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    by , 09-06-2017 at 08:36 PM (687 Views)
    The final 15? mins of sleep I experience multiple falling asleep/waking moments which lead to fragmented dreams and a brief moment of lucidity.I find myself in a dimmed room, with not very pleasant brown greenish hue and examine a picture with the same color. It feels as if the dream hasn't fully formed which is probably the case from the constant short wake asleep episodes prior to that.

    A DC runs around trying to engage me, but I only examine him and then try to project the same image of him on the picture I just found. I flip it around and try to see if it's the same DC, but it is a different one. I examine his clothes and try to memorize them (brown khakis). I spend way too much pondering whether khakis can be any other color than brown and remark how poor my dream memory can sometimes be.

    I hear the voice of my boyfriend supposedly from real life telling me that I have overslept and will be late.
    I wake up to find that there are 5 mins left to the alarm.

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