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    1. Spring comp. TOTM Bonus (May)

      by , 05-01-2017 at 12:16 PM
      Dreams from 30/4/2017

      5.40- 7.10am

      Weird office. A woman is trying to set permissions on a set of files. I slide in a folder from the side of the touchscreen. She tells me to press the red button. My arm is now stuck down to the side of me and refuses to move. I try clicking a button, pretending to be holding the mouse, but it doesn't seem to work. It is toggling something else on the screen - a record button.

      The woman leans in, blocking the screen. I try putting on a pair of headphones and start hearing what sounds like a horror movie soundtrack.

      Later on I carry some purple curtains through the office and put them down. Things seem off. It's a dream. I touch the walls to stabilise/RC. The walls are rough, painted brick.

      Remembering the new TOTM bonus, I declare out loud that this room is in a tower of my mind. There will be an elevator behind me. Turning around there is now a door, but it leads to a bathroom. Another attempt and an elevator door appears. It is shut and there is no button to open it. I force my fingers into the tiny gap and prise it apart.

      Several other DCs join me in the shiny, mirrored, stainless steel interior of the lift. There are only two buttons, up or down. One goes to press the up button. "No. We're going to the lowest level." I command him. He steps back. The doors do not close but the elevator starts to move down.

      We pass through several different levels, including a scenic landscape and then others that are dark. Lower still. The lift stops at a scene of a construction site. Everyone steps out of the elevator and starts looking around. There are a few motorbikes riding around the half finished buildings and frames of others waiting to be built.

      I start flying over/ through the frame of what will be a large building. Further away a biker stops and a white van pulls up, blocking him in. A bunch of guys jump out and try to lift the bike into the van. I land and run over to them. They yell at me not to interfere, drawing guns.

      Fucking bike thieves... uncontrollable rage fills me. They try to shoot me. Easy to ignore. There is no pain, just anger. I grab the closest thief and throw him to the ground. Then I grab the motorbike, lift it with inhuman strength and throw it at another guy standing by the van. It crashes into him, pinning him to the ground.

      The other thieves try to grab me and hold me down. My pulse is racing and I am losing control. Realising this, I make an attempt to fly away and calm down, but wake up instead.

      7.30- 8.30am
      Don't recall the non-lucid part. Felt like a really long dream.

      Already lucid... I call down a bird that is flying in the sky. It looked small but when it lands on my head it is about the size of a cat! I transfer the bird to my hand. It is a large brown, fluffy, baby blackbird. It chirps at me and I move the bird to sit on my shoulder. (There is a baby blackbird with an injured wing in our back garden in RL. It will not fly. The neighbours' cat will probably kill it soon. Not much we can do.)

      Then there is a section inside a building... I climb up large steps and phase out of a window.

      Outside on the porch, a small helicopter is waiting. No pilot inside, so I climb in and take off. A woman climbs into the passenger side. It is rather cramped in here. We fly over a landscape filled with criss-crossing bridges with trains on them. There are other helicopters, some of them get very close to us. We narrowly avoid crashing with high speed trains. Finally I land in a street.

      A car nearly crashes into us. I shove it away into a building using super strength like the last dream. The family from inside the car get out and start following me around. Kind annoying. I couldn't really think what to do, so started looking around for ideas. The woman following me is dark skinned and beautiful.

      I start paying her some attention and kiss her, right in front of the guy who is presumably her husband. He doesn't seem to care. I ask her to perform a sexual act on me. At first there is a bit of communication error, but after some coaxing she gets the idea. However, it's not great. It is not long before I've lost interest.

      After this I start thinking about what to do next and remember the bonus TOTM, that I completed in the previous lucid, but decide to have another try. The woman follows me into a building and we get into an elevator. We go down in the elevator for a long time. "Is this it?" I ask, seeing only darkness outside.
      "This is only floor 16." Says a guy who just appeared in the elevator with us.

      I want to keep the dream going, realising that this has been a long dream and the beginning is already forgotten. Finally we step out into a street filled with houses with sold signs outside. People are standing in a crowd in the street. The unknown male DC talks about them being nazis and jews, trying to "sort the whole thing out." I think how unlikely that is.

