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    REM and LD rebound

    by , 07-09-2013 at 05:06 PM (830 Views)
    Date: 08 July

    Pre bed: 100mg B6

    Total sleep time: 9 hrs

    Sleep quality and recall: I have been sleep deprived for a number of days in a row, so I really needed my sleep. As soon as my more memorable rebound began (after 4.5 hrs of sleep and an involuntary WBTB), I went directly into a lucid, took key notes only, went back to bed to have another chain of lds. Sleep was the priority so only took brief notes. Also due to deeper sleep in which I think these LDs occurred plus them being one after the other, I was going deeper into the dreamworld and some details were lost.

    Early dream: I am in some house and think about a family friend who's visiting in the dream. She will sleep in a particular room, I am now in the room and examine two beds, and a very long couch and make some comments about that. Soon she comes in and we start talking. I am very happy to see her, so I hug her and kiss her on the cheek, one side only, and she does exactly the same, which I find a bit strange. She has short ginger/copper hair, a really beautiful color and looks much younger and as if she has lost some weight compared to rl.

    Fragment: my dad was involved. I just remember cleaning something outside, wearing a short top which makes me feel uneasy as some guys are staring at me, so I go inside.

    LD1: My first memory is that I am standing and possibly I wake in this bed in a room that vaguely reminds me of my first room. It is dark and there is a sense of creepiness and I explore around as the room changes to a larger apartment. Unfortunately, I don't have much memory of what I looked at in the first part of this ld. This took some time and then I look out if the window and see some strange graffiti. This whole thing is moving and it looks like a picture of graffiti next to another picture of graffiti, below and above each more graffiti pictures and some people there as well. It looks insane/trippy. There seems to be some story developing as outside on the street and to the right some kind of danger is making these people on the graffiti window want to run away. I briefly wonder about what kind of supp I took this night and remember it was the B6, which slightly worries me. (I tend to have more aggressive/chaser dreams with it). Yet, I try to control my reaction as I really don't want to spend the ld running from this thing.

    I concentrate on other items in the room. Some kind of a cupboard or whatever, I just see thousands of tiny objects, each one is different and unique. I am literally overwhelmed with detail and unable to remember any particular item. The images remain stable. While this is extremely interesting and I enjoy examining these items, I realize that one can sink to uncontrollable depths due to indulging and decide to move on. I see a glass door and just pass through it as if it is nothing, and wonder a bit about that. I also briefly check out my reflection on this glass door. This room is also very dark and I really don't feel like exploring in this condition as I begin to worry I might meet something I am not going to like.

    I try to back off but then get paranoid that I am summoning something as I keep on staring at the darkness behind a door. Soon something begins to form there and comes towards me. Luckily, I only managed to get some grey formless furniture to appear from the door and come towards me. As it gets in my proximity, I instinctively lift it with my mind, and hold it in the air for a while. This reminds me of various tasks that were included in the competition, and I go through my own tasks, but most of them involve some DCs. The only one that I remember I can do here is to transform into a tiger. I simply think of that, and possibly because I am so deep into the dream, it is quite easy. I immediately find myself on fours, and check if my paws are those of a tiger, they are! The only problem I seem to have is with my head/neck. There is some tension and I am unable to look ahead as my head is facing the floor. I am trying to fix this but it doesn't work much and I experience all kinds of weird sensations, connected to vision, my body, floating, etc.

    I think this is how the dream ends. I wake up feeling very sleepy (some 5 hrs after bed), take some key notes and review in mind as not to forget. I also think that there was another task that I can do without DCs, swallow fireworks. I fall asleep again.

    LD2: I find myself in what looks like my first room again, some floating feeling again, and I am in a normal upright position. Something about this whole thing feels weird as I am thinking what the hell am I doing here, I realize this is a dream just like some time ago. The room is dark again and I remember how this is not an issue for Xanous anymore, but it certainly bothers me, it is just unpleasant, and not just the darkness, but rather the whole atmosphere.

