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    24 Mar 2018 Mini lds

    by , 03-25-2018 at 08:20 PM (699 Views)
    I find myself in a room full of DCs and suddenly awareness increases to lucidity. I recall my thoughts from the previous night to try to score more points from the competition. There's a particularly distracting DC in front of me and I weight in the options of going for dream control vs kissing. I decide to go for the latter, explaining to myself I can do dream control a bit later. There are around 8 DCs surrounding us and I begin to feel uncomfortable.

    Not sure what happens, whether a dream end or possibly loss of lucidity. It seems like a little black out but I return to pretty much the same scene, aware again. End of memory. Awake. Back to sleep.

    Another dream episode where I become lucid again, different indoors place, I don't look around too much. Once again a lone DC catches my attention, though this time not as distracting. I have the feeling my memory of the previous dreams is becoming blurred as I didn't write anything down.

    I take time to focus on the DC and save the memory of the previous and current dreams to this moment. I raise my fingers to count three lucid moments for the night.
    The dream ends sometime soon and I do a brief mental review prior to going back to sleep.

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