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    A Nocturnal Opus

    8th Day of Spellbee's Spooky Competition

    by , 10-22-2016 at 04:16 PM (546 Views)
    1st - 3rd day.

    1 non lucid dream.

    I was very busy during those days and at night, I went to bed with the intent of a quality dreamless sleep... So not a great attitude for a lucid dreaming competition...

    4th day: 3 non lucids
    5th day: 4 non lucids
    6th day: 3 non lucids

    I am proud that I was able to have dream recall right after a period of voluntary no dream recall. Perhaps it is because I had little sleep then and this was compensation.

    7th day.

    3 non lucids

    1 lucid: Immigration

    The dream starts with a 18 year old boy rapping about immigration. The background is of the Eiffel Tower and it is flipping independently of him. The message of his rap is that people who come into the country should integrate to the new culture, otherwise they make the city an unpleasant place and the country folk who wanted to move to the city decide not to anymore. Now, I am looking across a street. I see the city. It is beautiful and the royal palace from an era long gone now still stand. The streets are busy with life and a few strong black horses are being ridden. I am with a brother. We are illegal immigrants. My brother leads me in the bushes (lots of tiny branches all crooked and no leaves). I don't understand why we came here if we need to hide and we can't even enjoy the city. Besides there are clear voices further in the bushes, we will be found. We are found. In the leafless forest, the mood is spooky. A third brother sneaks behind the soldiers that arrested us. He runs and jumps through the shrubbery. They know he's there and they run for him. He comes along a large creepy entrance to the ground. Two large wooden doors in a eerie forest. He hides inside but it's just a wide square room with no floor and equally large doors on the other side. He opens them to enter a same room. He is terrified but I am thrilled. Even in the context of the soldiers looking for us, we are free. Besides this is a dream. I abandon the brother, running deeper and deeper into the ground, feeling the freedom, the defiance from society. I enter a final room of the same theme. There are many mechanisms to open a next smaller door. I know because this is a dream, there is no real mechanism but I still push and pull on the levers and look at how they change where the camera is pointing at, a long eared dog.

    I enjoy this dream because in the past, I have had a lot of chase dreams, especially those in which I became lucid. In real life, I have a subtle social phobia, though I am social. I often feel like a stranger. But realizing this, I have been working on how I perceive myself in groups and now I favor the perspective that I belong within the groups that I am with. Since, I have not felt my social phobia and I have not been chased in dreams. This was the first chase dream since and what I notice is that I was not alone in running away. I had brothers and even before becoming lucid, despite the spooky theme, I felt free and exhilaration. This is quite a new and refreshing experience.

    8th day.

    3 non lucids

    1st lucid: No violence

    I am walking outside a school hallway. Though I just came from a University, this hallway is for elementary students. A small boy is very excited to talk to me. As we leave, a little girl is sad because she thought I would talk to her. I encourage for her to come with us outside and she does happily. The kids are talking to me just outside in the courtyard. But then a man with a long metal chain wants to whip at the kids face. I protest against that. Behind us, another man comes. He wants to beat up the bad guy. I also protest against that. Because of my protesting, the bad guy wins over the good guy. In the battle, I did tell the kids to run back into the school which they did. Now, it's just the two men and I, and the good guy is down. The bad guy turns toward me ready to whip me in the face. I don't want this. I swim up as I do in this type of event. This is a dream; I recognize my swimming up behavior which is a characteristic of how I act in dreams to flee danger. I come back down and visualize little friendly flame people in front of the bad guy and he disappears behind the new image, though I completely destroyed the vividness of this dream. Where did I get the inspiration for the flame people, well, I just copied an image I saw on the side of the dream. Copy Paste is useful. No, it's not plagiarism!

    These two dreams are separated by one of my non lucids, with a better mood.

