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    Who's calling

    by , 12-28-2015 at 09:48 PM (734 Views)
    Date: 22 Dec

    A nld scene with classmates and unknown DCs. Later the unknown DCs cause tension.

    As the DCs keep looking me in the eyes, I begin to realize that I am dreaming. I examine them in greater detail, now fully convinced. I tell them this and start to control them, making them look happier and make them loudly express their excitement.

    We are in the living room now. I recall the phone task, look to the side, where there is a black home phone, a slightly older model. I ask it to ring, it does so a couple of times, then pick it up. The first try it's just the normal ready to dial sound. I hang up being confident that somebody will start talking soon and repeat the ringing, pick up again. This time it's my mom trying to lecture me about something that I'm not doing the way I should be. I feel a bit disappointed but make a mental note of it anyways.

    End of memory. Other dreams.
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    1. Patience108's Avatar
      Hey That thing about DC's looking at you straight in the eye triggered a few dream memories - I have had that a handful of times now some of the times I became Aware I am dreaming and other times it was one of those intense eyeballing experience I wake up with - like feeling the eyes of the DC drilling into me - funny hay ... I was thinking of a way to use it as a dream sign to somehow trigger dream awareness etc - have you ever worked on that?
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    2. NyxCC's Avatar
      Hey Patience! Yes, there is something in the way DCs look at you, isn't there?

      I think it is absolutely possible to use this to trigger lucidity on a frequent basis. The best way to practice is to be more aware when talking to and meeting people irl. It's one of the things I wanted to make a habit of, but am still not quite there - so many distractions - usually the topic of the conversation involves you too much to be as aware as one needs to be. But if we make it a habit to be a bit more mindful when speaking or looking at others, there will be spillover effects for dreams too.
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    3. Patience108's Avatar
      Thanks ( Patience108 strongly eyeballs NyxCC as she leaves her comment and asks her self " am I dreaming?"
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