going straight north and south. At mid property there is what seems a covered bridge the tracks are going to go through. I don't see the progress of this construction beyond the bridge to the north.
      The workers get the gravel laid and graded and a foreman comes along and is measuring for the tracks. they seem to have one rail set up to the western side of the gravel, but there are no ties to spike them too. I seem to see them driving spike into the gravel temporarily for some reason. Makes no sense to me even while in the dream.
      Dream shift to looking eastward. There is an old rail line to the north about mid property, rusting and seemingly now out of use. It comes into the property from the north through a open building that looks like a twin corn crib you would drive through, about a third of the way along the north side from the west. It snakes to the east and around a huge old dilapidated barn.
      My view shifts to inside the barn. You can easily see through the open slats in the sides of the barn all the way around. Its built more like an open corn crib than a barn as far as the outer walls go. Inside you can see the rotted falling apart structure. The south wall is falling down on the ground with the wall base completely rotted and off the foundations. The whole view to the south outside is blocked from the collapsing wall.
      Inside a railroad construction engineer is there looking at the old rail line that had gone through this building. He was looking at how to get the line opened up through this wreckage of a building. I seem to show him that the line y'ed off around the east side of the building outside, so they didn't have to come through here anymore.
      We went outside and saw the old line go on around the building back to the west and out the south central part of the property where is y'ed off in two directions again going southwest and southeast. The sky is now overcast and cloudy with the wind picking up.
      My view races upwards as if flying overhead and around the property looking it all over and taking it all in. There is some latent thoughts and concerns of installing of crossings where the old tracks go through the property where a dirt or gravel road runs east and west. Not sure what is going on with the 2 rails lines, one old and one new. Dream ends..
    3. Jumbled mess

      by , 02-02-2014 at 02:25 PM
      Mind has been a real distraction the last few days...

      Its as if components from my life, people, places, and things were all thrown into a blender and spewed out in the dreamscape at random . Its like the dream was set in a huge square two story building with a basement. The structure was stone and masonry, and it was built in the shape of a square with the center of it an open courtyard or similar. Basically 4 long hallways connecting at the corners.

      I seem to start in northeast corner facing and heading south from an outdoor setting then into the basement of the South east corner turning west. Its a super dark dream, dark as if set in a horror movie of sort.s I seem to be walking a balance beam of sorts heading west, but walking backwards. There are dream characters representing all sorts of people. My father is to the south telling me how things should be, and what I should be doing with my life according to him. On the north side there are lots of people, dead and gone, one of his friends. A former president comes and meets these people and honors them in some way unexpectedly. Its really strange.
      Then its like everything shifts to being up on the next level starting over again in the northeast corner heading south. The only thing I remember is 20 years of tensions with my wife coming to a head in some way(this is true and is happening right now)and there is in the midst of this Queen
      Elizabeth and some sort of thing going on requiring attention by a number of persons in the dream including myself. Seems to be a set of bright white jewelry for a man and a woman. A matched set. The idea arises that I and my wife need to wear these to whatever event is coming up. But I have no idea how that is going to be given the situation with her and I. The jewelry has different shapes, one is a cross with a loop in the top, very soft lined and elegant, graceful in every what, white with gold and silver etching. Diamonds wrapping around it. There are other pieces, but that one is the one that stands out.
      The Queen is staying in the shadows , as if intentionally trying not to be noticed in any of this going on. Its as if we all who are involved are supposed to know about her, but not mention her or make light of her. This part ends unresolved..

      Then everything shifts to going south to the southwest corner of the upper floor and heading west down a long empty corridor. to some sort of commotion in the southwest corner. Seems there are monsterous sorts of persons there waiting to get us. We weave through them in a hurry and run down the next corridor going north. In the northwest corner there seems to be 3 dead maidservants, their ghosts, coming out a door and heading east down the back corridor. I seem to be alone now and follow them around the corner. When I get there they are now gone. Dream seems to end here

      There was way more content to this at different places, but what I wrote is all that remains with me this morning.
    4. Hiddeen stairway

      by , 01-31-2014 at 07:24 PM
      This one happened right aft the Old folks dream... just didn't have time to write it down earlier. These two dreams were refreshingly easier to recall than those of the last many days..

