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    Yes, you need to pay more attention to Me

    by , 01-11-2014 at 04:02 PM (432 Views)
    Last night before bed I went through my old archived dream journal and began reading the several pages of dreams and notes therein. .. Re familiarizing myself with the key metaphors that are generally present in all my dreams. Brushing up on the language so to speak.

    The dreamview is not quite so dark as the last dream, in fact though the sky seems clouded over, it is fairly light out. The perception is as if traveling over the landscape above some highways heading west, though I keep throughout the dream looking back to the north again and again.
    There were numerous incidents of my phone ringing and me talking to my father who was constantly giving me things to do, distracting me from following the roadway. There were other distractions as well, but do not remember the specifics.
    Then I felt a presence, a woman. At first when I saw her, I took her to be someone locally, but I "felt" her presence and knew she represented my inner Self
    . Of this and in this there arose a lucidity that transcended the rest of the dream playing out around us . She went into a building. It was as if a roadside in, kind of dilapidated, but solid. Nothing like the bombed out buildings of the previous journal entry.
    She had a rope tied to a horse which was laying on the floor on its side as if half dead. She was lying back on a couch. I plopped down on the couch next to here feeling as though I missed her and wanted to hug her. I said to her ( in direct transmission of thought as most communication happens in my dreams) that I have neglected her, and needed to pay more attention to her. There was a very warm feeling of love in her and she said to me that Yes, you need to pay more attention to me.

    This dream was true and to the point as I had taken it . I have neglected myself the last 2 years to a large degree. Stagnated on the path, but not having left it. The half dead horse she was dragging around likely represents me. Seems I need to get up and pull my own spiritual weight again and start progressing on the path again. The love spoken of is beyond the love of desire, it is as I describe love here:


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    1. NonDualistic's Avatar
      It would seem that this dream actually gives the question to me for which the previous dream, "Love is the answer", answered. For the last two years I have been at a loss as to what direction to take to continue along with this path I am on. There seems to be this unconditional "Love" of equanimity that comes from within that pours out of all those who have been held as true spiritual teachers, and within me there seems to be a" blockage" of sorts. I know this Love, have tasted it , yet pouring it out from within myself seems to elude me. I myself stand in its way it seems. This seems to be what my attention needs to be towards now...removing the blockage... or letting go of it as the case may turn out to be.
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