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    Car Ride TOTY

    by , 01-04-2017 at 11:16 AM (255 Views)
    Before 5.15
    The dream is of a game world in tiny 8-bit style. The monsters are tiny and pixellated. It is not always clear exactly what they are due to the bad quality graphics! While exploring a set of underground tunnels in the game, I find a wall made of glass. It has green dotted lines in irregular patterns drawn on it. Using some kind of sticky hands (D&D spider climb??) spell, I climb the wall like an insect.

    The glass wall reveals secret chambers filled with monsters and loot. I phase through the glass (hadn't become lucid, just somehow gained that ability) and start attacking the monsters. After fighting for a while more monsters appear. I am playing a wizard character and cast spells to keep them back. A door appears but it is locked. More monsters appear, filling up the room, getting tougher to kill as they keep spawning.

    My character dies and the game resets right back to the beginning. I am irritated. Where were the save points? It is a difficult game as there is no indication of where to go or what to do.

    Giving up on the game I find myself outside where there are three row boats waiting on a river. Three floating platforms are infront of the boats. I stand on a platform, but then other people join me and the platform sinks under our combined weight. I climb onto the boat. There is someone already in the central boat who speaks in Italian and then German.

    An ex-work-colleage joins me in the boat: KF. She is holding a bunch of flowers and dips them in the water. They shrivel up and die. From the boat we somehow end up inside a building where a group of other co-workers are sitting around a table eating chocolate cake. CW demolishes a large slice, stuffing it in his face getting it all over the place. I take a chocolate chip biscuit and take a bite of it.

    Then I try to leave the house, finding a mudstained floor that leads into a garden. Steps made from ivy and plants have covered the exit. I climb them, ending up around the height of a normal house. Then after shimmying along one of the steps I manage to drop down into a shaded part of the garden. At this point, I become lucid.

    The garden has a couple of bicycles lying in the grass. I think about stealing one of them while climbing a slope that leads out to a street. There are three cars parked in the road. I remember the TOTY and walk over. Pulling up the bonnet (hood) I sweep the engine compartment. It has a bunch of small junk items inside but no engine. Good. Then I walk around the car and rip off all the wheels, leaving it resting on the axles.

    Now prepared, the car has also become a convertible. So I lean into the car and try to start it. At first it will not work, but a few more attempts and it roars into life. Hopping into the driving seat, I drive the car down the road. The axles are grinding into the tarmac. Sounds terrible!

    At the side of the road I spot a group of bikers and a really gorgeous Ducati - unusually in a burnt orange colour like a Lamborghini Aventador. I try to get through the group and attempt to steal the bike, but the rider block me from getting near it. I give up and walk further down the street past some nice cars but nothing compared to that Ducati motorbike.

    While walking into a building I remember the massage task. There is a family sitting here - mother, father, child. I ask for a massage. The man walks behind me and starts rubbing my shoulders. It is not very strong but it is noticable. The man then asks something about the child, indicating that it is mine. That's not my kid?? I wake up.
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