      I start flying over the street and land in a market. They are selling a weird variety of stuff. One stall owner tells me they are all moving out, and need to get rid of things.
      lucid , task of the month
    2. Spring comp night 3, TOTM Basic II and Bonus

      by , 04-17-2017 at 02:38 PM
      Morning of 17/4/2017 6- 7.30am
      Typical motorbike dream, riding along country lanes. A guy rides past in the other direction with his jacket open and one of those modular helmets where the whole front panel flips up - also fully open. I continue riding but the motorbike is misbehaving. There isn't much power at all.

      I stop in a small village and see a black and blue sports bike in a car park. It is parked slightly on a slope. My own bike has vanished so I just climb onto the new one. First I have to sort out my helmet, which in the dream is a bright sky blue and has a sort of 'ninja mask' section at the bottom making the visor tiny, barely large enough to see through.

      This motorbike must be electric or something... the engine is completely quiet. Just up the road there is a crashed police motorbike and trailer. I pull over and spot the police officer in the middle of a field talking to a couple more people. They all seem fine and the officer waves that everything is okay.

      I start riding again and go around a corner, trying to shift up through the gears but finding the sensation really off. Wait. Well, this is a dream. I knew it already, but it suddenly occurs to me that I need to earn some points. But what was the next one in my 3 step task? Can't recall.

      I do some fast flying down the road to get into a town. There is a junction and a high street. People are walking along the pavements and next to a shop there is a small long haired dog tied to a lamp post. Recalling my previous failed attemtps at the TOTM I untie the dog and ask it to fetch. This time I keep talking to the dog - "fetch, c'mon, good dog, fetch it." The dog vanishes amongst the legs of the crowd but then returns. There is clearly something in it's mouth but it doesn't want to give it up. I have to hold the dog and try and gently open the jaws. A circular white thing, like an LED light, drops out.

      The nearby building seems to have a party going on inside. I decide to take a look and see people dancing. A girl starts pulling off her trousers and getting changed in the middle of the room. I stop and stare then try and make a move on her. She doesn't seem up for it. "Just a kiss then?" She stretches up and kisses me but doesn't really seem in the mood so I let her go.

      I try to think of other tasks and recall the bonus TOTM about flying into space and through a black hole. After phasing out through the wall I try to get to the sky, but it keeps being obscured by large plastic shapes. It starts to piss me off, so I start shouting at the dream about how easy it is to get to space. Why is the dream making this so difficult? Then straight away I am teleported into space. It is freezing cold. :shiver:

      It feels like being plunged into ice water. Well, I am only wearing boxers! Still, I try to tough it out, shivering, but trying to convince myself it is a dream and it is not cold at all. Instead I just close my eyes to end the scene and end up back on Earth.

      I recall my personal goal to try and split the sky to reveal the night. The sky is cloudy. Not that it matters. A woman with golden hair descends out of the thick clouds. She is holding what looks like an unconsious woman in her arms. Cool. "Hey, can you help me fly into space? Just hold on. One sec."

      Focusing on my goal I point a finger at the horizon and then lift it up, cutting through the sky. It dutifully splits the clouds and reveals the blackness of space and the stars. The two halves of the cloudy sky fall down to just above the horizon, so it is a mix of day and night at the same time.

      The golden haired woman takes my hand and we fly up towards the stars. It looks really cool. "Look for a black hole."

      We continue flying through space past galaxies and planets until a spinning circle of even darker black appears in front of us. We fly into the black hole and after passing through the stars around us are exploding like fireworks. Hanging in the blackness ahead of us is an enormous clear domino with the numbers one and seven on it's halves.
      lucid , task of the month
    3. TOTM Attempt - What does my avatar represent?

      by , 03-14-2017 at 04:58 PM
      Before 5am
      Night Crash
      I am driving my car at night. It is difficult to see. The headlights don't seem to work. There are several cars ahead, so following the lights of the car ahead is the only way to navigate the roads. I am wearing some kind of headband thing.

      Then suddenly I crash into a line of silver birch trees. None of the other cars stop and the road is dark and empty. I reverse the car out and then pull over at the side of the road.

