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    We all have parasites

    by , 07-20-2019 at 01:03 PM (179 Views)
    Before 5.50

    I leave an airport and get into a taxi that takes us to a holiday home far out in the countryside. Nothing but fields in all directions. House looks like an old farmhouse. We eat a big slab of steak or meat. Ab pleads with me to come back for Christmas, saying the flights would be really cheap. "Imagine all this covered in snow..."

    Later on we are sitting on a hillside. My friend points out a large bird flying high above us. The sky seems to be made of video screens whih change and flicker as this thing flies past them. Then the bird lands amongst us. It's man-sized. I try to take a photo of it. Then the bird turns into a monkey man with weird thick square sections of fur and bare skin around them. I comment on the fur and make some offhand comment about parasites before realising how offensive that would sound. To attempt to cover it over, I say I probably have parasites too. We all do.

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    1. HumbleDreamer's Avatar
      Don't you love it when you go to take a picture of something your dream and it doesn't work! LOL!
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