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    A Nocturnal Opus

    A selection of dreams from nights past.

    1. Fleeing into galaxydom and unmasking my in-dream egocentrism

      by , 12-15-2020 at 06:07 AM (A Nocturnal Opus)
      The inhabitants of a large intricate mansion are fleeing a malicious being. I notice him from an indoor balcony and feel that I am his primary target, although he is slowly stalking a terrified lady. Feeling scared, I instinctively levitate as high as I can, as fast I as can, ignoring any ceiling that might have been. I see the town quickly fade below me and space pass by me. As I rise towards safety, I also unintentionally grow larger proportionally with my altitude. It all happens so fast, I quickly have the size of the whole galaxy and feel that I have become the universe. I feel the weird dizziness through my whole body that reminds me of dream death experiences or WILD attempts. Surprisingly, the shock of the sensation does not wake me up. But, I worry that I don't know how to be a galaxy and fear that I might destroy the balance of the solar systems within me. I focus on positivity, trying to maintain the cohesiveness of all of space.

      I am human again, back in the town. There are working men talking, about me, I feel, but they are leaving me be for now, busy getting organized around the street intersection. Realizing the perceived threat might only be imagined by my drunk dream mind, I position myself unnaturally close to them to demonstrate to myself the absence of danger and their complete disregard for me. Like for the previous malicious being, it is me who invents their negativity toward myself, because otherwise, none of these entities have shown evidence of noticing me.

      I wake up to find out it's been exactly 5 minutes since my last alarm I snoozed.

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    2. Spellbee2ís Summer Competition Day 7 - Migration of Human and Apes

      by , 08-06-2016 at 05:36 PM (A Nocturnal Opus)
      Day 7 (16/08/06)

      Non-Lucid Dream 1
      I am standing in a river and I look at an ape jump into the pool. Behind me, a long row of humans are marching in the river and into the horizon. The ape struggles in the water and begins to drown so I pick him up. There is now a line of apes joining into the march as well. A blond woman starts laughing at the ape I saved for thinking he could swim (everyone else is walking). The ape is angry and wants to prove that he can swim. I try to tell him it is not worth it but he is stubborn. I follow him. Our line of humans and apes is now marching in the middle of the sea, no land can be seen in any direction. I swimming ape is struggling and we are moving further and further back in the line. I tell myself stubbornness will kill the ape and I should abandon him now if I want to keep up with the group and survive. But I am now holding onto his body to help him and we are now far behind the line. They soon disappear in the horizon of the sea and we are alone in the world. But we continue at our slow pace. We then arrive at a beach where the humans and apes are resting. I am relieved that we could catch up to them. There is an argument as we notice that we have been at this beach before and the Counselor the King sent with us is making us go in circles. I comment that if this goes on, the group will eventually walk into me and the stubborn ape. How funny would that be! The group laughs. We are now in the room and a deal has been done with the King's counselor (he looks evil, and wears clothes like Jafar from Aladdin minus the hat). Our leader is very happy because he planned a trap for the counscelor. Everyone leaves the room except the counselor, another man who owns the room now looking into a dresser and myself. I realize both him and I are wizards. We could put an end to this right now. I turn to the counscelor and see his earrings so I say "Earnings become snakes" trying to visualize his earrings becoming snakes so that they can choke and bite him. I feel very much like I would were I lucid and trying to do dream control. He looks at me calmly while I focus on the earring but nothing happens. He has a calm laugh and then twerks his head a little bit allowing a hidden earring to fall down into view. It's an earring in the shape of a snake. It is insinuated that because he already had a snake earring, my spell did not work. He then grabs me and tickles my neck vigorously and a snake bursts out of it waking me up in a startle.

      Non-Lucid Dream 2
      Everyone in a big room has their hands on their neighbors shoulders and everyone sorts of circles their body like they do in Avatar. I flirt with a girl but then she becomes creepy and knocks out friends that tell her to stop and she then knocks me out with a sphere to kidnap me.

      Non-Lucid Dream 3
      Inside a wooden cottage. Family is around. I go up to the second floor where I find a library and look at some books.

      3 non lucid dreams: 3 point
      Total: 3 points

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