      I am fighting a professional boxer. He is quiet a bit taller than me and way more muscular. He is wearing a black shirt with blood splatter on the back. My arms are tired. I can barely throw a punch but the adrenaline eventually loosens up my tired muscles. I get in a good shot, hitting him right in the face. The boxer grins.

      After the fight, which turned out to not be serious, we head to a kitchen and eat cake we find in the fridge. The cake is covered in super-sweet frosting.

      Bank Robbery
      -Starting taking a shower. The water seems to foam up and cover me in more soap rather than washing it off.

      A guy wearing a hoodie is causing trouble. I try to talk to him but he runs. Chasing him takes me outside of the building, and makes me lucid. I see a group of people and try to think of tasks and recall one of the TOTMs. "What does my avatar represent?" I ask one of them. They don't seem to understand the question and just shrug. I try a few more times but don't get an answer.

      I leave and start flying. One of the buildings nearby is a bank. There seems to be a robbery in progress. I find a selection of American bank notes in my pocket and spread them out on the roof of a nearby car, intending it as a distraction. Many people come running out of the bank to grab the cash, including the robbers.

      Inside the bank people are running around in a panic, meaning a much shorter line. I join the queue and flirt with an Asian woman standing at the back. She takes my hand and follows me through to the bank offices. The first room turns out to be a rather dirty bathroom. She looks disgusted, so we try the next room which is conveniently a bedroom.

      She starts unbuttoning her shirt and then does a strip tease for me. We start to have sex but after a short while she just vanishes completely. I try to summon her back. No luck. Meanwhile, a guy has snuck into the room and is trying to steal my clothes. Hey! I grab the front of his T-shirt and hurl him easily out of the window, smashing it.

      After packing my stuff into two rucksacks I try to fly out the window. It is awkward, holding two bags. I put them both on my back and head higher into the air, looking for the thief. Punching someone might be cathartic.

      Then I get sudden shaking sensations and a false awakening, lying in a bed in the attic room of my parents' house. The curtains are open with bright daylight shining in. I try to close the curtains but they are ripped. There is a rope hanging down from the eaves. I pull on it, wondering where it leads as this is already the attic. A small hatch opens in the roof showing a crawlspace above. At this point lucidity has faded, so I contemplate writing up my dreams and going back to sleep.
      lucid , task of the month
    4. TOTM full entries

      by , 02-20-2017 at 12:29 PM
      17/2/2017, Before 6.20am TOTM Basic II (Read a book titled secrets)
      (Very fragmented but think this was all one dream.)
      -In a room, art class? People drawing pictures. Pencil drawing of a bicycle, really good. I start to draw too and shade in uneven boxes trying to make a chessboard pattern.

      Then a group of people show up and open all the doors and windows. Then they get rid of the walls, and the room becomes very cold. An arctic storm moves in and howling cold wind fills the now completely outdoors classroom. I empty out an old plastic bread bag and put it on like a jacket! Anything to try and keep warm. Someone nearby jokes that it is Tesco cheap brand bread, and also that the bread has crumbs of cheese in it.

      -Having sex with AB. As we finish I realise, impossibly, my pants are still on... and now covered in stains. Yuck.

      -Watching a group of people outside a window, digging up a globe.

      I become lucid and recall one of the tasks of the month: Reading a book titled secrets. There is a bookshelf nearby so I grab a book off it. It is red, leatherbound, standard hardback size. It has no title. I run a finger across the cover and gold letters appear. It reads "secrets", as is my intention, but then the letters quickly change to Hebrew script. The pages inside the book are unreadable gibberish - it looks like text but doesn't make sense. Among the pages are greyscale pictures of a man, in anime style. The occasion word is readable, like a comic book they illustrate sounds rather than anything else - THUNK! WHHHHHRRR! POW! The book then morphs into a tablet and is showing an adventure game. I start playing along and notice how the story changes depending on which character you pick.

      -There was a man dressed as a warrior. He pulls a hat out of his robe and turns into a priest.

