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    Heavy Deprivation = Heavy Sleep Rebound

    by , 05-07-2013 at 06:00 PM (310 Views)
    Date: 5 May

    Total sleep time: 3 hrs

    Dreams: None remembered, although I am sure I was dreaming something when I had to wake up to prepare for travel


    Date: 6 May

    Total sleep time: 9 hrs

    Impressions: While I was looking forward to the REM rebound, I actually got a lot of heavy sleep today and retrieving memories was rather hard. This is not the first time I have noticed this effect since I began keeping a more extensive DJ. That's why I decided to put some emphasis on it this time, heavy sleep deprivation actually led to more deep sleep and less memories. Anyways, it's good I got some decent sleep. Now, prepare for lucid!

    Fragment1: A friend of ours who is pregnant irl, she may be expecting twins

    Fragment2: A conversation about dreaming and lucidity, I vaguely remembered this after briefly waking up, thought things are getting better because I am thinking about lucidity

    Fragment3: A good friend from school. I take my time to check out the way he looks, slighly different. There is some feeling at the back of my mind when I observe him, (he is a DS), but I am totally absorbed by the story. He tells me about a class get together they planned but one of the girls made a big scandal? I reply that I remember the event and also say that I have had a dream about the whole thing. I mention dreaming a few more times during the conversation. In the dream I also have the feeling my friend may have dreamt about something similar.
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