      Entered a set of double doors into a huge main floor of a huge house. The doors are set into the east wall to the north side of that wall. Reminds me of a old Victorian turned into a fraternity house is the impression I have. I am following a tour guide or someone showing me inside as if I am going to be moving in.
      I seem to be somewhat occupied as to finding the other people that are supposed to be living there already. Theses a sense that they are there, downstairs it feels like. But I see no one other than the 1 or 2 persons now guiding me. Seems as there might be others with me in a group, but it is only a sense, not really clear.
      There is a center column or pillar that runs through the center of the building, centered in the room. Around it seems to be a huge kitchen area. To the south wall there is several staircases going up and down, but they don't seem to lead anywhere upon investigating them.
      There is another pair of stair cases to the north wall that only go up. I go to see where they go, but have this feeling that they do not go where I want to go, at least they are not they way I am intended to go is/may be the feeling I am getting.
      Then The guide says to come here to the center column in the kitchen area. We seem to see a hidden stair case wrapped into and around the column going up. We push something and move a couple of things and the staircase unfolds out of the column and can be used to go up.

      The dream shifts radically all of a sudden and I am working on a lawn mower with a rototiller , trying to put the tiller on the tractor. Iam familiar with this tiller and the way it is in the dream is not the way it is in reality. I recognize this point but do not become lucid quite all the way. Kind of weird.. There is a circular part that hinges the parts together and its not adjusted right.

      Dream shifts yet again. to inside a cave or large shed of sorts, Hard to tell .seems like there is something going on down in a lower level cant really tell the direction. I seems east or north, sometimes west. Really weird the way its turned in here. The only definite thing is the large entrance into here from the south with light shining through it. There is some commotion as to some persons coming. Not sure at all what's happening, but there is some slight anxiety felt as if one is being chased.

      Dream ends abruptly
    5. Old folks

      by , 01-31-2014 at 02:08 PM
      Started out on a morning facing north, on country roads. Seemed as if it was going to be a bright clear day as the sun was coming to the eastern horizon. Roads and area was where I grew up and lived in my youth. Was going east and ended up visiting my maternal grandparents , long deceased. Was there a while and then moved along west picking up my paternal grandmother and taking here to eat somewhere, red lobster I think.
      Moved along west some more down a hill and to the north. seemed as if I just dropped my grandmother off somewhere. Came to a fence along a road that was running east and west. Parked in front of the fence in a grassy field. To the west and north across the road were three girls laying out in their bikini's sunning themselves and talking. I thought they were pretty good looking, but seemed distracted from that with other matters on my mind.
      I looked to the east and up a short hill next to my truck was a trailer house. On the north end of the trailer house was a older black woman standing their smiling at me. She said(with sound and words, which is not normal for my dreams) something like " wouldn't be a man if' n ya didn't take notice of that and give it some thought" as she gazed over at the 3 woman. I replied something like " true, but I'm almost 25 years married". She responded with something I either didn't hear or don't remember, to which I said something like " probably going to be divorce soon anyhow" . She said something and I said I'd like to come over and talk a bit and spend some time with her. She smiled as if eager to have me for company. As we walked towards the back of her yard the dream ended . I woke up a bit disappointed I didn't get to talk..

      She was another woman who in my dream had distinct presence that I was aware of and a certain rich warmth and love. The 3 women across the road, while looking great and sexy, were empty of such feeling...illusions in a way
    6. Tibetan woman

