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    A Nocturnal Opus

    Spellbee2ís Summer Competition Day 5 - Wandering

    by , 08-03-2016 at 12:44 PM (185 Views)
    Day 5 (16/08/03)

    Non-Lucid Dream 1
    Involves people and I running around a building to witness some event and then run away not to be caught. Level 0 Lucidity happens where I use teleportation to appear further down the hallway and escape easily. A small boy arrives to a big crowd gathered around a hotel room. The boy circles to the side into a restaurant and comes into the bedroom through that side. Inside there are police officers arresting a couple for trying to give a cursed box to someone. They warn that if they are stopped from giving the box, something terrible will happen, and that they did not choose this.

    Non-Lucid Dream 2
    Walking the streets of a dark city with family and relatives. Two old senile women drive tiny purple egg-shaped cars. They can't drive properly and cause lots of road rage. Everyone from my group goes motorcycling but I don't go because I don't have a permit. Instead I think I fly and climb down a crane's rope into a dumpster.

    Non-Lucid Dream 3
    A coworker brings me to have lunch somewhere a walk away from work but they only serve desert, so I grab a shirt I left in the ice cream dispenser and decide not to order anything.

    3 non lucid dreams: 3 point
    Total: 3 points

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