      18/2/2017 Before 7.08am - TOTM Advanced I & II (Change winter-> summer, invis cloak)

      I am on a lone survival mission in Africa. (Possibly MGS5 inspired, but I haven't played that in a while.) There are fields of tall grass - tall enough to conceal me, however, there are lions here. I see a lion cub playing and move away as there are larger lions headed this way.

      The grass ends abruptly at a 6ft wooden fence. I vault over it. Maybe this isn't Africa, but some kind of wildlife park. Beyond the lion enclosure is a formal garden - the type you'd find for a big house or palace. Small hedges section off flower beds. Gravel paths meander around. From above it is probably a geometric pattern.

      There are guards in the garden. They are armed. They move cautiously, searching carefully for signs of an intruder. Realising they are about to spot me, I run at the closest guard and attack him. The guard is surprsied. My arm goes around his neck and he struggles for breath as I throttle him. Another guard sees us and starts shooting. I use the guard as a human shield, then dodge and run for cover.

      I run blindly through the garden without a plan on where to go. A monstrous undead horse rears up in front of me. It's eyes are wide in fear. It is covered in blood and it's ribs are showing where the dead flesh is hanging off. Having no weapons, I try and karate chop it's head, but it's badly timed and turns into a slap. I jump out of the way as the horse tries to trample me.

      The scene fades out, possibly a micro-awakening.

      A group of people are having lunch around a wooden table. The ceiling is low and has oak beams. The overall impression is that of an old English pub. One of the people sitting nearby is NJ from work. Someone talks to her about taking a passenger on her Harley... wait, NJ doesn't ride a motorbike... I look out of the window and see a motorbike without a rider moving around in the car park. It looks like a HD Roadster. This has to be a dream.

      I pinch my nose to RC then jump out of the window and start flying. Beyond the beer garden is a vast landscape of grass, trees, and a river. I recall the TOTM about changing the weather. Well, needs to be winter first. I summon a snowstorm. Frosts and glaciers roll over everything, locking it all in ice. Everything is blue and white, the grass covered in thick frost. Then I revert it back to spring and the ice melts. The grass returns to a green colour and the sun comes out. Birds start tweeting and it feels like spring.

      Turning around I start flying over the town. I run and do large leaps between rooftops. What were the other tasks? Oh yes, invisibility cloak. Down in the street below some shadowy cloaked assassins are prowling. I reach behind my shoulders and mime pulling an invisibility cloak over myself. Then I drop down into the street and attack the assassins.

      They are surprised, but then learn to fight back because the cloak doesn't always fully cover my legs when I am jumping and kicking. So I back off, making sure I am fully invisible. They are on their guard, awaiting attack and unsure where I will strike next. I start making a fireball in my hands, mumbling words of a spell, then throw them. They try to dive out of the way as the fire appears from nowhere. After a few fireballs I awake.

      19/2/2017 - Before 6.40am Basic I attempt (ask for a waking task)

      My sister offers me a mint. I take one and somehow end up with four mints in my mouth. I try to remove the extra mints and they keep reappearing in my mouth. This makes me lucid. After a pinch nose RC, I try to phase through the window. It stretches like molten plastic but then finally lets me through.

      I fly around outside for a bit then remember the TOTM. There are two girls sunbathing on beach towels. I land near them.
      "So could you suggest a waking task of the month?"
      The women both sit up and adopt classic "thinking" poses - raising a finger to their cheeks and looking up and away into the sky. I sit down and get distracted, since they are both very attractive. I put my hand on the closest DC's leg...

      (She might have said something. I don't really recall. A different part of my brain had taken over at this point! )

      Anyway, some time later, the dream reforms in a house. I become lucid again. In one room a woman is sitting on a sofa. I ask her for a waking task to do. She asks for a cup of tea. I go through into a kitchen and put the kettle on. The woman follows me and starts complaining about "not having her stuff."

      False awakening. After leaving the bedroom the next room is a crowded office. Wait, this is still a dream. I am still feeling horny from earlier and try to summon a woman. A woman with long dark hair in knee high heeled boots walks past and heads into a bathroom. I follow her into a cubicle and yeah, end up having sex with her.

