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    Planet of the Hot Tub Skeletons (Saucer TOTY)

    by , 01-08-2017 at 03:09 PM (235 Views)
    Before 7.20
    While lying down I feel shaking sensations. The room is dark and blurry. I wait for a bit before pinching my nose to RC. The first thing I remember is the door task - so I walk over to my bedroom door and say "hi, what's your name?"
    At first, the door is not very chatty, so I stroke it (uh, that sounds wrong somehow!), feeling the grain of the wood against my fingers. It doesn't seem to be varnished.

    Repeating my question, this time the door answers, telling me it's name is "Fingers of Doom." What a strange name! It says some other stuff that I have forgotten now. There is a poster pinned to the door that is torn and ripped, barely holding on. I try to pin the pieces back into place before realising the pins might be hurting the door, but it says it doesn't mind.

    After phasing out of the window, I end up in the village where I grew up. There is an orchard and a large open hillside. I summon an alien invasion by reaching up to the skies. As in my previous attempt, troop transports and smaller fighter saucer type craft land on the grass. This time alien troops exit the ships. They look like robots wearing ragged clothing and remind me somewhat of the phalanx from the comic I was reading last night.

    Too late I realise that people were working in the orchard. The troops round up and capture the humans, my parents among them. I fly quickly over to the robot pointing a gun at my mum. The robot's ragged clothing makes him look kinda like a pirate.
    "You better let her go, or else." I warn the pirate-robot. It decides to do what I say, and holsters it's gun before walking away.

    The other prisoners are being escorted away. I grant Mum super-powers of flight and telekinesis so we can rescue Dad. Mum says it is fine and flies off. She doesn't need my help. I see her fighting the robots from the air and the prisoners cheering her on. Nice one, Mum.

    I head into what looks like the alien's command tent. It is full of more robots and rows of tiny flashing lights on machines. I start smashing it up with my fists and during the chaos and smoke, run back outside. I pick the closest saucer and run up the small gangplank to get inside. It is smooth metal this time, almost featureless. There is a viewing screen type window in the ceiling. Taking control of the ship with pure willpower, I get it to take off and fly upwards into the sky.

    To power the ship and my journey into space, I start singing Prodigy: Outer Space. "Gonna send him out of space... find another race... I'll take your brain to another dimension, play close attention!" Although, when the song came out I never knew the lyrics and so sung my own slightly misheard ones: "I'm descending outer space... Find another place."

    The ship flies up through the clouds and out into space. The dark blackness is filled with stars and a purple swirling nebula. Within the nebula are tiny planets. I head into the nebula until the planets grow larger. Targeting a yellow and white looking planet, I pilot the ship towards it still purely using willpower.

    It descends into the atmosphere and lands calmly in the centre of a yellow desert - scrub land. I jump out and see an insectoid thing the size of a dog with an oversized insect head. It crawls like a baby, except really fast, towards me. I back away as it charges me yelling "I come in peace!"

    Turning, I find myself in a white structure. The room is filled with... hot tubs. There are skeletons sitting in them. Er. Okay. "Hey, what's up? I come in peace and whatever..."

    The skeletons survey me with their empty eye sockets. They shiver and then jump out of the hot tubs holding brightly coloured plastic knives. Definitely not metal. Don't know of any lime-green or sky blue metal like that. They surround me, holding out the small knives. During the stand off, many of them shiver. The hot tubs must keep them warm.

    "Hey, why don't you get back in the tubs and I'll try and sort something out to make it warmer?"
    The skeletons seem to like this idea and put the knives away. I start to summon fire in my hands, and then try to think of how to raise the temperature of the whole room. The dream fades.

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