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    by , 02-02-2014 at 02:51 AM (837 Views)
    Date: 24 Jan

    Pre bed: 200mg val, 50mg B6

    Wbtb: 1/4 latte

    Wasn't very wakeful even though repeated mantras a few times, fell asleep rather fast, had a few non-lds I can't recall

    DILD: I am having a tense conversation with this female DC I know. She starts criticizing me. I reply that as a revenge I will then do something to make her feel the same way she makes me feel with all her comments. While this is a rather habitual mental reaction, I notice that contrary to other times I don't feel anything at that very moment. Still, as part of my revenge scheme I take her and turn her upside down in front of all the DCs in the room to publicly humiliate her.

    As I stare at her, I notice that she just stays there, like a motionless puppet and become lucid. We're in a very large meeting room with a long table in the middle and lots of DCs participating in some corporate event. I'm in a daring mood and decide it's time to defy social rules by getting on the table in the middle of this meeting. Then I almost lose lucidity being carried away by thoughts of how all of the world's problems may be solved by by issuing unlimited credit cards to the entire population.

    I keep thinking about this issue as I leave the place and continue towards an unknown city center. There to help me focus more I shout out loud "I am dreaming". There was a slight instability so this helps me ground as well.

    Then I remember the invisibility task and go in the middle of the road pretending to be invisible.There are cars coming from all directions but as soon as I pay attention to them, they hit the breaks and spin a bit. I turn around and the same thing happens again. Then I see this huge truck coming in my direction. I start waving hands, checking if the driver can see me. He doesn't hit the brake or slow down and the truck is quickly coming closer. I step to the side to avoid the impact. There's little space between me and the truck, my uncontrolled expectations cause it to fall sideways on top of me, where I feel this huge weight on me. I try to move and free my head, but this results in a physical feeling, which gives me the impression I have just moved in my bed. I expect to wake up any moment but get an FA instead.

    I believe that I have woken up for real and the first thing I notice is this piano music coming from the outside. I'm actually in the neighbors where we used to live some time ago and look to find where the music is coming from. I see this girl that I remember (possibly from another dream but could be false memory) who got that piano there and something about her. As if that isn't enough, the balcony is crowded - many people in their 20s and 30s dressed with business attire as if attending some sort of event. I'm think this is just too much when I am trying to fall asleep and decide this can only be a dream, reminding myself that I was trying to ld. Can't member how, but it seems I lose consciousness after that and have another FA.

    I think in the beginning, I'm looking from the window to see what's down but then the scene changes and we move to this wooden porch. I initially see this strange big animal that looks suspiciously like a DS, I can't tell what kind of animal it is. Then there is a smaller one and I'm still trying to identify the large one. I'm starting to have some real doubts about this and begin to count the animals, one now looks like a bear and can't remember the rest but there's four of them. I conclude this is a dream and go to interact with one of the animals. It looks like a very large black boar/tapir and as I place my hand on its snout, it bites me and it even hurts.

    I move slightly to the left and examine the rest of the area, where I notice a number of elephant-like creatures. I think they are separated from the porch, but no cage, it looks much like in a zoo. At some point the elephants begin to distort in features, open mounts and start roaring very louldy in a generally unpleasant manner. I try to stop them by thinking I want them to stop, but nothing happens and more join the roaring event. I remain there staring at them as they do so, kind of calm, but there's also this deeper inner response to their roaring, which surely is what is affecting them. I think that the problem is exactly this feedback loop - I am thinking that they are roaring, therefore they continue roaring. Then conveniently, I recall the inivible task and think it can be applied quite nicely here. I think that I am invisible. To my genuine surprise, at this very moment all the roaring stops for good.

    I'm curisous to how far I can take this with my supposed invisibility and turn around and try to sneak out, while carefully listening for any reaction. The dream fades.

    Notes: I have reduced B6 dosage to 50mg as previously it made me too wakeful. Recent valerian series - characterized by difficult recall, lower lucidity levels and more bizarre occurrences, in particular animals.

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    1. Xanous's Avatar
      Congrats on the LDs. I like how you managed the FAs. I know those can be really tough. I love playing traffic too. It never acts normally for some reason. Cool stuff with the animals too.
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    2. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Cool animals! Hey, what'd the elephant-like creatures look like? They didn't have pouches like a marsupial, did they? I once had a lucid with creatures that looked like a cross between an elephant and a kangaroo. They were like this:

      This animal is about 30-feet tall, gray-skinned like an elephant, but with the powerful hind legs and dainty forelimbs of a kangaroo. It has a marsupial pouch but its head has tusks and a modest trunk. The head is elephant-like, but sleeker and longer than an elephant's.
      Just in case there's any synchronicity there. The original link: The Kangarant - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      I was also very amused by your infinite credit card scheme for solving all of the world's woes.

      Hey, I was curious about your B6 wakefulness. Does this tend to occur pre-bed or do you get the wakefulness during your WBTB?
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    3. Highlander's Avatar
      Cool dreams, although FA's can trick.

      Well at least you didn't have to clean up after those pesky noisy animals!
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    4. NyxCC's Avatar
      Thank you guys!

      @ Xanous

      I love playing traffic too. It never acts normally for some reason.
      Oh, yeah, I remember this cool entry where you slowed down time and played with the truck. It was really good!

      @ CL

      Thanks! Good to hear I am not the only one having unusual animals in their dreams. Wow, that's a very interesting encounter - the kangarant. Sounds like a cool dream and the beginning with the mountains was really nice. I don't know about you, but it's a very weird feeling to dream about some of these animals (if not in most cases!).

      Hey, I was curious about your B6 wakefulness. Does this tend to occur pre-bed or do you get the wakefulness during your WBTB?
      For me it seems B6 is most effective when taken pre bed, but in larger amounts and by itself like 100 mg (at least nowadays), it would cause me to wake up frequently during the night and then have trouble falling asleep. We've talked about this - it's a pretty complex vit that plays an important role in the synthesis of 5 neurotransmitters. The levels of some shouldn't be that high while we sleep, so this is certainly causing disturbances and influencing dream contents. But then, it does boost recall a lot and increases vividness (along with rebellious DCs). If I add some valerian, the wakefulness effect is reduced but at the expense of awareness. Trade off as with everything. It's weird that with pre bed intake the effects last pretty long too (at least for me).

      @ Highlander


      Well at least you didn't have to clean up after those pesky noisy animals!
      This is a pleasure I usually leave for my non-lds, where cute animals start pooping all over the place. Weirdly, it hasn't triggered any lucidity.
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    5. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Yeah, totally agree on the B6. I'm fascinated by it in spite of its complexity / uncertainty of effect particularly because I had an early LD (maybe #26) from pre-bed B6 that was extremely high quality. Until some of the really good galantamine + menthol lucids that I had later, it was the gold standard for me for a while.

      Thanks for mentioning the valerian combo! This sounds like a great one to try and makes a lot of sense for combining with the B6.