      19/2/2017 7-8.50am Chained lucids - More Basic I attempts

      Fingerprint Thief
      The dream starts in a school. My sister has tiny negatives of pictures - you know like back when cameras had a roll of film in them. I try to view them by holding them up right in front of my eye. There is a computer on the desk in front of me. While I am looking at the negatives the screen locks. Moving the mouse stops it, without requiring a password.

      Then TP claims to have a photo of me. I try to take the phone but realise he is trying to photograph my fingers on the screen - to steal my fingerprints??? We fight over the phone and I put him in an arm lock. He doesn't seem to care, or feel pain, as his arm comes close to breaking point. It should hurt. He completely ignores it and seems unconcerned when I threaten to break it.

      Feeling annoyed I leave the school. My sister follows, talking about how someone faked her death? There is a car park outside. We get to the car and I decide to ride home instead. There is a bicycle nearby, with Repsol motorbike farings on it! I take the bike and ride across a road, starting to do some stunts.

      I become lucid while riding and recall the TOTM and decide to try asking for a task again. Dad is standing on a nearby hill. I cycle up there and ask for a waking task.
      "Measure how fast a river goes up." He tells me.
      Um... what? Nevermind.

      I spend the rest of the lucid enjoying riding the bicycle and doing some jumps and wheelies. Also, I turn it into a motorbike and do some off roading.

      Gwenevere Infinity
      This one starts like a film, as a DO watching a queen take her place on an elaborate throne carved into a living tree. The queen has a partial face mask on, a human looking face. The rest of her face and body is made from clockwork. She is a steam-punk android, made from cogs and whiring gears.

      The android queen sits on the throne. Nearby DCs cry out "Hail, Queen Gwenevere Infinity!"

      Then a gunshot rings out. The queen slumps over, dead. She has been shot from behind the throne. My vision zooms past the tree-throne to see the assassin, who jumps into a car. There are three other conspirators in the car already.

      The car speeds off and then suddenly collides with a building. The driver's face goes into the steering wheel - no airbag. His nose is caved in and blood flies everywhere. Extremely graphic and gory. The passengers do not fare much better.

      Suddenly I am in the car and, shaking and covered in blood, I pull the door handle and crawl out into the road. There's a ringing in my ears. I'm in "attack mode" - adrenaline surging through me. False memory implies that there will be zombies. I grab a broken metal pipe to defend myself as blood soaked undead people charge at me.

      During the fight my awareness rises and makes me lucid without the need for an RC. After swinging the bar at the zombies' heads and smashing them up in true horor B-Movie style with "corn syrup" flying everywhere, I then run for it.

      Instead of a road I am now on a flat rooftop. A group of people are standing near the edge, holding hands - planning to jump? Dad is there again, reminding me of the TOTM again. "Hey, can you give me a waking task to do?"
      Dad thinks about it for a few moments.
      "How about... can you code a dungeon, heroically?"
      Uh, what?
      lucid , task of the month
    5. Glowing Candyfloss Portals

      by , 01-01-2017 at 03:22 PM
      I am in the world of Warcraft playing a new character. I am trying to get added to a guild but realise the guild leader will not recognise this character. The area looks like the centre of stormwind but the character is a Tauren (Horde) shaman called 9ig (pig)?

      Then the game forces me out. I am sitting at a computer desk with a small shuttle pc in front of me. I consider buying the latest Warcraft expanions to resume playing.

      Nearby there is a stone pillar and a large statue of a fish. It wiggles its eyebrows at me! Must be a dream right? I laugh and try to count my fingers.... eventually realising there are at least six fingers on each hand. This is a dream. In the distance there are red fireworks going off. They look like a hundred hands of red smoke reaching up into the sky then disappating. Wow.

      Remembering the bonus Totm I spin and try to teleport to Pandora. I arrive in an animated environment. There are people standing around tables set at the edge of a large room. Like an old banquet hall from a castle. Some of those animated women are kinda hot, but I stay focused on the task.

      I walk around the edge. Must get to the forest. Where is it? In a roo. Off the main hall a little child holding a floating glowing flower. Bioluminescence. Wow what's that? Where did you get it?
      "From the portal." The kid replies.

