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    Spellbee Summer Comp - Day 15 - Responsibility

    by , 09-16-2017 at 03:28 PM (259 Views)
    Day 13 dream - I flirt with a girl and she flirts back. Eventually, she is asking me serious questions, for example, do I cook? I say no and feel shame. I ask if its a deal breaker. She says no as long as I am responsible.

    Day 14 dream - I need to write my own reference letter because my language is different. I write about my weaknesses and strengths.

    Day 15

    Dream 1.
    We are located in a house. I am with youth. A man comes to talk to me. There is a dispute between the youth and the group residing in the neighbor house which is accessible through an unlocked door in our house's wall. The man is telling me I will be made accountable for the conflict unless I have an excuse for being in this house. I see the stone of the basement wall, and other stones all around us. I look at the man and excitedly tell him I want to become a sculptor. There's lots of material to do that here. That will be my excuse; I come here to sculpt. And now, there are already beautiful stone sculptures around the room.

    Dream 2.
    I am aware that I am asleep. I am disappointed there is no dream though. Everything is white though it doesn't feel bright. It's white but as if it were actually black. I decide to create a dream, but there are no visuals at all to inspire me so I just create gravity and throw myself at it. I fall rapidly in emptiness, feeling the pull and the speed. As I fall, I reach out with my legs and arms and where I touch and beyond a dream forms, at first, just outlines. Then there was a short dream where I was not lucid but I forgot it before I wrote this down... But then I just remembered after posting. I ended up walking on my hands above a train track and above my father. He was out of character and violent. I didn't understand but didn't avoid him.

    Dream 3.
    I am at work, working, though I have to wait for now so I am doing something else, studying. My boss catches me and tells me I can't study on the job, so I am supervised in my next project by her and a few people. I work with them assembling the complicated nonsensical setup I am assigned with. At one part, I need to remove a connecting band made of pita bread. I cover it with cheese spread and eat it though I don't like it. We are then hiring new people to take care of the kitchen and sleeping facility.

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