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    A Nocturnal Opus

    22nd Day of Spellbee's Spooky Competition

    by , 11-05-2016 at 02:18 PM (222 Views)
    18th day: 2 NLDs
    19th: 8 NLDs
    20th: 5 NLDs
    21th: 3 NLDs

    22nd Day

    2 NLDS

    1 Lucid:

    Nothing is happening in the dream when I acquire lucidity, that is, there is no aim, no characters, no false dream memory, no story, barely any sensations. I enjoyed this part of the dream, though I forgot it. Instead of waiting for the dream, I took control and "created" my proprioception and sensation of touch and the movement of my body. The visuals were slow to follow. Now, I am in a small minimalist city, that is, the shape of streets and buildings are there but there is no detail and the colors are monochrome. The furthest thing I clearly remember, is pulling myself up in the air to fall back on an air ball of my creation and riding it around like the Last Airbender. I was disappointed that I couldn't see the air but didn't focus on that. I could feel the movement of it and of my body through the decor, which had the only quality of not being a repetitive landscape of cubes. The first vivid object flashed before me and disappeared in a tunnel street. It was a police car, white, yellow and blue. I drove my airball after it, the colors inside the tunnel were sharp with clear straighter borders. For the turns I would push off invisible air pockets that I created. Now, I could hear a garage door closing, and when I saw it, I knew that's where the police car went, it was as colorful as the rest of the tunnel and was halfway closed. I remembered my second step task was to make something appear in front of my eyes so I imagined a blue crate below the door to stop it. I failed and it closed quite abruptly. I pushed a button on the right and a normal sized door in the garage door opened. I walked through and after a turn, I joined the police man in a woman's bar. She was related to a victim of murder and would soon be a single mother. The officer offered her to come see his parents so she could have an idea of what it is to be a parent. I am sitting, disoriented. I remind myself I am dreaming, I feel how I am sitting, the visuals are dark. A girl sits beside me now or not really but she is taking control of a chat discussion, frustrated with my comments, she only allows her own. But I know even my comments are not truly mine, or only as much as her comments are mine. She's gone. I am walking, only walking, there is nothing else but maybe different hues of black. I am dreaming, I remind myself, I am walking. And I don't know, am I dreaming? or am I waking and maybe it's too late? I am dreaming, walking, waking. I am looking at my dream journal on Dreamviews. I originally thought I scored many control points for my lucid dream but realize that I only really qualify for elemental control though I felt control throughout the whole dream, too bad proprioception doesn't qualify for points. I wake up.

    Thoughts: I am quite happy with this lucid dream despite the lack of lucidity. I enjoyed my ability control the dream (my proprioception and movement) with no resistence though this dream was lacking in everything else. I also think this was a feat for me in retaining lucidity passed other DCs talking and me passively taking it in for a little bit.

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