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    1. Having a child and then facing an upcoming end of all life on Earth scenario

      by , 02-26-2023 at 11:23 PM
      I dreamt of meeting a child, still a baby, that would end up being my child. I've never planned on having kids and it was a pretty pleasant dream.

      Then I had a dream about being in school and getting pulled aside with a couple of other kids and a teacher told us about a pack of comets that were on course to hit the earth towards the end of the year. The dream felt rather real. I recall then seeing what some of the older kids in the school were being shown and it was no-where near the level of truth I'd been shown, basically blowing it off. I remember seeing with others, some things burning through the atmosphere and the sky starting to fizzle as they did.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. cube cave

      by , 08-12-2014 at 09:23 AM
      the last dream before waking up, the only one i could recall, was one that I remember finding myself at the top of a rocky sliding path with water runing through itthat ended, opening up into the cave, it was cube shaped, a bit open. I rode the natural water slide until i found myself going over the edge and and landing in a yellow tarp that I continued to slide down until I was in the water.

      At the bottom was water, to one side a wooden dock with a few shacks against the wall of the cave.

      I got out of the water feeling like something was lurking in the water.

      I got to the top of the cave somehow and as i was looking down I thought of a game that would be fun, and then like text appears like im playing a game, nothing i can read but its like the admin is speaking saying that we would just do a round since no one else was joining. I jump down in the water and all of a sudden i can see a massive shark coming up, I jump onto the dock again, and the water is rising this time. Just as i jump for a shack the shark smashes through the dock and is right at the edge of the roof of the shack.

      and i woke up
      Tags: cave, game, shark
    3. reentry 2

      by , 08-06-2014 at 09:50 PM
      cannot remember the driving segment

      But i do recall the last dream where I was with a group apparently fighting another, it all seemed rather game style in the lack of real urgency, kind of something like Rust or WarZ/Infestation, where you can group up/fight other people in an open world game. I remember calling out to the group we followed into a building, ended up deciding to try and be peaceful,

      I remember stepping out through a window onto a roof meeting 2 others, I was with another who i cannot remember the detail of. I had my gun down, but one of them saw fit to keep a laser on my head, they even closed the distance and kept their aim right on me..... their eyes wide, serious.... it was a bit much and I just lost all sense of safety, like at any second they could pull the trigger and end me..... so i quickly shot the one aimed with laser down, i think the other took off.
      Tags: game, gun
    4. re entry

      by , 08-05-2014 at 09:35 PM
      seeing if i can get my recall back up again so i can once again reach for lucidity

      Most I remember for my dream last night was going on a long drive, somewhere to northern central united states, my mom randomly joined me, which is nice cause I've not seen her in years. I guess she was going to do a rest of the drive, I calmly grabbed the wheel though and gave it a jerk as to cause her door to shut because her dream character just left it open for some reason when she began driving

      Wasn't much else I recall after that.

      @_@ watched my cat die the other day.... really sucked, hope I get to see her alongside my duck sometime soon in my dreams
    5. meeting a shapeshifter

      by , 08-28-2013 at 10:12 PM
      First dream was of me parking my car on a pizza delivery and getting some ticket, ended up meeting who gave me the ticket, asked em if they could do anything about it cause i already have registration and smog to do for it... couldn't afford a couple hundred bucks, then he said its was actually 5000 which made my jaw drop. He ended up saying he would see what he could do to get it dropped.

      I woke up, went back to sleep

      I woke in my room at night, went to go outside, and i noticed one of the cats we feed was chasing a tiny little deer.

      I was talking calmy to it once it was stopped ontop of the brick wall, having not seen any deer here in the city i found it odd. As i kept talking "hi, how are you" blah blah blah, it suddenly turned into this beautiful dark skinned lass. I was flabberghasted, cant recall much of the dialogue other than me asking if she would like to joing me in smoking a bowl of some herb, to which she said she would like. I came back outside and i guess one of my friends who was staying over followed me out. I noticed this huge fat cat sitting in one of the chairs. My friend asked about the cat and where it came from I kind of jsut mouthed to him "thats a person : o"

      Woke up before we could share that bowl of herb x.x
    6. Got to go back to the beatiful Town, the beach particularly.

      by , 08-10-2013 at 11:10 PM
      So I was back at this beautiful city I come upon in my dreams occasionally.

      I was back at the beach this time (like my 4th dream of this place over the past year or more). It seemed to be a lil further down the beach.

      First thing I see right at the edge of the water is a fkin huge fin just go back and forth and submerge, then one even closer. Brain decides hit must be a drop-off, no way a fin that big could belong to anything that could hide in that shallow of water without it not being.

