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    A Nocturnal Opus

    Spellbee2ís Summer Competition Day 5 - Games and Fits

    by , 08-04-2016 at 12:43 PM (181 Views)
    Day 5 (16/08/04)

    Non-Lucid Dream fragment 1
    Thinking, my room is clean, hotels should vacuum.

    Non-Lucid Dream fragment 2
    Leaving home to walk outside. The difference from real life are bouquet of long tall stalks with pink flowers on top.

    Non-Lucid Dream fragment 3
    I was looking into a 3D game. I had to make a character travel through levels which allowed it to get an updated room in a pyramid-like castle.

    Non-Lucid Dream 1
    I am at work but with different people. Someone asks me what I do specifically and give a really good explanation to waking life standards. Then, our bosses have a conference where they say our ideas have been dormant for too long and people are catching up. We need to do something to keep the credit of our ideas. They are all old and at some time they start to say things like "always listen to Regina!" and "Regina is my Jesus." I follow the woman that was the main speaker and we have a discussion. Meanwhile, I wonder if it would be worth it to be a spy and give their ideas to the competition but I don't think so.

    Non-Lucid Dream 2
    I am looking for something with someone. There is a hallway where the ground is a path in the grass. Shoes are aligned on the side. When I find mine, the top flappy part of the shoe below the laces is missing. It's the same with all the other shoes. It was the security guy that did it when he was vacuuming the premises after hours. I enter the room with grass floor and unhook 3 crosses from the wall in a fit of rage that he would think he could destroy everyone's shoes. While unhooking the crosses, I wonder if there is any more seriousness to my act because they are religious ornaments. I then look around to see if there is a camera, not expecting it because this is not a high end place. But there is one on the ceiling. I get over it and leave. Someone presents me to their friend down a flight of stairs.

    Non-Lucid Dream 3
    This dream starts with people at a beach swimming until two girls start showing off their synchronized swimming skills. Then, it is a two floor swimming pool room, and from a second floor, I need to maneuver between a 3D platform parcour avoiding synchronized swimmers.

    3 non lucid dream fragments: 1.5 point
    3 non lucid dreams: 3 point
    Total: 4.5 point

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