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    The monster under the bed

    by , 05-17-2015 at 07:31 PM (937 Views)
    Date: 16 May


    I fall asleep and have a brief non-ld where I am with family members in this unfamiliar house. It's dark in the room and I am trying to fall asleep but they keep on talking so loud. At some point everybody leaves and I find myself in a large movie room with big screen TV and loud bass systems. I think to myself that I find it really weird people are so obsessed with these things. A large TV, so what? Now, it would be much cooler if actually you were making this whole TV into existence, if you were the cause of all the music - ie. if you are dreaming all this. Then this will give a whole new meaning to the experience. I take a moment to imagine how it would feel.

    Memory gap. I end up in another room where I feel my awareness come into focus and I realize that I made it to the dream. My mom is also here for a bit. I remember a few goals and also the advanced task of doing an in-dream wild and briefly consider trying it. However, this is not among the goals I reviewed during the wbtb and now I can't remember (also irl at the time of journalling) whether this is still the current month's task or already last month's. I decide I don't want to end up doing an old task and drop it altogether. There is a large earth globe in the completely empty now narrow room and I do a mix of telekinesis and wind blowing it around wondering if that would count towards air bending. After I have enough fun with levitating it around, I recall the other basic task - become friends with the monster under your bed.

    I move forward and cautiously open the door to the next room, hoping this will work to reveal something handy. It opens into a dark room, which I disregard and continue forward. There is a bed just ahead of me and I lean down and look to see what's below. There is a ton of junk piled up. While I try to think of a monster being there I get a flash of disappearing transparent eyes. I decide to stare in the stuff below in the hopes that something will show up. After a while, I begin to see a movement under some rags and follow it. It stops and then starts at another place. I dig a bit to finally find the monster - a grey mouse! The little beast is so hyperactive it is hard to keep it in one place and as I try to hold it and make friends it even bites me! I think about the task again taking mental notes of what is going on. Ok, it has to calm down so I start caressing it. I do so for a bit until it finally calms down, I make another mental note about this and conclude that we are now friends.

    The dream seems to end but it's actually an FA. I find myself journalling a page and a half worth of dreams with a lot of details and also noting my goals for the next dream. The tablet then malfunctions and keeps giving me a gaming radar with the bad guys as red dots coming near. I'm getting really confused about this since I think I have solved all my problems for the moment. It then switches to a cool 16 bit game with characters unknown to me. I decide to play it for a bit and it actually works like a normal game - very complex and thoroughly thought out. Yet I can't comprehend how this game self installed on my tablet. Why do I have this game? And then it hits me! This is an FA and I just wrote a ton of dreams for nothing. But the game - well that was pretty awesome, I think to myself, I played quite a bit of a dream game. I'm super amazed at this. The dream soon ends.
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Heh heh, the monster under your bed sounds like a cutie! It actually sounds like a pretty pleasant little meeting, especially since you were able to turn it into a friend.

      Sorry about the wasted journaling time... I'm familiar with that one!
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    2. NyxCC's Avatar
      Lol, yeah, I'm pretty happy it turned out to be only a partially agressive mouse rather than something much scarier. Irl I was a bit creeped out what would be there but luckily my subcon came up with this.

      Hey, how have you been? The game is awesome so far! Really happy to be part of this whole thing.
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    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Thanks so much, Nyx! I've been doing really well! You already know how I've been spending nearly every waking moment of my time, ha ha...

      I'm so happy that you're having fun with it. Seriously, that gives me a huge smile. And I love the super surreal experience of "E" recognizing your name and crowing about how you're helping him, ha ha... it's awesome!
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    4. NyxCC's Avatar
      I'm really happy about it too, CL! It's really cool to be able to interact with you guys like this. This actually incubated a short non-ld a few weeks ago about me calling you and E on the phone .
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    5. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      I love it!! What a cool dream! Were you going to call us and tell us you were attacking and needed assistance right now? I like to think that we'd have had hoplites and archers there for you on the double!