      Then this guy pops up right inbetween where I saw fins, and I realize/decide it must of been the fins he was wearing. I thought sharks because the last time I was at this place..... you can see little ones all over the place in the clear water and occasionally a real big one.

      I mention to the guy how I mistook his snorkel fins for shark fins. He starts talkin about how there are a few big ones down there, talking about a thousand to 1500 feet depth. Whic his like.... impossible. Anyway he says he had to hide a for a bit when one cut off his route back and that he had to wait for it to be clear.

      I was like flabberghasted hearing this because... in the back of my head I recognize the place as one from my dreams. He had already continued on his way, seeming to be done diving.

      I look back at the beach. Its a smaller one than the one up the coast, this side seems to be an easy 500 yards long, coming to the end of the coast before it begins wrapping back towards the other direction.

      Seperating the two beaches is this Mountains bit of sand, hundreds of feet up, rather steep looking also.

      Looking back at the water I can see several women in their bathing suits on this raised bit of sand out in the water, still close to the shore, but probably some thigh deep waters between it and the mound of sand. What was odder far out in the distance..... was polar bears? on like... an iceberg. For some reason I think they were chained up, but they were pretty far out there.

      Wokeup/went to a different dream before I could got exploring some more of the beach/town.
    7. lucid flying attempt

      by , 04-30-2013 at 03:27 AM
      I recall thinking whether or not i should jump out this window and try to fly.... i took the risk and kinda.... glided .

      Could feel it that I was dreaming.

      It feels like..... a deep sigh of relaxation
    8. Old - Samurai Battles

      by , 04-11-2013 at 12:16 AM
      I recall one of my more real fights ( i had speed but no other real ability over the enemies and I recall being actually cut and taking flying sharp objects to the body).

      The first memory, had I typed it down the morning of would of been a lil more detailed ( i may have it in a journal), I recall this long hall, maybe like 17 feet wide, just long as shit. Just remember having a pack of those I was with behind me as I was going from side to side in the hallway trying to close the space between me and the enemy, a group of about equal size. I recall taking needles to the body and a couple shuriken later on as I would try and move from side to side.

      Eventually it boiled down to 3, me and 2 against the others last 2. *** there was a final little bit, im sure one of those with me was felled at which I think I just went for killing blows on the last two, taking a slice to my calf and to my abdomen, but I think taking the last two of them, would hope so XD.

      I've had a few glimpses of battles before they were about to start, it would be dark, foggy. I'd see torches, people on horsebacks, standing guard infront of their structures.

      Really wonder if i've already participated with others in some of my dreams.
    9. Movement

      by , 03-25-2013 at 01:56 AM
      I'm helping someone/ some people. More driving and dark structures.

      I think 2 of us overpowered some dude.

      He was the slow moving high endurance hard hitting type guy, looked like he could of been slower, but that didn't stop him from constantly getting up.

      It was weird, in that he seemed more than some conjured up dream character. I just remember me and some other person confronting/being confronted by this man. I recall a lot of us seemingly trying to get away (ended up backtracking pasted a barricade.... zombies, had a bit of an "oh yeah there were zombies over here" I turned, and relocked up XD.

      Most I can recall of the fight, was I was running up to assist whoever it was helping against this foe, and the guy just like backhanding me with a left and sending my shit across the room.

      It got kinda weird when I thought to spawn myself a good ol katana, (faintly remember seeing a menu of sorts) when i went to look up at the guy again... for some reason he had the katana and I was still without weapon.

      So now this strong guys has my sword... great. So I decided to call it spot on and just dashed at em and tackled/drop kicked him or somethin, with me and him now on the ground, the other dreamer/Dc that was helping me picked up the katana and stuck our enemy with it.

      I'd been sleeping through the day already so after that I got up.

    10. First dream recall after a few busy weeks

      by , 08-28-2012 at 10:49 PM
      Guess mine is back, wasn't to surprised it wasthis morning though, past couple days i only got like 5 hours of sleep each night. Been getting up in the morning with my bf to drop him off at his new job at red zoidburg (lobster XD). I knew this morning if i went back to sleep after dropping him off.... I was gonna dream. Lately I will note i've been keeping the "recalling backwards" in my mind to do to help me to get to sleep, and also trying to remember to not movewhen I wake up so I can retain the dream.

      To the dream though before I lose all of it.

      Well I know I'm apart of what I'm starting to think has been on continuous fight.