    2nd lucid: Of Robot and Men

    I am in hallway I know I am in a dream so I just want to explore. A friend and I enter a room. He goes and explores on the right but I look at a table with three masks. A man further in the room, out of sight, sends a headless/faceless robot in. The dream insinuates that they are bad. I don't care and don't follow that story. The "bad" robot wants to choose a face and I pick one up for him from the table. I watch him place it on his neck structure. I follow it back to the controlling man. The "bad" man is big (in the sense of fat but he wears it well) and he has a beard. He gives me a 3D puzzle of a DNA molecule with many pieces and they don't hold. I struggle to keep it intact. This is a dream, if I need it, I can rebuild it anytime so I just drop it into non-existence and follow the man and his robot. We are following a path in the woods and I am in awe with the vividness. Even, I look at the man. He emanates leadership and I feel a desire to serve him. This strong feeling passes after a little bit and we reach a beach. The dream now becomes narrative and explains that I and another girl were found by this man in the ocean and everything about him was creepy (parts of his body were sea animal parts) and he would have killed us if another boat man hadn't stopped to chat us up. This part of the dream is cartoonish.

    Again, tonight, I think it is worth noting for me, that though there are antagonists, the conflict isn't of "me against the world, or me against a conspiracy". Rather, I always have people at my side, a "good guy" appears in both dreams, I am accompanied by friends, and I actually deal well with the threat, emotionally that is.

    Now, I feel like interpretating some elements of the dream (though I don't believe in this). I like the idea that the DNA molecules represents my identity and that I didn't even care to struggle keeping it in place, that if I needed it, I could just get it whenever. Also, it is worth mentioning that in these lucids, I had no real life memories. Before going to bed, I had the intention of meeting up with Dream Pirate (a dream character from a dream long past) and be part of his crew. I could imagine that this big bearded man was the Dream Pirate (as the dream then describes him as a terrible man which roams the sea with sea animals for body parts). My intense desire to serve him could be my dream goal intention to serve the Dream Pirate on his ship. Intriguing. This was my first experience of feeling the desire to serve someone.

    A last remark is how different my lucid dreams feel from the lucid dreams I had before. Before, my lucid dreams were characterized by: a shocking realization that I was dreaming, the breaking down of the dream, being chased or punished for lucid dreaming, gluttony and lust. And also vividness and awe. Now, the realization that I am lucid dreaming is very subtle, I simply follow the dream and the dream doesn't break up and no one confronts me. I still have moments of awe. But I have not been glutinous or lustful of recent. Something that is more apparent is how I manage my emotions. Any stress that arise, I calm down. I think the reason there is a big contrast between the earlier shocking realization that I am lucid dreaming and the newer subtle realization that I am dreaming is that my intent before I go asleep has changed. I no longer intend to "lucid dream", I intend to "be aware during my dream". In the dream, instead of getting all emotional that I succeeded to lucid dream and act like in a lucid dream, I act like in a dream and deal with my emotions and actions. There is no difference in the essence of a non lucid dream and the lucid dream, they are both a dream. The difference is my awareness. I would say my new lucid dreams are so different then before that I didn't even plan to count them as lucids at first, but realizing that they are lucid dreams, I think, will help me greatly on my path of mastering dreaming.
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    1. AndresLD's Avatar
      Very interesting dreams, and excellent discussion at the end. May I ask, have you read ETWOLD recently? Some of the elements in your dreams are very reminiscent of LaBerge's discussion on dreams. For example, the way that you (it seems) have addressed your slight social phobia in dreams. Also how you deal with "enemies" in a non-confrontational dream (very contrasting with my dreams ).

      There is no difference in the essence of a non lucid dream and the lucid dream, they are both a dream.
      This really captivated my attention; as I finished reading ETWOLD a couple of weeks ago, one of the phrases that really stuck with me is the Tibetan mindset that "everything is off the essence of dreams" or something along those lines; a phrase that I find myself analyzing throughout the day.
      I think you have motivated me to discuss and analyze my dreams now .

      Keep up the good work!
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    2. Occipitalred's Avatar
      Thanks, and no, I have never read ETWOLD, though I am thinking I should read it soon. For dream interpretation, what I find most useful is to take things literally, and to focus on how you feel and how you react, rather than to try to interpret the presence of random objects in the dream.
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    3. AndresLD's Avatar
      Thanks, and no, I have never read ETWOLD, though I am thinking I should read it soon. For dream interpretation, what I find most useful is to take things literally, and to focus on how you feel and how you react, rather than to try to interpret the presence of random objects in the dream.
      You definitely should! The first time I attempted to read it I was more interested in the induction techniques (which, for the most part, I find to be a little outdated, except the MILD one). But this time I was far more interested in his description of how dreaming and lucid dreaming can be applied to other areas in one's life. Definitely recommend it!
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    4. Occipitalred's Avatar
      Will read within the year!
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