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    Whisps of frustration...anger

    by , 01-13-2014 at 01:55 PM (243 Views)
    Went to bed without a question again last night, a little frustrated as the wife had her tv on in the bedroom.

    Dreamscape opens into a industrial area, a factory . There is a keen awareness that the machinery is to the west, the south is open as if a large storage area. My back is largely to the east, and the north is seemingly out of bounds and walled off somehow. Seemed like it was on a floor with another below it. Machinery was running and people were there, one who I knew that I used to work with. One who was always down and depressed it seemed. Things were not working right, the machinery seems out of adjustment and there was an feeling of frustration and anger hanging in the air that all were becoming tuned into.
    View shifts to the front porch of a large two story house with basement. Again facing west here with the south open to a field. Back is to the east and north is again seemingly walled off out of bounds. Off the porch is a large area that is a mix of kitchen area and laundry area. Again anger and frustration seems to fill the air for all to tune into. Lots of dirty dishes and laundry coming in to wash up. I seem to be trying to leave for work but cant seem to get my dishes for breakfast or clothes to put on. They seem to be tied up in the dirty dishes and clothes. I end up going around to the south and then east to the corner of the yard out back and face north near a pole in a tight area. trying to re-hinge a flap of some sorts over something . Two old guys are trying to tell me about this old way of hinging stuff and how it works so I can fix it. Dream ends here without me quite getting it fixed. Seems like they are sticking their hands in to help me.

    The meaning of this one seems clear to me. The frustration and anger needs cleaned up inside me. Adjustments need made to my "spiritual machinery" before I can progress and face North again

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