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    Spring Comp nights 1&2, TOTM Basic and Advanced

    by , 04-16-2017 at 11:30 AM (554 Views)
    Morning of 15/5/2017 - 7-8.10am
    There are small insects on a table in the corner of the room. I approach it and see an even smaller insect with a shell. It looks sort of like a preying mantis. The insects retreat as I get close to them. The table looks suspiciously like a motorbike tank, black and rounded edges. A gecko like creature crawls up from the leg of the table and it starts drumming claws on the tank and hissing agressively.

    This causes me to become lucid. I count to 10 and do a hand RC to confirm it, seeing my fingers growing and shrinking. Remembering my 3 step tasks I then phase through the wall into the street. Beyond is a village. I start flying down the streets. There is a building that looks like a tower. I manipulate it's appearance to turn into the famous London landmark Clock Tower - 'Big Ben'.

    After this I recall one of the tasks of the month and see a woman walking down the street. I point and yell 'Abracadabra!' at her. She screams and starts running. It didn't seem to have any particular effect so I shout again. This time her clothes change colour from blue to black. She runs out of sight.

    The other task of the month requires a dog, so I start searching for one. Finally spotting a small terrier tied up outside a shop I go over to it and untie it. 'Fetch!' I ask. It rolls over and plays dead.

    Well there are a few RL dogs that might be more obedient. I summon AB's sister's dogs by yelling their names. They show up and I pet them before asking them to 'Fetch.' They run off.

    In the meantime there is a fridge and I open it to see what there is to eat. Turns out there is a box with a block of butter and ice cream mix. It's tasty. Then, to entertain myself, I start singing a song to start some music and shortly after backing guitars and drums start, and vocals that are not mine.

    I call the dogs back but they do not return. Have to search for them... but there is no sign of them. I remember another task about finding a new species and look around. I see a street with a weird ruin type building at the end. Out of the ruin comes an animal that looks like a pig crossed with a dog, maybe a boxer. I decide to name this new animal a Pixer or maybe a Boxig. It has a pig tail but the face is a mashup of both pig and dog.

    Morning of 16/4/2017 6-7.30am
    In a computer game, something like Assassin's Creed. A Templar is running towards a tower that I am standing on. He tries to climb a ladder to reach me and I try to do a killing strike down. Instead the game glitches and he is stuck in the wall of the tower. The tower is now surrounded by archers. Arrows fly through the air from all directions.

    At this point I find a spellbook in my inventory which is called Fly. Sounds handy. I try to activate the spellbook and it swaps my assassin's outfit for multicoloured wizard robes.

    The dream skips to a pub. I am holding a cardboard box with a gap in the bottom covered in parcel tape. The barman refuses to lend me some tape to fix it. The whole box just falls apart into two pieces.

    I walk away through the pub still holding the broken box and become lucid. The place is filled with people chatting, drinking, a whole range of people including a hot blonde woman in heels. So I went and 'interacted' with her.
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      Solid start! Congrats! I'm imagining the Pixer looking like a failed science experiment.
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