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    A Nocturnal Opus

    17th Day of Spellbee's Spooky Competition

    by , 11-01-2016 at 12:24 AM (235 Views)
    10th day: 2 NLD
    11th day: 5 NLD
    12th day: 2 NLD
    13th day: 7 NLD
    14th day: 2 NLD
    15th day: 3 NLD
    16th day: 1 NLD

    17th DAY (16/10/31):

    5 NLD

    1 Lucid Dream:

    I'm in a vast and quite full storage room. The conclusion of this dream's story was reached, the police found a crate. I am free to leave, I slowly walk without a goal. I look around the room and see there were more people in the room than I thought. They are busy. I realize I am lucid dreaming, or dreaming? I forget which realization I had, but now the location has changed. I am in a mall and the closest thing is a woman. I touch her and intend her to touch back but she is not willing and leaves. I let her and grab chocolate cookies from a stand, cutting the line. I do this nonchalantly, aware that this kind of behavior usually brings about confrontation but I have no intention of this happening now so I don't care. I walk in a circle, looking around. People are shuffling, they know something isn't right, someone's stealing their food. I am eating my cookie; it tastes as you would expect. That's good. I hand out my last cookie to a guy. He takes it passively. I go back to the little food store, there are two entries separated by a thin wall, the upper half (above my head) is glass. I remember I have a goal to phase through a solid object. With little more thoughts I simply walk through it. I don't feel anything, the experience is only visual. I do it again. Same thing. I am happy because my last attempts have failed, even when I was only trying to pass through bars and I could literally just put my eyes between them but the bars would restrain the sides of my face. I go to explore the next room. The dream changes completely, and I reliably forget I am dreaming, though the dream is vivid. We are in a wooden boat I think. There are lots of people. I think the ship is sinking (doesn't look like a ship inside) It's really a wooden cage with complex structures. I am up a post and this is the only way out through a window. Everyone (except me) in this place has committed murder, including the kids. The bodies are here with us too. That's just the background knowledge though, and no one here is murderous, to the contrary, they are good-hearted and the bodies are being carried out calmly by their respective murderer so they can be given a proper burial. I help a kid carry his dead kid out into a ledge, the waves crashing against the ship below us.

    Thoughts: Tap on the back for phasing through a wall for the first time. I think I need to have a subtle stabilization ritual when I become lucid though because I don't hold on to it, I go fast, and lose it quickly.

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