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    Tea Party

    by , 03-20-2014 at 02:47 AM (819 Views)
    Date: 18 March

    Pre bedish: Vit C, l-arginine

    Not quite the same results with vividness compared to the last time (15th) that used l-arg, but the wbtb did it

    Pre wbtb dream: somewhat vivid but quite evasive for recall

    wbtb: 1/3 latte

    LD1: The beginning memory is quite vague but the dream starts in my parents' place where I shortly talk to dad, some minor awareness about this being a dream that goes away the next moment. A relative comes and I go to greet her but notice that she is shaking, try to calm her down and hug her but she shakes more. I take a look at my hands and for the first? time I see an extra finger next to each one (they are kind of separated yet moving together with my hand). This doesn't quite jolt me into lucidity as I don't give it any thought at all, still concerned about my relative. As I move a bit I finally recall the short lucid moment before and remember I was supposed to be lding. I walk around with no particular place in mind when I feel the dream starting to thin out. In addition, there is this real but dream amplified sensation of hunger in my stomach, which makes the dream even more unstable and me very pissed off. I drag myself forward near some furniture with a rather defeated mindset.

    Then I see dad sitting at a long dinning room table and recall the Mad Hatter Tea Party task. I think my mom was also there, so I turn to the kitchen and tell her to make me some tea. I look at the kitchen but my mom has disappeared. No, just when I need her DC she's gone, I turn around and try to summon her, which should be easy, still no DC. Quite interestingly, I do hear loud noises coming from the kitchen as if she is there - the water running, dishes, etc.

    I decide to summon a cup of tea myself and more like a habit, I move my hands closer as if holding a cup of tea and the next moment I start distinguishing the light tea liquid in between. After a bit, a china cup appears there as well. My mood is super elevated after this - an effective summon in direct eyesight - not what I expected! I place it on the table - its existence is very shifty, where I try to manipulate it into a proper looking and full tea cup. In the meantime, if not mistaken mom comes and leaves a small tea cup at the table. I pour some of the liquid from the large one into the small one. Now everything looks satisfactory. The cups are still a bit shifty now with blue decorations. This is probably the only less rushed part of the dream, where I actually decide to take a moment and examine the picture at the bottom of the cup and memorize it. It is a typical Chinese decoration in blue - a village person with a Chinese straw hat as if fishing barehanded in the river in front of a village. I even get to feel some cool false memories/info about the people that used this cup at this point in the past and their life.

    The next thing I need is a rabbit and I think about one while looking around, then turning to dad to see that he is holding one - a real rabbit, but as I come closer to examine it becomes a stuffed toy rabbit. Oh, well, it's still a rabbit. Now I need the mad hatter and as planned I want to summon Johnny Depp to represent him. This will be a tough one, so I decide to summon him as Jack Sparrow as this role has the strongest impression for my mind. I need to feel his presence, so I kind of shortly turn into him myself as I shout out full of emotion in a deep male pirate voice "Captain Jack Sparrow". A bit worried about the strength of my voice waking me up. This is enough to cause strong thoughts about the character and a JS DC appears in front of me. He's not wearing all the make up, but has pirate clothes and the dreadlocks. Similar to my cup summons, his facial features quickly change to those of a random DC. That doesn't matter now, I notice he wears no hat and if he is the mad hatter he has to, so I think about a hat, see one, then another one that I triumphantly place on his head. Ok, where were we? Briefly lose mental focus, then recall about the poem. I only manage to say the first word and the dream quickly thins out.

    My concentration/mental energy has been rather poor for a deild. I review the dream, conclude that this was probably it for this month, since it will be difficult to go through all the summoning again. I feel tired and decide to just sleep.

    A few short non-lds and then:

    LD2: Weirdly, (or not!) I'm at my parents place again. Initially we are inside and my parents interact with this strange retriever type of dog. But something's totally off with it. It comes wearing some sort of a napkin mask and as I try to ask the dog about it, it seems to be trying to talk - like a person with his mouth shut, he (later she) makes some noises that sound like real words that almost make sense to me. I begin to suspect that this is actually a person undercover. He also runs like a person in the yard and it turns out just that - some French girl is pretending to be the dog.

    We are outside now and some family friends are visiting. I make comments about the way they are dressed. Suddenly, it dawns on me that I am at the same location of the previous dream and indeed dreaming. I wonder what to do and discard the idea of going for the totm again since there won't be enough time to complete the task, yet since there's nothing else to do and maybe it's no coincidence I have another dream here, decide to go ahead anyways.

