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    Red & Black

    by , 04-25-2019 at 08:50 PM (694 Views)
    22 Apr 2019

    I appear in a dream scene which is just building around me. My awareness is high and as if I am really ready for this. (I have been thinking about having an ld but not much other induction that night, although I did check the task of month in order to have a purpose in case a lucid happens).

    As I look around the shaky environment, I recall the Red & Black clothes task for this month. There is a female DC with whatever original clothes she was wearing. I change them to red, then to black. One's a T-shirt with something in white written on it, the other more like a robe. I realize I can't recall whether we had to change from red to black or vise versa, so I change the color of her clothes multiple times just to be on the safe side. I make a note that this color change wasn't as difficult as I had for some reason expected.

    End of memory
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