    I remember that I don't have to be confined to using conventional means so decide I will use a flashlight to help me. (I had previously thought about this) I look around and there are all kinds of things on the furniture but no flashlight. At this time, I remember that there was this other no DC fireworks task that I can still do and look for some fireworks among the objects, but don't find any. My memory is a bit vague as to what I do afterwards. After spending some more time looking around, I finally gather the courage to risk and phase through the wall or some furniture on the wall. It swallows me and I float in the void.

    LD3 fragment: I am in some other room but this time it is daytime. I am examining the surroundings, very enthusiastic, but don't remember almost anything. I want to go outside so I carefully climb on the window and try to cross over to the street. As I do, I feel as if I am phasing, but do some movements to emerge through this invisible sticky water-like material, and hold on to the dream. I lose my balance and fall forward, ending up in the void, where I am floating and rolling at the same time.

    LD4: I suddenly find myself in a room, that slightly looks like that of bf. Bf is to my left and we are discussing something. I am facing a wardrobe with a mirror and notice that am wearing a long Chinese dress. It looks a bit strange since I can't figure out why am I dressed like that. I take a closer look in the mirror. Not only that but I just look ridiculous, it is oversize, my hair is kind of weird too. This is a dream. OK, so finally I can do TOTM. I hug my bf's DC, hold like that for a while, then wait for a reaction. He doesn't do anything just breathes and there are some hissing-like sounds coming from him. He finally manages to whisper the word "something". I step back and look at him. While I consider him to be my bf he is a different DC now, more like Nicolas D'Agosto.

    There is something unpleasant about him, but his proximity triggers some sexual desires on my part and I start thinking of what to do. I tell myself that it is ok to do that if I want to and think about DV and how people are fine with it, and how I am going to report that...So I am very close to him, both of us with clothes and I am struggling with myself as he just waits there. Two opposing forces are acting on me until I finally manage to move away and just observe him for a bit.

    I remeber other tasks with DCs - "assign a DC", I feel like there's no sense in doing that, then "ask a DC". This one sounds good so I decide to go ahead and ask him where my phone is. (I lost a phone at home). He is totally dumb and doesn't say anything just assumes some strange waiting for me to jump on him kind of position.
    The dream fades?

    LD5: I am in my high school and bf's mom is also there.I am still lucid but this is extremely hard now as I feel I am sinking deeper into sleep. I am mostly worried that all lucid memories will be totally lost as I haven't journaled and try to remember how many lds I had before. I count four. I continue down the corridor, float and fly up the stars in yet another float/fly style with my hands locked like in a prayer/or like I am swimming. As I float up, I just remember the ld with the tiger transformation and the issues I had with my head. I can somehow compare the experiences and sensations during both events (transformation and current float moving).

    My floating is somewhat hard to control not in terms of where I am going but in terms of how I'm seeing. It's like I am in weightlessness turning over randomly, seeing the world upside down, sideways, etc. As I am trying to figure out a solution for these problems, the dream fades, and I if I recall correctly I float in a similar way in the void.
    Or maybe not. I spent so many dream ends shortly floating in the void that night, it is getting hard to distinguish those.

    LD6: I wake up my first room, on the bed, it is dark. I get a bit tired of this scenario. This time I am lying on the bed while some sort of indigo/dark blue energy is attacking me. This does not feel nice at all as I literally sense this thing is energetically feeding on me. I wake up from the nasty feeling.

    These dreams took around 30-40 mins of sleep. After waking up, I take some brief notes. The last dream left me a bit distressed so even though I need my sleep badly I am reluctant to immediately fall asleep. I try to dissipate the mood, then go into more unmemorable deep sleep.

    LD7: There was another LD that I vaguely as I lost lucidity at some point and then had 3 NLDs. I remember two lucid fragments: one where I was checking out shadows - my own shadow and that of someone else and some objects. I was excited to have finally noticed this. I conclude that the shadows are very realistic and on this occasion there is no difference from RL, at least according to my dream logic at the moment. I also remember organizing an erotic scene, but it got interrupted by other dream themes.

    Other dreams: I remember having three NLDs that were cool and interesting, but unfortunately cannot recall as much as I would like to.

