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    Dolphin TOTY

    by , 01-13-2017 at 01:13 PM (242 Views)
    Before 4.47am
    Plate of stir fry type food that seemed to be mostly peppers. I don't like peppers. Yes I went to bed on an empty stomach, which just makes me dream about food.

    The dream takes place in a mansion sized building filled with hidden passages. It has the look of an old stately home. We are running away from enemies who are trying to take over the building. The group of us consists of me and co-worker TR, who is dragging along his red haired girlfriend.

    Using the secret passages we manage to evade the enemy soldiers for a while, but then run straight into a room where the commander is standing with four of his pals. So much for escaping. I charge at the commander, leaping and punching the side of his head. He is taller than me, but not by much. Must have had knuckle dusters on, because after the punch the side of his face is all cut and bleeding in multiple places.

    He roars in rage and I punch him several more times and kick at his legs trying to make him fall down. At this point the dream is feeling like a game rather than reality. I am on the verge of lucidity and wake up.

    6.20ish- 7am
    Trapped Dolphin
    Think this was chained after a normal dream, but can't remember it. Starts with familiar shaking sensations that signal the onset of a dream. I pinch my nose to confirm the dream and stand up out of bed. Everything is very dark. Going to the window I phase outside.

    The front gardens are full of bushes and flowers. It is still dark, pre-dawn. Children are hiding in the gardens amongst the greenery. Maybe they are playing a game. I look up to the sky and the sun rises rapidy. A man dressed as Batman exits the neighbours' house and heads off down the road. I wave to him.

    My goal tonight was to go to the ocean and find an 18th century frigate (Master and Commander or Hornblower for reference. Yeah I know that's more 1800 ~ Napoleonics, the ships wouldn't have changed that much.)

    I fly up into the air and head for the coast, flying at super speed. In RL my house is around 30-40 mins drive from the coast, but my flight is direct and much faster. Ahead is a beech in a cove with black rocks juting out of the sea. It reminds me more of Devon than the local pebble beaches.

    The cove is filled with people playing in the surf. As I swoop down, a killer whale leaps out of the surf and then dives back underwater. Deeper than it looks! Then I see a dolphin trapped in a gully between two of the black rocks, it is trying to get back into the water but is stuck. Planting one foot on each of the rocks I lift the dolphin free. It's skin is smooth and wet. Even after being freed it lies on the surface making pained noises. I stroke the dolphin's side and try to reassure it.

    The dolphin has reminded me of the DV task of the year, but it seems rude to ask this injured animal to give me a lift to Atlantis. The dream scene fades.

    A false awakening has me trying to remove items from my black rucksack. Mum has filled it with fish! Also there is a pack of what looks like salmon bacon! After emptying it out I point out that this is my rucksack for college, not a bag for food shopping. (Slight confusion as to my age at this point.) Then even more items come out of the bag including cufflinks and small items of jewellery. Necklaces, ear rings. We put them into clear jelly moulds to be taken to the charity shop.

    Sex with a Mermaid
    There are children outside the window making noise. The bedroom seems to be on the ground floor at the front of the house. I open the curtains and find they have left toys on the window sill. There is a crowd outside the front door. A couple of the parents seem to be discussing childcare arrangements with Mum. I go through to a living room where there are stacks of old videos, including one which is the 24 series feature length special.

    These old videos are junk. Get rid of them, I suggest. Dad complains that they haven't watched it, and I tell them not to bother. My sister is also in the room. She backs me up and agrees that this old crap is not worth keeping. Then she tries to retrieve something from a shelf behind the sofa, and ends up straddling an unknown male DC sitting on the sofa.

    There is a disconnect, probably a missing scene or two. I am walking through a town. On a brick wall there is a moving advert. It doesn't seem to be a screen, more like an animated painting. It contains a drawing of a car and unreadable text slogans. 'Great, even my dreams have adverts,' I think. Then I realise what that means, and become lucid.

    The town is surrounded by mountains and forests. No ocean in sight. However, the sky could be an ocean. I fly straight up at full speed until there are clouds around me. Then I flip the world upside down, so the sky is beneath me and the distant trees and mountains above. Looking down and slowly falling into the sky, the blue expanse now becomes an ocean.

    I tread water for a bit, noticing the tug of my wet clothing weighing me down. The sky has turned back from green and grey into a proper blue. It is very peaceful out here, no big waves, but also no land in sight. Recalling the last part of the earlier lucid I call out to summon a dolphin. One swims over to me. It seems cheerful. I ask it to take me to Atlantis then climb onto the dolphin's back. It leaps then dives down into the ocean.

    Forgetting myself I take a deep breath and am holding it as we swim down, before realising this is not required. The dolphin swims down to a circle of metal on the sea floor. Then it starts poking at small screws that seem to be in the ocean floor. I help to remove some of the screws.

    The room transforms around us. We are no longer underwater and the dolphin has grown legs and arms. There are coins on the floor. The dolphin says something about 'taking what is right.' I pick up a copper penny-like coin. It grabs a fistfull of golden coins and laughs. "The one with the most gold wins!" The dolphin-man declares triumphantly.

    Ah whatever. I turn and exit the circular room and enter a domed one. It's old fashioned - like a National Trust property. Elegant wooden furniture, shelves lining the walls filled with large hardback books. There are those chaise-longues type chairs with red velvet. The room is populated with people dressed in 18th century clothing - long coats with embroidered collars and dressed with similar intricant designs sewed on them.

    They remind me that to complete the DV Task of the Year I must find the mermaid, also, that the mermaid will want an offering from me. The room has several tables covered in trinkets.

    My next course of action is to try flirting with one of the 18th century women, very badly, to find out what to pick as a gift for the mermaid. The flirting is just cringe-worthy terrible. Realising this, I end up shouting "fuck it", vaulting over one of the chairs, standing on a table and grabbing a small blue ivory comb thing before running out of the room.

    There are several similar looking rooms. Now where is the mermaid? A young boy walks past. "Hey, kid, where's the mermaid?" He points down a corridor. I run down and go past an open door. Inside are tanks the size of double beds, filled with water. Curled up in the corner of a tank is a mermaid. She has long dark hair and a shimmering blue-green fish tail. I climb into the tank and touch her tail. It feels just like a fish, which is both cool and weird at the same time.

    She wakes up and turns to me looking alarmed. I drop the comb and it falls into the tank next to her. She grabs it as it falls, seems happy, and then snuggles up against my chest. Well, hello. Somehow she ends up on top of me, lying on my chest, with my legs wrapped around her tail.

    "So, uh, how do you make more mermaids?" The question I'd been dying to ask...
    "We have a sort of opening." She says.
    "Oh really. Well, uh, so can I put my erm, you know, in your... 'opening.'" (Well I'm on top form tonight... just so damn smooth, eh? Ha.)
    "You already did."
    "Wait, I thought I had trousers on!"
    ...Well, not anymore, apparently. She starts grinding up against me and I can feel the usual sensations down there now, although my legs are either side of her body/tail. Not gonna lie, it feels a bit weird, but we have sex until the dream fades.

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