      by , 01-30-2014 at 01:52 PM
      Dream view is dark and overcast, much of it at dusk to start. In a open building of sorts at the base of a hill . The hill rises upwards to the south. There are support pillars here and there. I start out facing east looking for something or watching for something. Don't know what. I turn to the west and there is a young Tibetan woman standing there. I walk by her going north where the hill drops off again to a flat are that stretches out and away with a road and some housing, yards and such. It starts to get light out, though cloudy and overcast. I turn back and the girl has some sort of pet she pulls from around her head or chest area. It is almost like a cartoon character of sorts. Small , happy and care free, it is all the colors of the rainbow, bright and brilliant. It runs off to the north among the houses to play and look around.
      Then there is a sense of urgency that it need to be found and brought back. I go look, but seem to merely be watching. A second bright, colorful little animal or pet of sorts runs out and retrieves the other one and takes it back.
      I am again up by the woman facing west towards her. I have feelings for her, love and she seems to have them too for me.it was not readily noticeable at first , but after a few hugs and a kiss it is very noticeable, the feelings kind of as if playing with me. What is subtly noticeable is also that the love coming from her, is much deeper, much richer , than that which comes from me. Its like my love is the same, but watered down in some way.
      I find myself going to do something and must say goodbye to here for a while. I am going uphill, up stairs in the hill to the south. She comes and stands in my way beckoning an embrace and a kiss . Her love melts my resolve to do what I am doing and I forget, as she guides me to the west to a path going back north again down a hill through some stone monuments. I find myself with it seems 2 -3 others. Not clear as to whether I am the 3rd or the 4th in the group.
      We knock down the tallest most important monument on the way down. We turn and struggle dragging it back up the hill to re set it. The first attempt fails and we all slide down the hill again with monument in tow. We seem to get it set back up again the 2nd time.
      There is a road coming from the southwest around the base of this hill and straightens out to the north angling slightly west as it goes on out of sight. A row of tall dark buildings are seen along its eastern side. I cant see anything directly east where the road does fork and goes directly east. Its like the view is blocked with white fuzzy light, like when you get a migraine headache.

      That's all I recall, though there was more dreams that seemed to involve 3 persons in different settings, but I just don't remember them at all other than that.
    7. Her again...

      by , 01-28-2014 at 02:25 PM
      Another longer dream that I remember only part of..

      The shy is cloudy but bright with just a few rays of sunshine coming through here and there intermittently. The are I am seeing is a compound, a few buildings, with the are between pretty much bare dirt, like a constructions site, or a well trodden crossroads, speaking of which there is a road that is running north and south in the middle. To the east and west there is a path, but it is more grassy, and seems seldom traveled, as if barely noticeable.
      My view is to the west and slightly south to start with, towards the western structure, the south half of it that is more complete. Its as if it is under construction. There is the main floor at ground level, with the ground rising up to the second floor around to the south and west sides. Seems there is a ramp built up to that second floor on the north and east sides. There is a beautiful blonde woman with long hair on the second floor
      . I recognize her form and the person I know, but the Presence is just using that image -like it does all such female images. This I am more lucid to know at this moment. There is a bed in the room. I enter the room and embrace her, I feel the bond between us that transcends the form. I lie down in the bed on to the north/left of her facing east. She move over as I lie down. The bed seems to be depressed where she was and I am now. I seem to sink into the depression. I put my left arm over myself and around her. She takes my arm in hers and pulls me close next to her. Then it seems as if I am on the floor next to the bed, still holding on to here but she is still up in the bed at the edge now.
      The dream shifts and I am out to the south west of the building looking north, northwest atop a grassy knoll. Seems there is something in the sky to take note of. All I recollect is sunlight piercing through the clouds shining down on or near me and another presence standing there. I wasn't alone, but don't readily know who was with.
      Dream shifts again, and I am on the second floor of the building on the south side of the bedroom . The woman is there with others she is meeting with. She has some business with them, and our eyes meet and stay locked upon one another as she leaves the room to the east with the others. I/ have a sense that we will meet again later. Mean while I find myself facing and looking north and east out the north side of the unfinished building.
    8. Mired down.. going in circles

      by , 01-27-2014 at 04:00 PM
      Another one very difficult to recall afterwards...Not sure on the order in which this all took place, but here is the highlights remembered

      Skies were dark and overcast, though the whole dream is set during the daytime. I find myself at the bottom of a steep bright green grassy bank laying on my back with my booted feet laying out on some mud at the edge of a lake. The bank is to the west stretching north and curving back around to the west out of sight. It also curves around to the south. The where I am at is the southwestern corner of the lake. Flat ground stretches south and east into low rolling hillsides. The lake stretches North as far as I can see as does the eastern shore of it. The lake also seems to stretch on back to the west out of sight.
      I try to stand and my feet sink into the mud. there is a lot of excessive struggling, standing, sinking, falling, etc etc. I try to go east through the mud to the shore over there. Setting foot to the south seems not an option, though dry ground is right there.
      I get a little ways out into the water but cannot go more without being sucked under by the mud. Managed to get ahold of some rotten tree stumps sticking up and gradually pull myself back to the west bank.

