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    29 Mar Street

    by , 03-30-2018 at 10:24 PM (766 Views)
    Fragmented sleep with lots of wakes in hrs prior to final wake

    The dream begins in a version of our current home, FA style. I wake up and look out the window seeing the new day begin. Some unusual transportation already on the move.

    Couple of moments later, I find myself walking down the street with much higher awareness. I decide to act out this moment as if it were real life, creating a continuous stream of awareness from the dream to waking and the actual walking on the street much later. I look around, soak in as many details, also looking at DCs passing by. A woman with a red leather jacket stands out. My bf's DC is also accompanying me. We continue our walk down the street to cross when some cars speed towards us. I feel like I need to quickly jump ahead to avoid the impact. The motion seems to destabilize the dream or it could just be the fragmented sleep and the dream soon fades.

    After waking up, I initially forget my dream idea to hold that awareness on my way to work, but recall it later on. As I go out, it's a beautiful cold sunny morning and I take in all the little details around me. With this state of mindfulness, it feels the same way it did when I had the lucid dream walking down the street.

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