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    A Nocturnal Opus

    Robot Industry

    by , 01-29-2017 at 12:46 AM (268 Views)
    I am in my bedroom and a woman beside my bed is naked and watching porn. I'm only observing the scene, and sitting down myself on the carpet. I start brushing my foot along her leg, it's hairy, as if she never shaved in her lifetime. I continue to softly trace my foot from her ankle to her buttocks. She's ignoring my attempt at flirting. So I simply speak out to her and suggest we do the real deed instead of her watching her porn. I feel very calm at that moment, and I am aware it is a dream. She accepts but under the condition we listen to a specific song. The dream becomes less fluid; the scenes are broken and my lucidity leaves, there is still a feeling of serenity as she get's all tangled in the bed sheets and I clumsily try to get earplugs to reach us in the bed. Then images of naked woman just flash by in my vision holding their breasts.

    I am a boy in a futuristic retro style period, following my father outside the business we are involved with. My false dad wants to help escort a very important woman into the building with two men but he is denied because he is not as handsome as them and that type of image is important for the business. I enter the building with my father, followed by a reporter. My dad shoos him away and drags me away, but the reporter is persistent and I sneak away with him. We run so my dad can't find us, we go down a hall and into a wet dirty public shower. Though it is a dark place, I still feel calm, simply surprised I remember the place, perhaps from another dream. To further hide, I see the small room is like a hole in the floor of a bigger room; we climb to the bigger room. It is very clean. Though still dark, there are bright greens and blues on the surfaces, much like tiny tiles. It is implied that this is the server room for the business. The reporter is about to interview me, but a guard comes about. We hide. I am in a dark corner, but the guard has a flashlight. In that in moment, I feel so good, against the wall. I know this is a dream and judge that the sensations are very vivid. At that moment, the guard points his light on the ground near me and uncovers my foot tracks; I realize my shoes were dirty from the shower room. I jump out right as he points his beam in my corner. I run back into the hallways of the business, but now as a man my own age. Walking, I pass by all good looking people. The women are robots with "Jacobs" brand on tattooed on the sole of their feet. I understand we are in the sexy women robots business. The next room, our best employee, a mature woman with red dyed hair is styling a woman robot's hair.

    Suddenly, I am at my old workplace where we worked with kids. Everyone is working on pushing a tractor around. I stop it before it hits the wall. I just observe the dynamism and reflect on how I miss this place. I feel happy and decide that I will come back. (When, I woke up, I remembered this was a teenager job, and no, I won't come back, but I can find some volunteer thing to do with kids). Anyways, I proceed to walk along a path with trees on each sides. People from the forest are hissing like vampires. I am in a good mood and don't play along with the dream scenario of vampires. I just hiss back playfully. The people around me make mocking remarks towards my abnormal behavior. I don't care, I'm happy.

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