      I head back and see a set of steps leading down and then a window. Through the window a magical battle is taking place. I dive and phase through the window and start to chase the combatants. There are a group of them. One who is possibly the leader gets away.

      One guy is trying to steal a motorbike. Oh no you don't. I punch and kick him repeatedly. Then a kung fu panda shows up! The giant panda is spinning and doing impressive kicks. Not to be out-done while lucid, I do some back and do a full 360 spin kick that knocks the panda flying. Then I steal the motorbike and chase after the leader. I have some trouble with the bike so have to fake it.... making the noise to get it to move.

      Then the path leads to a scrapyard. There is a main office, one of those temporary buildings. I see the leader inside. He spots me and points through cracked glass windows.

      A forest with weird ice cream cone like portals are hanging in the air. They are plant like structures of red, white and pink plant fibres spun/grown together like candy floss. I phase through the glass into the forest to get a closer look and see hundreds of these glowing tree portals light up through the forest. It looks stunning. But then I wake up.
      lucid , task of the month
    6. Smash the Sky / Triss / Hollow Man

      by , 11-05-2016 at 12:50 PM
      4.10- 5.05
      Short LD "Smash the Sky"
      I am using a computer. The screen is mostly blue, like there is plastic over it. There are forums showing. I am trying to edit something and end up deleting the entire post. It occurs to me that this is a dream, and a nose pinch RC confirms it.

      The room is small and has a couple of windows looking out of the second story towards a street and other buildings. I try to fly through the closed window, phasing through it completely. I am now outside but the sky is a ceiling still. There is a patch of blue sky down the street, but wherever I fly to the ceiling just keeps reappearing.

      Finally I lose my temper and hulk out, letting out a roar of frustration and smashing head first into the solid ceiling. It shatters from the impact, lumps of masonry falling everywhere. Then it vanishes. I keep flying up into the sky until everything goes black. Then stars start to appear. The stars seem to gather together as I fly towards them, forming a galaxy. It fades before I can reach it.

      Short LD "Triss" WILD
      After waiting in the darkness for ages there are sudden screeching noises. Then violent vibrations start. Feels like an earthquake. I remind myself to stay calm. When everything goes quiet again, I do a nose pinch RC then stand up on the bed. Well, the task of the month requires a DC to show you a new method of dream control. So I stare at the door and imagine someone walking in.

      A red haired woman walks in. She is tall, slim, oh and distractingly pretty. It could be Triss Merigold from the Witcher games. Damn. Maybe I should have created some trousers first. I stand up as she walks to the bed but without me saying a thing she gets down on her knees...
      * the rest is censored *

      Probable false awakening. TR talking to a guy holding a D&D book.

      5.20- 6.40am
      Medium LD "Hollow Man"
      A bad guy is picking on children and painting their toys black. I try to stop him and we end up fighting. During the struggle I get hold of two of his fingers and bend them back. They should break, but he is apparently double jointed and this doesn't do anything to him. Nothing seems to hurt him. Eventually we call a truce. The main thing is, he isn't upsetting the kids any more.

      Later on there is a man sitting at a kitchen table eating half an apple pie with custard and ice cream. Mmmm one of my favourite desserts! I take the other half of the pie and put a big spoonful of custard on it. After the food is gone we switch off various fans and lights around the room.

      I head upstairs and find a bedroom. While I'm getting undressed several people enter the room and talk about pouring dettol on me "until it foams." Uhm. Really rather you didn't. I become lucid.

      I ask the DCs to show me a new method for dream control. They tell me to take a pen and draw a red cross on a tea-bag. Then put it on the floor, lie down and stare at the cross. Well this is all typically dumb, but I do it. While lying on the floor staring at the tea-bag with the cross on it, I suddenly fly backwards out of my body and become an astral projection.

      Or at least that's what I thought happened. It seems more like invisibility though, as my body has vanished. Two of the DCs start arguing about how they didn't follow the instructions right and now the transformation is irreversible. You what? I shove one of the guys and he goes flying into a glass set of shelves. It breaks. Glass flies everywhere but doesn't hurt me. He takes a shard of glass and uses it like a dagger, but he is unable to see me and flails wildly.