      Dream shifts to a being inside a city, in and around buildings that are damaged as if by severe earthquakes. People are milling around here and there. Sometimes my view is as if walking around in the company of others, and other times it is riding around in a big truck or other large vehicle. A lot of this part of the dream is mainly facing west , and as if going in circles from west to east to north and back to west again, over and over. Seems as if trying to get somewhere but with great confusion as just how to go.
      then there is a part where I am with my father, and other persons looking at two plates of food being offered to eat from. Both seem to have the same thing on them. Looks like fried chicken or baked chicken. Though there is something seemingly different somehow, not sure what or where the difference is though. At first I just don't want to eat that, for no other reason that I would rather have something tastier. Then I seem to just drop that thought and I am ok with eating it. The dream ends there.

      I have been having the feeling of being mired down in concept lately, and meanings being carried by those concepts. There is a real urge in me to just drop all conceptual thinking , a urge to really just taste what eludes me.
      the dream seems to suggest that being mired as such is keeping me from the east bank, and northern travel. That some other thought , thinking, or desire is keeping me from tasting this knowledge first hand.
    9. One mind...One voice...One body...

      by , 01-24-2014 at 02:07 PM
      Yet another dream that was seemingly lost after dreaming it..
      Last night I was reading through a variety of teachings in books and in online encyclopedias. Suddenly I saw them all as one thing, all concepts, all hindrances of sorts as such. Pushed them all aside and went to bed. Dzogchen speaks of "guardians" of the teachings. Not sure why, but I simply thought in mind something like," Guardian of the teaching, open the teachings to me, I lay my ego self at the doorway as an offering"

      The dream had loads of detail and many different places. much I have forgotten and or left out here. The parts that stayed with me are as follows. I was travelling westward on a highway that stretched east and west dividing the land to the south and the land to the north. Seemed /I was moving more along the southward side.
      I came to a hill that sent the road jogging slightly south on the other side. At the top of the hill there was a 2 story building to the north and a single story building to the south set back to the west more, way further south off the road than the structure sitting to the north of the road. The land to the south was very steep, about 6-7' straight up off the road. You have to climb up off the road to get to the flat. On the north side , other than a small ditch it is fairly flat and level with the road.
      I seem to go across the road to the north and have some interaction with some people over there. There is some sort of country fair or gathering of sorts going on mainly out in the road between the two lands. There seem to be a few people from the north moving through the crowd and doing things of interest, but no watchers on the north side. On the south side, there are rows of people , spectators along the top edge of the steep drop off sitting in lawn chairs. More up on the flat milling around, as if a second fair is going on , on south towards the building there. there are also people from the south out gathered in the road at that fair. The people from the north do not seem to go over to the south side.
      I seem to get several dozen eggs in Styrofoam containers from someone in the building to the north. I end up going back to the south and try to climb up the bank. Seems as I do most of the eggs break in the cartons in the effort. I get into a corner to the east and set the eggs that are left up on the bank where some old woman in a chair takes them for me .I get up the bank after a lot of effort, but find the eggs all ruined when she hands them to me. I look back to the north, as I do I find myself on the north side quite a ways back down to the east.
      There is a town of sorts there, buildings and structures, one which stands out as sort of a terminal like for buses or airlines. Persons are milling around doing their own things. There is some sort of induction or presentation going on, perhaps a play, unsure. It is dark out, blue/black in color though like just after sundown.
      I run into a woman that I do not know. I am facing north and we embrace. There is sort of a loving presence felt. the view goes from embracing standing, to embracing lying on the ground with her on top of me. As she lifts away there is a vision of a male figure of sorts, more of a male presence seen lifting away where she should be in relation to rising up off me. It is very hard to put into words. Male but not male, human, but not human. Bright white light fills the sky behind this vision as it rises up and away. What is happening is not entirely clear, but I seem lucid to know not to feel distressed about the representations. It begins to rain.
      Following that, I mill around briefly looking west at something, but do not recognize what is going on or what I am drawn to look at. I find others with me, some familiar faces, other not. There is also a feeling of the presence of more still above and behind travelling with as if guiding and watching. There is a resolute feeling arising to move east and north to the east. At first glance there is nowhere to go east as a thick forest is off that way and to the north from the town . There is a sense that a hidden path lies off towards and in that forest. Going there and finding it we all stop for a rest before going on East.
      While making camp of sorts, several thoughts come to me, one is about the embrace I had, and the presence of those up and behind us says not to worry about the things I was thinking back there as those thoughts were sort of a trick that that phenomenon play on one through ones embodied personage. At least that's how I describe the exchange and the meaning.
      Following that, the dream begins to fade and I wake up.

