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    A Nocturnal Opus

    9th Day of Spellbee's Spooky Competition

    by , 10-23-2016 at 02:59 PM (220 Views)
    9th day

    2 non lucids

    1 lucid: The dinosaur forest

    I am in the forest with my family. Next to me are my father and brother. I point out giant eggs on the side of the path. I wonder if they are ostriches egg but no, they are way too huge for that (half a grown man in height). I tell my brother and father there must be dinosaurs in this forest. I continue on the path to my mother and younger brother. They are talking very loud. I tell them to lower the volume or they will attract the dinosaurs. Further on the path, there is an elevated clearing where all the dinosaurs stay during the day (though I can't see it) but at that moment, one comes running out into the path. It's a T-rex half the size. The only solution I find to save everyone is to make everyone fly up into the sky. Flying to avoid danger is my dream sign so I know I am dreaming now. And everything is gone, I am simply in the sky and now there's a woman hanging onto me. She is scared to fall but I reassure her and then... sexual stuff. At times she starts falling tugging at my body or we are falling too fast and I have to stabilize the flying. When I reach the ground, she is gone.

    I count this as the same dream but it might not be, I don't know. I am sacrificing rats for science. I have a knife and I stopped. I'm told I have to finish. There are 3 left. I say night has arrived and there is no more light. Then, go outside, I am told. I walk the dear to be sacrificed outside. I walk to the dinosaur forest, pulling the dear by the right antler. I sit the dear in the darkness of the forest. The mood is calm. I look into the woods to see if there are any dinosaurs; they are in the forest at night. I can't see but being focused on my environment, I realize I am dreaming. There are two men I cannot see in the darkness where I am looking. They shoot a few arrows at us. It bothers me. I imagine snow, and can feel I am knee-deep in it, though it is not cold. The teleportation has removed even more of the background so I ignore it and focus on the task at hand with the dear. The dear stands and speaks up. The dream becomes screen mode, and I am to choose among a few options, how has the fact that the dear spoke changed the morality of sacrificing it and whether I should continue. I know the dear is not real so I think it doesn't change anything. In this different mode though, I don't feel self-aware.

    Commentary: I realize my lucidity (esp. the self-awareness dimension) has difficulty persisting past transitions, and especially narrative or screen modes. I am more likely to be lucid if I have a body. My dream yesterday with the brother running away from soldiers was the first dream where I gained lucidity while being a bodiless observer, I think. I am confident that I will learn to recognize this in dreams as I progress, though. Also, I am lacking a lot on the memory dimension of lucidity. When lucid, I simply act in the moment, with my dream knowledge, but I don't remember my goals or who I am outside of the dream. This is my new mantra: "Memory in the dream. Memory of the dream". The former is an intention to have access to memory in dreams. The latter is an intention to store the memory of the dream so I can access it when I wake up.
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