      Everyone else decides to leave. They run outside and get into a car. Still invisible, I jump into the back seat.
      Lost lucidity at some point, rest is best described as a false/semi lucid-dream. The road is blocked with parked cars and a van tries to run us off the road. The street is very narrow and when we reach the junction at the end, a digger the size of a house with a snow-plow shovel like thing on the front tries to shunt us out of the way.

      The road is now blocked with scrap - abandoned cars, metal poles. A bunch of DCs are starting to move things out of the street. The others from the car start to assist. I try to help, and get spotted by a girl with a camera. Hey, what happened to the invisibility?

      It turns out that digital cameras can pick up a faint trace of me, and she is using it to see where I am. We move into a house and a guy starts moving shelves around. I help him, while invisible, which freaks him out. He tells me to stop doing that.

      I walk into the next room and find it is filled with people from work. One of them looks at a payslip then leaves it lying on the side. I am tempted to look at it. Before I get the chance, someone attacks me. They are using cameras to track me. At first I just try to stay out of the way, but eventually lose my patience and start throwing the people across the room and smashing the place up.... and then wake.
      lucid , task of the month
    7. You've Got Blue On You

      by , 10-17-2016 at 10:54 AM
      ... I had an earlier dream in which I became lucid... involving Drax the destroyer and space ships and fighting and... can't remember any specific details. Dammit

      4.50am- 6.20am Medium LD
      Looks like a blue pen has exploded all over my white shirt. The droplets of ink are tiny and in a spray pattern down the right side. I am in an unusual office made of several rooms. An unfamiliar DC asks if a particular chair pays tax. What on Earth are you talking about? Why would a chair pay tax? I ignore the stupid question and get on with my work.

      On the desk is a notebook filled with pictures and cut out lines of printed text. There are names and captions for some of the pictures. Also, I can overhear a meeting going on in the room above. I try to drown it out by putting my headphones in. Hip hop music starts playing. I try to change the disc and realise the headphones aren't even connected to the player, but the music is directly in my ears not coming from the device.

      I start walking out of the office, down a long corridor piled with crates and boxes. The song lyrics mention Men in Black, and the whole place starts rocking like a moving train. At the end of the corridor there is a room with no doors or windows. In the roof is a closed hatch.

      As I lift the hatch up to escape the train, it occurs to me that this is all rather ridiculous. Must be a dream.

      I decide to do the task of the month and reach into the pockets of my trousers. Both hands emerge with some kind of wrapped spring roll type food. Neat. I eat both and find they are indeed duck spring rolls. Not really sure what to do next, I phase through the side of the train and find myself in a town centre.

      The area is brick paved and pedestrainised. People are strolling around and the street contains several shops. The closest one contains running gear. I start leaping over benches and the brick bases surrounding decorative trees. After a short bit of parkour, I wake up.
      lucid , task of the month
    8. Tank Rampage

      by , 02-05-2016 at 03:28 PM
      5/2/2016 (thu)

      Long LD 354 "Tank Rampage"
      The dream copies our ealier Thursday night tabletop session where we are making up characters for a new Star Wars Edge of Empire campaign. NH is there along with JK and a random guy and a girl. The room is also my bedroom. Having finished my character I lounge in bed listening to the others talking.

      In a micro dream I am in a Star Wars themed space port. They have weird model helicopters and boats stuck on the wall. I see some kind of rollercoaster build in to the buildings as well.

      The dream skips back to the earlier scene. Bedroom/Living room table.

      My model lego quinjet is right next to the pillow and I accidently break it by resting my head on it. Part of the wing falls off and the cockpit. I reattach the broken bits and find lego Han Solo has stolen the quinjet.

      Anyway Im desperate to sleep and suddenly hear AB in the next room, along with Star Wars mysic and assume she is watching The Force Awakens. I go ask her if she could turn the volume down a little. The music reduces in volume and I go back into the other room. The others pack up and leave, along with mysterious blonde girl.

      After lying down to sleep a false awakening happens. There are people back in the bedroom talking. Also there is a cat and a large grey wolf. I study them and become lucid. Recalling the TOTM I walk through the bedroom wall. It goes slightly black for a moment then I end up in a hospital corridor. It seems deserted. I walk along to some kind of foyer and see my parents sitting in the waiting room. I wave and then run and do some parkour over the packed waiting room benches to get outside.