      Now is where it gets fuzzy. I remember waking and going back in a dreamlike state to recall the dream. I seem to get to the point where the embrace happens , but as the presence lifts away from me there is a feeling of some part of me being pulled away with streamers of light between me and this presence. As it pulls free I wake hearing something fall off a table down stairs. In the silence that follows I seem to say the same thing I framed up in mind when I went to be in regards to the guardian of the teachings, but immediately following that I also found myself saying " One mind...One voice...One body". Then it was as if I had been sleeping and woke up again.
      I do not know whether this latter happened during the first telling of the embrace, or during the recalling of it. Nor do I really know when I was really awake and not. Truly a strange happening. Ad I am not really sure which order the mind/body/voice statements arose either at this point.

      Will comment later
    10. As likened to your children..

      by , 01-22-2014 at 01:52 PM
      Two nights now with dreams that were difficult and seemingly impossible to recall after waking. Last nights came only after emptying my mind completely and meditating on it several times.. and then much of the details was not retrieved. however, I get the impression that the dream was not really trying to communicate detail..

      Like the last dream entry, there are 3 components and my view. This time the three persons are my own children. the oldest is sensed as in the dream and a constant, as if unshakably dependable. He was there at the onset, unseen but his presence felt throughout.
      The second boy was there with the youngest of the three, the daughter. We were in a building and there seemed to be some sort of radio station we were just keeping an eye on. Had to make sure the radio stations call signs were transmitted at regular intervals between the music being played. This seemed to be the second boys responsibility.
      He seemed to disappear and there was a slight concern that we needed to find him so we wouldn't miss the next required broadcast. Strangely though, there also seemed to be a sense that this was just a "ghost chase" as I knew somehow that he would be there to do it when the time came , regardless that he seemed to not be there now.
      The dream progressed that we went out looking for him, and it seemed to be the daughter that was the sponsor of the need to look. I followed after her as she went here and there, but she wasn't really looking for her brother, she was doing all sorts of things for herself. She was very difficult to keep track of and kept disappearing. The feeling was that she was the one that was derailing things in truth.
      Time was getting close to broadcast time and I looked out as going by a set of doors to the parking lot, and sure enough there was the boy, right on time, waiting for his sister to get into the car to go back to the station. They loaded up and began to drive off.
      There was more content after, something about a race of sorts, and moving on a road, at which time the dream collapsed and I woke up.

      This dream also speaks to the same as the last dream journal entry. I was reading up o the the trikaya and the teachings of also a fourth kaya... the integration of the three. This dream here seems to carry one into seeing the 3 kayas with having aspects represented in the 3 children in my dream. Keys with which to perhaps unlock meaning that has eluded me.
    11. Integration

      by , 01-20-2014 at 01:55 PM
      As the last few dreams, seemed short, seemed broken and fragmented with things happening as if almost out of order. After waking then holding the dream in a almost dreamlike meditation things cleared up..

      The skies were dark and overcast early on it seems. My view is traveling with what seems like three others throughout the dream and its settings save for this first part. At first we I was searching for something or someplace, a booth selling something. We were, I say we now because there is a sense of a second involved in me looking, looking in a small town. Seemed like early spring... cold, a damp sort of. I came to a circle area with buildings around it, a town center perhaps. It was like a fair with people selling things from booths. I find myself in front of a booth with a husband and wife selling spiritual things they have made. I recognize stuff and writings on the stuff but do not buy anything.

