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    1. Assassi'nation'

      by , 03-05-2017 at 08:24 AM
      Its not a lucid dream, but this dream was too vivid to be a dream, i even remember a lot of the details from this dream, but i'll just write the major situation

      The dream was started with im standing in front of a huge building. and i dont know why, in that dream, i already knew that my father would held a birthday party, and... he is a president of the country on my dream.

      When im still standing outside and stare at the building, i suddenly remember that i should enter that building in a disguise, set a backdoor (escape point), then kill my own father.

      im beginning to enter that building, and try to avoid detection of my disguise. so i dress up like another royal guard, wear long white shirt, long black pants, a half black-and-blue kevlar, bring the m15 rifle, put on black hat and black military boots, then i proceed to face the entrance.

      when the first time i want to walk away and enter the door, a dream figure ask me, "Hey, where is your parameter assignment? i thought there are no zebras reservist that guard inside", well, seems he isn't recognize me as the son of the president, so i just thinking for awhile, and start to hack his psychology to convince him that im part of the royal guard force (although this is a dream, im good at social engineering in waking life, its just naturally happened even im not lucid in this dream). its not an easy thing because i realize they are trained person, so i should hack them perfectly. after some chat, i succeed to convince them that i might assigned to guard inside, but im not informed to wear a shell jacket because everyone inside should formally dressed.

      after im entering the entrance, a receptionist ask me "Morning sir, it seem like you forgot the dress code for the royal guards", still, she also didnt recognize me as the president son, then i should perform another mind hack on this girl, so i just gave her a bitter-smile and concoct her about my family problem, the girl bite the bait, she start to a bit sentimental and just tell me where the dressing room, so i hurry to change my clothes and seek the back door. the next time i passing again in front of the receptionist, she tell me "wow, you look awesome now. wait, are you the president son? you look so alike with him". i just reply "Thanks, i wish i was a president son too, have a lot of money and power, and you cant refuse my invitation to drink together tonight, right?. but unfortunately im not, so i cant do that and just do my mission as a guard", she reply "hey, you dont have to be a president son to drink with me, just ask me, and we can drink together, and of course i willing to hear another problem of yours if you want me to do", i reply again "got it, dont go anywhere till i finish my job okay" then i smiled to, and continue looking for my back door.

      i found a balcony that not guarded, i call my assistant to send me my personal modified m1911, even its a bit odd that the drone failed multipe times and respawned, i still doesnt realize im dreaming. after im gearing up with my own weapon, i left and set the m15 in there to hold the door, so theres nobody can open the balcony except me.

      i moved to the main hall, seeking my father, but cant found him anywhere, i ask his secretary, but she has no idea where is my father now (on this time, i reveal my identity to all the people in the hall). but she said that my father already on the building. so im go to the ceiling, set my position, put the silencer and the scope on my m1911, then waiting for my father show up.

      when im waiting in the ceiling, my phone just vibrated, i check it out, and there a msg said "save me" came from my father number. BOOM, i suddenly change my position, switch the thermal on my scope on, and located the another 3 person on the ceiling. i shot them down, and they're all dead. soon after im check the dead body, my father showed up on the stage, all the clapping sound was so peal, and my father look at me, he smile, and start to greet another guest that already in the hall.

      im go to get the m15 back, turn and meet the receptionist, ask her to drink with me on the party, but she refuse it because it still her work time, i said "its okay, i've tell your manager to give you a break for today", the the manager walk in front of us and smiled to me, she said "seriously? how can you do that?", i reply "its simple, im a president son, i have the power to do that". she said and do nothing but just a bit surprised, then i grab her hand to the hall, and start to dance with her stiff move.

      the end, i wake up slowly, recall the dream, write it on my DJ book, and smiled. I dont expect a plot twist dream like this, and the dream was so vivid.
      non-lucid , memorable