    NLD: I am having a tiger that I take care of. For some reason this tiger is activated into life and then made to hibernate by being drained and filled with liquids like water and blood. It is a good tiger and I wonder why did I decide to switch it off by taking life away from it. Someone tells me that the more you do that to these types of animals the worse they get every time they come back. The give a list of symptoms that will develop over time, the first one being aggression. I am worried about my tiger and want to bring it to life as soon as I can tomorrow. At the same time, it seems I have another animal, that is some kind of leopard that morphs into a dalmatian/leopard with the head of a bull terrier. This animal already suffers from side effects of the process and is ultra aggressive. I try to lock it in a room and think what esle to do.

    NLD: I come across a beautifully decorated box. If contains two strangely shaped crystals, a bit a like the tooth or horn of some animal. These crystals belong to some kind of a ruler/king who has now sold them. They have creepy magic powers that are very strong and can be used to one's advantage
    but there's some sort of negative side effect too.

    A bit later me and a friend of mine, possibly a classmate go out on a strange street. There is a minor quake and I warn her that there will be another one as this is part of the scenario.

    NLD fragment: I am going up some rails that are in the sky. It looks as if I am travelling and want to cross over to Sweden, where there is an invisible track and another one to a nearby location. But who can fly (by himself) for such a long distance?

    Comment: The 2-6lds were just following one after the other and I did not touch on my body to DEILD.
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Wow!! What an incredible night of LDs. 7?? You're setting the bar too high for the rest of us. And ah, another tiger transformation! You are becoming really good at those! I still have yet to do a lucid animal transformation, although I've loved the very occasional NLD where something cool like that happens.

      Hey, when you phased through the wall and wound up in the void, do you remember whether you got much time there to do anything? I noticed that you were often weightless and couldn't locate the ground in the void. I don't know whether this was something you were looking to change, but I find that the void is particularly malleable in that if you start just doing something, it'll usually work. If you just walk on ground you believe is already there or wave around a sword you're already holding, there's no scene there to tell you you're wrong. You may want to just formulate a specific void playbook or two of stuff you're eager to try from there, then just do it. It'll almost certainly all work just as you expect it to.

      Anyway, very very impressive work, Nyx! Good job hanging on in spite of having to hold 6 LDs in the brain!! I know that can't be easy.
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    2. Highlander's Avatar
      Wow - total recall! It's a pity you had that bit of a sinister dream. They can play on your mind a bit after.
      I had one last year, it just felt negative. When I woke up I went into a panic attack where I took a deep inhale and I couldn't release or breathe out for a while. Even when I went to the bathroom I started thinking about something and it would happen again.
      Congrats on all the LD's & acheiving TOTM to boot.

      I think I've also had aggressive/strange dreams after B6 too one time.
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      Updated 07-09-2013 at 10:46 PM by Highlander
    3. NyxCC's Avatar
      Thanks guys and sorry for the late replies!

      @ CL what was interesting in this ld series was that this feeling preceded the void and get carried over into the void. It was a bit strange, maybe I’m just not used to mindlessly floating and this triggered the void? Case one – trying to fix the tiger head led to weird sensations, then the void. Case 2 – phasing to the void. Case 3 – I fall forward from a window and end up rolling in the void? Case 4 – I am floating in the dream when everything is upside down and end up in the void. Come to think about it this may be some version of the “this is going to take a while” issue, where idleness messes up the dream.
      On that night, my time spent in the void was shorter than usual, I guess because I was more deeply asleep, and the dream would quickly pick up by itself rather than me having to prompt it. Apart from that your advice is excellent for situations when you end up in the void wondering what to do.

      @ Highlander Yeah, it isn’t nice to have a dream leave you with a bad feeling afterwards. I have been trying to control my after dream reactions with some success in the last year, yet it still remains a challenge.
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    4. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      That's great! If waiting out the clock is all it takes, nothing else is really necessary, then!

      Congrats again! This series still impresses me.
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    5. NyxCC's Avatar
      Thanks for the kind words and all the great tips!
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