      The car park has a chain fence running along it. I remember a personal goal to drive a tank through a city and decide this is a fence protecting an army base. I rip the fence down like its tin foil.

      Inside is a weird white building that reminds me of a mission setting from MGS V. There are guys in military uniform hanging around chatting on the balconies. Possibly they are off duty. I decide to avoid them and try to fly over the building, because there are explosions and some kind of battle going on on the far side.

      I try to use fast flying and after a slightly wobbly start launch up over the building. A battle is going on between several tanks. one looks like a small predator tank. I land on the roof, yank open the hatch and jump inside. Things switch to a first person view without any of the controls of the tank. Just as well cause Ive never been in a tabk and have no idea how to drive one. Instead it handles like a reasonably fast car. I head back towards town, following a road that is thinner than the tank but that doesnt matter. I see some vehicles and drive over them, smashing them up. And of course I fire the tanks main weapon off a few times in the direction of various buildings, watching them blow up in unrealistic Hollywood style. Vision goes a bit fuzzy and all visual sensations vanish but the feeling of movement continues.

      The dream attempts to trick me with a false awakening. Nope.

      I pinch my nose to confirm this is still a dream. The room looks bizarre anyway with stacks of orange boxes on shelves. The door leads into a hospital. Childrens ward. I quickly head through a few corridors to get out when a gorgeous red head catches my eye. Taking her hand I push into the closest room, which is a storeroom and filled with crap. I make a sweeping gesture to destroy it all.

      For a moment I hesitate, just staring at her. A weird false memory suggests she is a coworker. (Nope). Also she looks about 18, dressed in green hospital scrubs but she looks to have a great body hidden under those not-so-flattering clothes. She waits patiently until I move in for a kiss, and she reciprocates. I have trouble with my trousers and have to look down to work out how to get them off. She is now holding up a mirror, reflecting the view of my privates back at me. Uh. That looks a bit wrong. I look from the mirror to my dream body and back. The reflection is not me its um... significantly wider, but my dream body seems normal.

      On looking back up the mirror is now a laptop screen and the red haired woman is now inside the screen. Dammit. I try to enter the screen. "No! We'll be trapped!" she shouts. "You have to pull me out!"

      I try to reach into the screen and grab her hand but can't get through. Frowning I try to get her back into the room with willpower. Her face starts getting dragged into the screen, some horrific special effects that nake it look like her face is dissolving into sand. She is screaming. Shit this isnt supposed to happen!

      The scene fades. Can't leave things that!

      Its another false awakening. An RC confirms it. I yank open the bedroom door searching for the red haired girl. She is waiting on the other side. She smiles weakly as I pull her into a tight hug and start appologising for what happened. She seems fine so we start kissing again and I get her top off this time. I'm trying to focus on giving her a good time since I still feel guilty about the whole ripping her apart through the screen thing.

      I take my tshirt off and she looks at me with a slightly critical eye. Normally I wouldnt give a crap about my appearance but since this is about what she wants... "What?" I ask her.
      "Kinda skinny." She says, stroking a hand down my abs.
      "Ok, how about..."

      My usual dream method of bulking up is to pull in some deep breaths and make some wrestler poses. "Hrrrrrrr! Rrrrrrrh!" This makes her giggle but seems to have the right effect. She seems quite happy with my new muscular physique. Following this we start to have sex but I get the feeling it isnt what she really wants.

      We head outside to go flying. I take her hand and lift up into the sky. We head onto the roof of a tall building where there is loud music playing that seems familiar. I start rocking out and play air guitar. The girl is gone.

      I head through the streets searching for her and run into a couple of thugs armed with knives who decide to try and rob me. Bad plan. As the first goes to stab me I slow time for him giving me plenty of time to block the strike and turn the knife back on him. The other guy steps in and I repeat this until they both have a couple of nasty knife cuts.

      I wake up and consider trying to chain back in but think back on how long the dream has been and decide it might make me forget all this.
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