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    went lucid but my dream went AWOL.

    by , 08-25-2010 at 09:06 AM (322 Views)
    August 25: I have remembered only slight bits like the first i was running at night with mike ivanov and i saw a guy ahead running with a ponytail that made me suspicious then the scene changed to hanging with zoeller once i ran to his house which was like a housing complex because houses were close together. eventually a car pulled up it was a silver honda or vanish car(im bad with cars) and out came this jock-like kid(douche) who mocked zoeller about his sister and her being hot; then somehow I went to a random garage and talked to mike choi and someone else and then it hit me.. I knew I was asleep so I shouted I am dreaming! Then I tried shooting a fireball but my dream went apeshit. And all this crazy input in my dream prevented my concentration. Like the talking of mike choi and a dc and when I did the fireball motion upwards a train (I saw it through a two foot wide and quite long space in the roof. was above and extremely loud and heavy(it shook my dream vision like crazy) I was literally trippin' around because of the powerful tremor caused by the train that rolled on above me. eventually I woke up. I think mantras may help me well.

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