      The scene that was just so crazy epic that I couldn't forget was the exit scene........which now come to think of i just had a spontaneous idea.... which maybe the reason for it and im just remembering now but..... the whole recalling your day backwards.... don't suppose that could increase our ability to remember our dreams backwards too? Sometimes thats theway they comeback to me if all i have is the bit before i just woke up.....(i ask because I just thoughtabout it like that and recalled a little more)

      So... end scene, one of the top floors of another highrise.... exiting an elevator, I take off straight towards a window and smash through it going several feet out before opening a parachute (reminded me of battlefield to be honest) and floatingdown into obscurity as I woke up.

      Beforethat.... I just rememberrunningdown some tunnelwith my mate and him notbeing in the elevatorwhen I took it up.

      There are a few blurredmoments of dialogue I cannot recallbut.... it is certainly starting to feel like some Umbrella kind of shit XD
    11. something in canada

      by , 08-03-2012 at 08:11 PM
      was riding north on a train with the plans to fly back once i got to my destination way up north.
    12. Where I was heading?

      by , 08-01-2012 at 09:42 PM
      I found myself moving as fast as ever.

      After some good driving, going to a movie or so.... eventually I was on the move again.

      The undead or with me in this dream and those that inhabit it as well. Maybe this building was a "safe" area idk but....

      They were the good scientist types having been made evil. A metal friend has been upgraded after being twisted, his body now stronger and heavier than ever, queen bitch twisted more than one would imagine and she was about to have me and 5 others "interrogated".

      They wanted to de-mask a bunch of super heroes apparently before making them science experiments n good stuff so.... as a guy walked up to inject one us with some syrum to help make the process easier..... I taunted him into doing me first.

      Was a bad idea for all of them. The moment the needle went into my skin all hell broke loose, my voice from inside rose.... shaking the foundations as power flooded my body, echoing out through my mouth as I broke my bonds.... my speed faster than ever as I flew at the woman running the show..... i grabbed her as i was moving forward through the air, taking her off the top ledge into the open center area of the highrise, falling with me I swung to the side off of a cable i'd grab, flinging her through glass goodness before swinging back up to the roof. There I fought with the metal friend, now fiend.

      I wasn't gonna beat him so.... i knocked him down for as long as possible to get the other people out, once they were out, they all took their on respective leaves; jumping off the building, flying.... I followed the couple that went for the longer route; the stairs. As we headed down not much was there to stop us except for my fiendish friend. Hearing him move through the stairwell until crushing me into a wall. I was done fighting him... it was time to show him his weakness.

      That same speed came, a few punches became a torrent of them each one pushing him further back till i pop down and sweep hard, his weight once again taking him down to his ass.

      "you are to heavy, you will never defeat me" BLAM punch to metal face (looks human all metal underneath "But if you wanna get up again so I can topple your slow ass again, go for it" then off back down the stairs i go before I find myself outside again

      I head to some "home" of mine to which I remove the undead that had been inside. Some bandits come and try to fck with my shit, they corner me up stairs in a room. So I pop out the window, go through one on the first floor and come from behind em with a crow bar and pretty much murder them all n toss em through the window into the street out back like the zombies before.

      Then all of a sudden its like.... i'm cleaning and..... some guy is there to rent the room " one second " i say as i finish the bathroom.

      And... yeah thaz it Was sick getting to that scene at the top of the building, saved some super heroes while getting to go super fast/angry mode X3

      There was a lot of filler up to last night, so i just went back to bed and got this nice little gem.

      Hope everything in my dreams is coming to a head, would be very cool
      Tags: bandit, fight, hero, zombie
    13. Lately

      by , 08-01-2012 at 10:30 AM
      Been coming to these tracks, sneaking in between buildings that line near by railroad tracks and then a stream, and then trees.

      I notice I have a hard time looking directly into the woods on the otherside. When i've gone into water or the woods, i always find myself in some different place either in buildings or underwater.

      Im always going to and from in a very slow manner, as if trying to not be seen.
    14. Will Ferrel?

      by , 07-18-2012 at 08:55 PM
      Lol yeah last night was watching the "best of snl" stuff for adam sandler, will ferrel was the last one we had goin before I passed out.

      I remember doing some sort of funny shit with him... and then like.... fried cheese sticks? XD i can't remember.... tried to go back for some more and ended up forgetting the earlier bits other than him being in it.
    15. Will Ferrel?

      by , 07-18-2012 at 08:55 PM
      Lol yeah last night was watching the "best of snl" stuff for adam sandler, will ferrel was the last one we had goin before I passed out.

      I remember doing some sort of funny shit with him... and then like.... fried cheese sticks? XD i can't remember.... tried to go back for some more and ended up forgetting the earlier bits other than him being in it.
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