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    19/1/2017 Spelunking - Sled TOTY

    by , 01-20-2017 at 05:25 PM (262 Views)
    The car park is full. Rows and rows of cars in all directions. I drive around trying to find a space. Finally there is a gap... but a large tour bus starts reversing into it. Then there seems to be a space on the right. I drive into the gap and park.

    After getting out of the vehicle and checking it is within the white lines, I notice something odd. Next to one edge of the space is what looks like a headstone. It is old and worn, the name carved on it is illegible. Nearby is a stack of rocks - a cairn perhaps, and now, in all directions, more graves. This is probably not a good place to park. I feel that parking here is disrespectful somehow.

    While trying to move the vehicle I end up flying in a huge hall, or maybe I have shrunk. The floor of this place has a large stone slab with the name Bathory on it. Immediately this conjures up thoughts of Elizabeth Bathory - the 16th century serial killer with vampiric-tendancies. Things go a bit abstract here - there is an unseen voice speaking to me, something about the Bathory family or a present day descendant. I recall saying "What's he done this time?" - as if it's someone I know, and they are always getting in trouble? Also, I am roleplaying as my character from a tabletop game.

    Eventually all this adds up and makes me become lucid. I float down next to a wall and my fingers slide against it to help ground me. Recalling the sled TOTY I phase through the wall and focus on there being a snowy mountain top outside. A snowstorm is in progress and it is bitterly cold. I summon a sled and jump onto it, standing like it is a skateboard. The sled starts to move down the mountain, quickly gathering tremendous speed. I estimate it is travelling around 80-90mph.

    It takes around 20 seconds to reach the bottom of the mountain. I make a powerful gesture with my left hand to shatter the earth and make a crack leading down below the surface. The sled continues sliding into the Earth through black rock cave tunnels. This continues for another 20 seconds or so, still at breakneck speed.

    Suddenly the floor disappears sending me tumbling through the air. I land in fast flowing water, dragged along by the strong current towards a narrow crack in the rock. There is not much light, just a gentle luminesence from mould growing on the roof of the underground river.

    I take a deep breath in to shrink myself enough to pass through the narrow gap without hitting the rocks. The tunnel abruptly stops and the water level drops, leaving me standing in a dark tunnel. At this point my vision spins around to show a massive boulder rolling down the tunnel, Indiana Jones style. Oh shit. I start running, my perspective external to my body, so that it shows me from the front and the boulder rolling behind, like that Crash Bandicoot level.

    The camera pans back to normal perspective and I continue sprinting with the rumbling sound of the boulder and the ground shaking violently. Ahead is a wall with two doors, one smaller and then a double width door. I punch the door handle of the smaller exit down while throwing my shoulder against it, stumbling through into an underground station tunnel. There are enemies here, squatting on the ground. They look like morlocks, from the X-Men comics.

    Rather than fight them I continue running and dodge past them - the boulder will crush them, and me if I stop. The tunnel becomes so packed with morlocks that it is difficult to find a path through. No... must... run....

    I tumble into a false awakening in which my sister is poking me in the ear. "Stop it, no, don't wake me...."

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