      The dream shifts to going down, then up hills. Wet and muddy now with great difficulty progress is made. There is much detail to the whole dream but it seems somewhat insignificant all the way through in and of itself. Seem to be in a cart going down the hill struggling to get around and over objects in the path. On foot then going up hill in thick deep mud. We are clearly travelling East and it is as if the whole dream I am seeing from a point ever so slightly just to the west and north of what is happening. At the top of the hill it dries out and sun is actually trying to shine in spots through the trees at the top. There is a hole through the trees to the other side of the top of the hill. But before I get there to the top the dream shifts south and changes.

      In a building, like a motel at some sort of convention. Its kind of dim inside. There are windows to the north and east, A door in the south east corner and one we seem to have come in from the south west corner which is standing left open. There is conversation among the three as to where to go next. Then we find an opening , a secret compartment in the west wall near a closet. We seem to find flashlights. They are distributed one to each of us. the three and one more to me, making 4 in total. As I look at them, and to mine in hand I see that they are silver and have like computer keys on them with what looks like characters on them, Chineese perhaps Sanskrit or similar eastern text. I look over and the three are eating their flashlights , which now look like scrolls. I look down at mine and the letter are floating off the body of the flashlight, unrolling like a scroll. I seem to be grabbing up the letters like bits of candy to eat. Dream abruptly changes.

      Travelling outside in ever increasingly mountainous terrain. Starts following a paved road, then gravel, till no road exists as we start climbing rocky terrain at continually steeper vertical angles.
      Something is chasing us, a large monserous sort of thing. Seems like a dog at first then as other forms as we progress, the constant seems that watever it is it seeks to devour us before we reach our end destination. Teeth, claws and fangs.. growling and hissing it seems to hang on our heels the whole way.
      As the summit comes into view things shift to where it seems it is no longer chasing me, but I am behind it chasing it while it chases the other three. I see the three nearly on the top of the mountain peak, with the monster behind them aways, and I am back off and moving behind it. The feeling of threat seems to vanish. dream ends here.

      There was more content to the dream outside involving 3 other people and my viewpoint doing yet other things I may elaborate on later as I have time.

      Added: The 3 other people plus myself were in a café of sorts. One had a laptop computer and was trying to add a separate screen to it, one that would give a larger perspective. The goal was to have two views at once working together.

      This has tremendous meaning related to Dzogchen texts I was refreshing myself on last night before bed. I will comment on later.

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    12. Points to ponder

      by , 01-17-2014 at 02:07 PM
      Framed up in mind before bed something like this, How do I turn the taking in this all encompassing Love of equanimity to a pouring out from within myself of this great Love?

      The dream seemed to shift all over the place throughout. T was difficult to remember afterwards and only after I mediated upon it in yet another dreamlike state did I recall its components and see meaning in it.

      At first there was traveling with others, one than another, as if through jungles and thick under brush and entanglements. It was as if a war was going on and those that I was following one at a time were stalking enemies. From my vantage point I saw not the faces of those enemies, but saw those who I was following stalk them and kill them. There was no feeling in me one way or another, I was simply witnessing.

      In this upon meditating, I see that the enemy, each one being the same essential thing, was some aspect of myself that needs "killed", cut away, or let go of to drop away.

      From there I found myself among friends that I game around with on occasion. Tables set up and conversations going on and people in general milling around. Each had a dessert on a plate in front of them. The conversation came about that there was a ingredient in each persons dessert that was unique to each individual. Each must find out what that ingredient is and then its purpose is in bringing out the energy within oneself.

      This one was nearly self explanatory. The circumstances of each life is unique , like a fingerprint. Each must navigate the path in their own way, finding their way within using their own map. The machinery of yourself has adjustments that only you can make.

      Moving to the north from there, I am in an open area with a dirt floor and sawhorses with a partially built dugout canoe on them. Gilligan form Gilligans Island is there doing something. He has something in his hands sitting on the canoe. I look and it is a set of small clear plastic boxes of different constructions and with different types of lids. A Gilligan is now pressed inside each little box, with no Gilligan out here with me in or by the canoe.

      This one seemed to mean that one cannot wall themselves up , or box themselves away from the world. Doing so does not allow for the Love to flow in or out.

