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    Dream Recall Sucks, But I went Lucid!!

    by , 08-08-2010 at 05:23 PM (665 Views)

    I went through 3 dream phases last night.

    the first 2 sucked and I forgot them anyways.

    the third though was awesome. I was semi-lucid. and it was fun

    August 8: It started out with me and a few other martial arts masters i did not recognise, but we we're set out to go kill some crazy bearded asian dude. so we're on a long forest/beach path walking when all the sudden I decide "hey im going to act like the avatar and have some crazy powers" so I jumped really high over to a temple and land in front of a Bonsai Tree in a large light brown pot. I then proceed to blow a lot of wind out my mouth and make swishing motions with my hands to burn the tree but keep the fire down. I then walked into the temple through an entrance right of the center. I then saw the evil dude hop a table and run away. then i didnt give a crap. I walked out to what became more like a beach. It had a lot of people there the first notable person was andrew quinzio. The sky was heavly clouded by black cloulds with the ocassional lightning burst. I lifted my hands up and said "quinzio watch this" and took lightning strikes into my hand.(note: it didnt work every time). then I saw my brother and his buddy white-boy and some others headed to a building next to the temple. which had the appearance of a movie theater strangely. and once I was inside I saw Ben Columb walk out of what I thought was bathroom and the dream started to fade.

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