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    First Nightmare in 10 Years

    by , 11-19-2010 at 06:21 AM (868 Views)
    I am just starting to experience a more stable state of lucid dreaming, after much practice!
    I also have recently watched the movie Inception, and it fucked with my head. No lie, that night, i had a lucid dream. i woke up sweating a shaking, with my heart beating way too fast for safety.
    but thats not why im here. i wanted to post a dream i had just last night, which i will say is by far my weirdest/scariest dream to date. I will do my best to explain it, but it is kinda foggy, as it is common to forget most of a dream upon awakening. Just know, that was 100x weirder than it sounds.

    so my memory begins with me walking up the stairwell with two female friends, towards their room, where we attend school together(in real life). As expected, this part of the dream felt very much real, making me think i was actually awake. We continued into the room, and this is where the details of what actually happened gets blurry. it seemed to me in the dream that i was still trying to lucid dream, all the while thinking about all the techniques to help this happen. i remembered how i read spinning around in a circle will help a lucid dream stay more stable, so this is exactly what i did. i began spinning, with increasing speed. faster, and faster, until i could feel it in my stomach. almost as if i wanted to stop, but it got out of control. it actually helped though. when i finally stopped spinning, i knew i was at another level. (dream inside a dream?) it was still dark inside the room, as i was in the corner holding onto the bedpost, trying to stand up and enjoy what i believed to be a lucid dream. i remember thinking i should do an RC(specifically one that i had read about in real life not more than 45 minutes prior). As soon as i said to myself, "this is weird, this has to be lucid dreaming," i felt heavy. as i was trying to stand, i was only being pushed down even more. i felt as though something heavy was on my back. i turned my head with my eyes half open, and saw a large dark figure that represented something like a man. he looked at me with his bright piercing eyes, and his long grimacing smile. i tried to fight against his restraint, but with no luck. i started to feel frightened, as if he were going to kill me, and just then i awoke. shaking, fast beating heart, and goosebumps just from thinking about it.

    I am still not sure what to think about this dream. it was definately not like anything ive experienced in many years, and honestly not sure if i want it to happen again. i am interested though, to see what will happen next time so i may continue to lucid dream once i have fully recovered from this one... just hopefully it wont be so messed up.

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    1. d3nd3's Avatar
      O.O fun, any dream is better than no dream