      The view shifts to a hill rising to the north. A long hill east and west dropping to a valley floor about 70' below with a creek at the bottom and a field of beans on the other side of the creek. There are logs on a truck at the top of the hill. The truck bed tips and all the logs roll down the hill and across the creek. As they go across the creek and up into the beans I feel a tension inside me thinking they need to stop or the beans will be ruined. When they hit the beans the beans tangle up the logs and bring them to a stop.
      After they stop there is the thought of how to get them back up the hill to the truck. Lots of people show up from the east out of the bottomland coming to the logs. At the same time I see many people milling about up on the westward side of the top of the hill where my viewpoint is. There is some matter of concern. I find myself strapping on a old west up and set them back in the truck at the top of the hill.

      This, at the time of meditation seemed to convey that working together sees all problems solved. At the moment I think the "together" means aspects of myself. Need to chew on this more

      There was much more detail to this dream as well as perhaps more content. There seemed to be some more set in /around a machine shed at may parents place with more logs and my friends, but the clarity if that is gone at this time..

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    13. The bad part of town

      by , 01-15-2014 at 02:11 PM
      Yesterday I unexpectedly received a book to read, so last night I sat down and read it. It was "Proof of Heaven", a neurosurgeons journey to the afterlife, by Eben Alexander. After reading it I knew what he experienced was true and real, as I have" tasted" much of what he described myself first hand, not to the depths he had, but still enough to know what he spoke of without having to wonder at all.
      I also framed up a question, or at least a direction in mind as I went to sleep. It was something along the line of meeting the unconditional love being shown me with something of worth like trust, faith. I also sent out" a sort of question" on different levels of dimensions of reality and what of other "higher" spiritual beings along the path being there to help on the journey.
      I also had a sudden urge right before bed to look up Wayne Dyer and see what he has done in recent years. Ended up ordering a audio cd titled "I Am".

      Dreamview opens in as if I am driving along in what I seem to understand as Detroit for some reason. I am headed generally west into a very bad part of town. Buildings and empty crumbling, streets full of trash. There is no one out save for an occasional bum staggering around. The weather is overcast and dark. Its as if night is beginning to fall.
      Coming down the street from around a corner is a car chasing a couple men on foot. Both the car and men on ground are shooting at each other. They seem to totally ignore me as I weave around them.
      I go on around the corner to the north and shortly turn uphill to the east in the drive of a house.
      I am drawn inside. The inside is a big contrast to the world outside. Bright, well lit and cheery inside. Inside I find a short fat old black lady whose presence I feel and recognize as the same as that which has appeared in my dreams as many different women. This manifestation is somehow different. The love emanating from her is" tuned" a little different ... either that, or I am somehow different myself?? and such is bringing a difference to the love being received.??

      We talk, but I quickly forget what it was specifically about, though it did have something to do with what I framed up before bed. She has me follow her and we are suddenly as if flying northwards towards some sort of bridge. The city below is receiving the last rays of the days sun as it falls over the horizon to the west. All the street lights lit below as the scene darkens.
      I ask if we are flying( as in a plane) asking if she flys? She grins and chuckles as I then understand in the state we are in there is no need for planes. This manifestation is great, as if she is someones dear old grandmother wise beyond wise.
      We move lower to the ground along large power lines moving along the bridge. We end up standing on the ground under the bridge. I find myself asking about feelings, emotions and a sense of power I have inside. She again grins and is saying something. I am trying to move the energy I feel inside, as if trying to shape it and discharge it in some sort of useful direction.
      Another woman shows up. She comes in as if in a reddish stream of light from the north heading south. She stops and faces us . she is to the north of me facing south. I am facing west and the old woman is to the south facing north. This new woman is young, sexy and has long red hair. As attractive as she is she I sense almost the opposite sort of presence in her than that in the old woman. Diabolic is the word that came to mind in the dream.
      She greets the old woman and seems to be moving some energy inside her towards the old woman in a intended detrimental way. I feel this, and somehow I instinctively well up feelings and expend my own energy inside towards intervening. I create a disturbance next to this other woman disrupting her efforts. She takes quick notice of me as if she hadn't realized I was even there. At the same time I seem to know that the old woman brought me here to teach me something and also brought this other young woman here for the same purpose in teaching me something.
      The young woman says something to the old woman and calls her by name in here farewell. The old woman responds calling her by her name as well. I immediately seemed to forget both names. Eerily the young woman asks my name, but I do not respond, almost if the old woman is some how mentally compelling me to stay silent. I also have almost a sense that at this point I have no name, and that my earthly persons name is not applicable to that which I am. I smile and wave my hand and she zips away to the west and north again as again if in a blaze of reddish light. The dream ends here.