    There's a part that's open to the yard like a garage with lots of tables and all the family & friends DCs walking around and being super loud. I try to summon a cup again, this time one appears on the table where I'm standing. Also, in the distant end of the garage is another table with two large tea pots. I bring the cup over there, but it fills up with sugar as I examine the items on the table. I guess that's enough for a tea party and decide not to mess with the stuff anymore. The light in the garage gradually goes down - this is also the end of the garage, near the wall. The DCs make their way around the table, taking part of the tea party. I need the rabbit and without actively summoning it, notice that on one of seats around the table is actually sitting the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (1951), wearing the playing cards type of clothes. He is animated, which is strange, but I'm just happy about the summon and wonder what to do about the mad hatter. Again, unexpectedly as I look to my other side I see the mad hatter (1951). It takes me a bit to actually realize that I'm looking at the mad hatter from the movie. What is even more interesting is that I get this very convincing memory that the clothes that he is wearing in the dream are the correct ones - and he is a wearing green! (later checked to find out that it's the right attire). The dream becomes extremly dark at this point with one last effort I make all the DCs repeat with me the poem-like thing I prepared for this event :

    "Lucid dreaming,
    what's the meaning
    something's flying in the sky,
    awesome feeling
    rabbits speaking
    why, Ophelia, why?"

    The dream is gone and I end up with a short session of SP (being unable to move, while feeling my physical body, seeing only darkness). I wait it out, thinking I must have been on my back (slightly to the right but yes) and start telling myself about the dream.

    DEILD: I expect to wake up, but involuntarily deild back instead. My mental continuity is messed up and during this part I shortly believe that I haven't left the dream at all. I examine the mad hatter character residue who turns into normal DC. I go outside and wonder what to do as there still might be some dream time, briefly question if it was ok to do another task, where I think about going for toty. I decide to go ahead. Some background DCs and me are in the yard now. There's a small black hound-like dog running around that distracts me and I try to ignore it as much as possible, while thinking about the beanstalk. I see some sort of bean-like seeds on the ground and take them, looking for a good place to plant them. I open my palm and see them undergoing many changes - all sorts of colors and shapes and try to make them a particular sort of beans again. After some struggle they look like dark red beans and I place them on the steps where there is a lot of muddy soil and cover them with it. One stone's hanging above and I think it will mess up how they grow, because of my thoughts. Anyways, I start to think about them growing and they grow into small shoots. The dream fades.

    Note to self: All of the actively summoned objects were shiftier than the rest of the dream (cup, rabbit, js, beans)

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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Great series, Nyx! That's some really skillful summoning work, bringing the teacup forth right before your eyes. I also think it's great that you took the time to study the picture that was on the bottom of the cup and let your mind go off in wild directions, generating a backstory and false memories to round out the whole experience.

      I can't believe how well you were able to recall your poem, too! I'm always working just to remember the task itself, so preparing for a poetry recital feels like it'd be beyond my abilities!

      AND you were on your way with the beanstalk task of the year! I definitely recognized that one!

      You're making me sad that we finished off out little latte carton that I'd bought a couple weeks ago. Wife wound up drinking most of it instead of me!
      NyxCC likes this.
    2. NyxCC's Avatar
      Thanks CL! I was very excited about the tea cup summon. It's absolutely mind-blowing how something can appear out of thin air right in front of your eyes.

      I can't believe how well you were able to recall your poem, too!
      Me too. I was wondering if it was possible at all. Maybe if the info is in a format like a poem or the lyrics of a song it is easier to remember? If that is so, we've got to put all our tasks into poetic form for better access.

      About the lattes - you have to hide a bottle/cup and sip a bit next time they are around.
      CanisLucidus likes this.
      Updated 03-21-2014 at 11:14 PM by NyxCC
    3. Highlander's Avatar
      Congratulations NyxCC on the lucid dream series inc. the control, the summoning and the hard work on the tasks.

      I could do with getting some l-arginine myself as I ran out ages ago, although you did mention the results were more attributed to the WBTB.
      NyxCC likes this.
    4. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Ha, great idea! I need an epic poem which covers not only the contents of the current Task of the Year and Task of the Month but also lots of verses about how awesome I am and how confident I should be. I'll probably need to throw in some profanity as well to make it all really work.

      Yes, I'll definitely try to do a better job with the hiding next time! Gotta keep a separate "lucidity supply".
      NyxCC likes this.
    5. NyxCC's Avatar
      @ Highlander

      Thanks! Yes, l-arginine is back in the game. I tried to replicate the vividness I got a few days ago (now posted for reference). Good luck if you decide to restock.

      @ CL

      Oh, a poem with profanity, that will be super effective for sure!
      CanisLucidus and Highlander like this.
      Updated 03-23-2014 at 11:03 PM by NyxCC
    6. fogelbise's Avatar
      Fantastic job NyxCC!!! Great length and stability!!!
      NyxCC likes this.