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    Time masters

    by , 01-23-2017 at 09:20 PM (982 Views)
    21 Jan

    At an unknown outdoors location, after something has gone slightly wrong. I am sitting on a bench/couch, when this weird DC joins me. I tk a door closed to demonstrate my powers. The DC talks extensively, mentions a number of sci-fi books that merit reading. A lot of things in these books are true, he says. He's a representative of an ancient alien humanoid looking race that used to inhabit the solar system a long time ago.

    As he speaks, we find ourselves flying in space among planets. He explains that in the past all planets were inhabited by his people. I feel amazed at this statement. We now fly by the moon and I see it covered with cities and buildings under construction. He pauses for a moment, thinking that I am not interested or don't understand. Please, go ahead with the story, I want to learn more, I say.

    He then tells me, they also used to control time. They could see the future, and then would try to change it by making it come true. I am confused, but he emphasizes this point, when they want to avoid an outcome they actually make it happen. I see a visualization of planets and civilizations as he speaks, but I still don't understand.
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