      This one is loaded with metaphor everywhere. Directional, both women, power lines, bridge, everything in it. All speaking to me in each their own way. I'll have to chew on this one later more.
    14. More than meets the eye

      by , 01-14-2014 at 02:00 PM
      Prior to bedtime, I was sifting through the DV forums and stopped upon the dream interpretation sub forum. Read the sticky posts at the top and a few of the dreams posted and realized that there is nothing to really definitively help anyone help themselves in interpreting their own dreams. Wrestled with writing a article to submit, but kept asking myself who am I to jump in like that...

      Still the urge persists..

      At bedtime I framed up reacquainting myself with the variety of meanings in my own dreams. Focusing on recalling the keys I used to be familiar when I was keeping track diligently a couple years ago..

      All I got for a dream was a very short, at first seemingly meaningless dream..

      Dreamview opens into my repair shop out front. Roll up door is open to the east and my perception is facing east looking out the door. Inside its kind of dark, but outside it is bright and moderately sunny with some clouds passing by overhead.
      A vehicle drives up from the west and south and parks at the south side of the shop just out of view. The doors open, I actually hear them for a change, and two persons get out. They are my wifes sisters husband and their daughter. The daughter is leading the father, happily hopping and skipping along, as they come across the front of the shop. They are headed north to something down at the other end of the building going on outside. I then woke up.

      At first this seemed so short and insignificant. I closed my eyes again and meditated. Went into almost another dreamlike state. Facing east is significant. Seems to face east is to make new realizations. The dc's heading North is also significant in making spiritual progress. At the same time, from other dreams I have had, I also realized that moving upwards is also a sign of spiritual progress and realization.
      The vehicle driving up from the south and west is also a symbol of moving along spiritually as is the two persons getting out of it. the vehicle represents ones self, as in body person persona. The two inside that get out represent a higher and lower self, a parent and a child... spiritual writings are plentiful with such metaphor. Male and female also has meaning. All of these things are spoken of in
      Christian writings referring to teachings from Jesus as to the inner workings of spirit. All of this speaks to the individual and the inner relationships of one aspect of oneself to another. It all rings bells in texts I have read from Islam to Buddhism, to Hindu teachings and more.
      As a note: One must also realize that there is not a "cookie cutter" approach to the metaphors. Meanings can shift from one dream to the next depending upon how the components present themselves overall.
    15. Whisps of frustration...anger

      by , 01-13-2014 at 01:55 PM
      Went to bed without a question again last night, a little frustrated as the wife had her tv on in the bedroom.

      Dreamscape opens into a industrial area, a factory . There is a keen awareness that the machinery is to the west, the south is open as if a large storage area. My back is largely to the east, and the north is seemingly out of bounds and walled off somehow. Seemed like it was on a floor with another below it. Machinery was running and people were there, one who I knew that I used to work with. One who was always down and depressed it seemed. Things were not working right, the machinery seems out of adjustment and there was an feeling of frustration and anger hanging in the air that all were becoming tuned into.
      View shifts to the front porch of a large two story house with basement. Again facing west here with the south open to a field. Back is to the east and north is again seemingly walled off out of bounds. Off the porch is a large area that is a mix of kitchen area and laundry area. Again anger and frustration seems to fill the air for all to tune into. Lots of dirty dishes and laundry coming in to wash up. I seem to be trying to leave for work but cant seem to get my dishes for breakfast or clothes to put on. They seem to be tied up in the dirty dishes and clothes. I end up going around to the south and then east to the corner of the yard out back and face north near a pole in a tight area. trying to re-hinge a flap of some sorts over something . Two old guys are trying to tell me about this old way of hinging stuff and how it works so I can fix it. Dream ends here without me quite getting it fixed. Seems like they are sticking their hands in to help me.

      The meaning of this one seems clear to me. The frustration and anger needs cleaned up inside me. Adjustments need made to my "spiritual machinery" before I can progress and face North again
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