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    Jan 13 Oh nice.

    by , 01-19-2011 at 12:19 AM (413 Views)
    Phase 1 non lucid- Ghosts in a supermarket, one looks like a red clad assassain, the other was a golem (or was it me?). A chase ensued between the ghosts and 2 agents that were after them.

    Phase 2 non lucid- Brother was about to set off some fire works once we got of the garage, the garage somehow stretched and he blew off some bottle rockets inside on mistake. We tried kicking the box of fireworks outside, but instead it landed right by a rack stacked with the same firework boxes, me and Brett tried removing the boxes that were being lit, but they kept on lighting, but not entirely.

    Phase 3 non lucid- At a party for my moms friend pam. The scene is surreal; the sky was purple, there was talk of giant chicken noodle soup being served and a huge foaming or bubbling water slide i ended up going down it.

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