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    Inside the Pyramid

    by , 09-16-2014 at 08:26 PM (621 Views)
    Date: 25 Aug

    Pre bed: 200 val, l arg & lysine

    Cannot quite recall the exact beginning but remember willing the scene to appear as I was falling alseep. There were a number of coming into shape items and I told myself that my subcon is at this point trying to make something out of them so concentrate. There were a number of scenes.

    I don't recall what happened when I finally entered the dream but there was some active dream scenario going on.

    After looking around expectedly and not seeing a pyramid to enter, I notice people getting on a bus and wonder whether to give it a try. It doesn't strike me as possible to manipulate the dream as much as to be inside the bus while actually going somewhere and really get there but I give it a try. It's getting rather full, but I find a free seat and sit there. To be certain this tour bus is going in the right direction, I shout and make them all repeat "We are going to the Pyramid of Giza". Here I have thoughts about whether my throat is moving (DV thread) as I feel physical pressure while shouting.

    Don't recall getting off the bus and in the next scene I'm already inside this place with an atmosphere of an excavation dig. It looks as if I've made it past the pyramid's entrance and am now in how I in the dream more or less imagine its interior. It has the feel and look of a number of previous dreams about sightseeing in Egypt. Excited, I decide to explore the ancient Egyptian structure. There are two directions to go and after some maneuvering I orient myself towards what feels like the center.

    It is now quite lively, full of crowds of people getting in and coming out. While this should be the interior of the pyramid and be very spacey in my dreaming mind, it still feels to me as if I'm taking forever to walk towards the official "lobby". It's like a tourist attraction where you first have to go to the lobby/cashier and then enter a separate part with the things to see. On my way to the center, I pass by a girl with a pink feather on her head and my hand by mistake gets into her hair. As a result the feather falls from her head and then I take it. How weird, I think to myself, what my hand did. The feather is beautiful and as realistic as it gets, I'm very fascinated by the looks of it and the feel of the dream in general.

    As I continue on my way, the little girl catches up with me and starts whining about her feather. I tell her that I didn't mean to take it on purpose rather it just happened as an accident and give it back. She calms down continues towards the exit, while I continue my walk toward the center in this carpet covered corridor. I finally reach the center and what lies beyond. There is a large number of exhibition items on each side of the walls. At this point they are all Egyptian, way too many to be able to recall, but I remember a statue of Anubis in dark stone with decorations in green and gold, maybe a round necklace with green stone. I start thinking about how this place now almost completely resembles a museum and continue my walk, looking at the fancy items.

    The dream ends at some point. I stay still but it does take a bit longer.

    DEILD: As I fall asleep, I unconsciously grab onto the scene and make it so that the same place comes back. The ancient stuff is still around. There were also large columns at some point but I vaguely recall these. Just found it a bit weird to be back, as I wasn't too focused consciously on that. I continue my tour in this pyramid museum, going from room to room and looking at lots of exhibition items. This time they are more from classic and medieval ages and I see a room full of different sizes and styles of angel statues. They all look really cute and I wonder why do they have so many angel statues here.

    I continue down the corridors looking at items but soon hear angry shouts as if some sort of riot is taking place. I think about inception. They surely won't catch up with me, but despite my weak efforts to ignore them, the trouble makers are coming closer. Now I have a typical dream problem, I really want to leave this place but am trapped in an endless labyrinth of corridors and doors. There is a really weird looking one having a blurred net in front but I as I approach the net kind of disappears. I remind myself to think about outside, windows and things like that. I go through the door and finally in a room with a glass door leading to the outside. It looks locked but I open it just like that.

    A DC comes and starts talking about something, kind of trying to hijack the dream with their own scenario while I find myself staring at a pot full of poached eggs. For a moment I become distracted but then come to my senses again. There is a cool looking tower nearby and I head in its direction.

    Worried that it's time to wake up, I end up having an FA where I press the snooze button and wild in dream. A brief ld moment in a grandma's place before I wake up for real.
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Very cool Nyx!! Congrats on the LDs and I like the two different ways you used to get pyramids (this entry plus the other one) to get it done!! When I was reading about you wanting to get away from the riot-like scenario I thought of the closed-eye teleport tool and it reminded me that it seemed like a more intuitive way for me to DEILD in the past whether mine were actually in-dream DEILDs or at an actual awakening. This then led me to recall a dream yoga podcast I was listening to yesterday where the guest was talking about the interesting things you can experience by closing your eyes in a lucid dream which I have mainly experienced through the closed-eye teleport (idea from BrandonBoss).
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    2. NyxCC's Avatar
      Thanks fogelbise! I recall some of your entries - you are really good with the closed eyed teleport/deild technique. Thanks for mentioning this, I think it's a very useful tech and once one gets the hang of it, it may be one of the best ways to travel/change scenes.

      May we have more lds and opportunities to practice!
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    3. fogelbise's Avatar
      Hear hear!
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    4. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Nyx!! Congratulations! What a great job nailing the Pyramid dare! Total vicarious enjoyment for me, too, because this is one of my long-term goals that I'm looking forward to achieving.

      Great job getting the tour bus to join with you in verbally affirming what was about to happen. I really believe in these verbal affirmations and only wish that I remembered to do it more often.

      I like the really cool details in this one, like the status of Anubis and you accidentally stealing the super realistic feather from the little girl's hair.

      Great job with the DEILD, too, and allowing yourself to extend the same scene so nicely. Fogelbise is on to something about the closed-eye teleport!
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    5. NyxCC's Avatar
      Thanks so much for the awesome dare, CL! It really felt like a great adventure.

      Now, I have to come up with a few dares for you guys.
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    6. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      That's great to hear, Nyx, I'm really glad that you enjoyed the adventure! I was exciting about daring you to do this because I knew something cool would happen! Impressive as always.

      And oooohhh, more dares? Can't wait!
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