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    This is a list of the notable nocturnal hallucinations of Odd_Nonposter.
    If you wish to see his abandoned Dream Journal thread, it is located here.

    I think that I'm going to use the same format as in my threaded journal. I don't quite know; I haven't used the new system yet.

    Things that are...

    Black are ordinary dreams. They can be good or bad.
    Blue are lucid experiences, regardless of the mood
    Gray are sort of fuzzy, questionable fragments.
    In italics involve me or someone else dying or very nearly doing so. It will also be used if I kill something.
    [In Green Brackets] are notes to myself to do RCs, or other "director's commentary" sort of things.
    Orange are waking activities that may have to do with the dream.

    I will use the following format for each dream:

    Witty Title: [MM/DD/YY] of night fallen asleep Lucid dream titles are in bold.

    Substances used
    {Dream induction method}, if lucid

    Falling asleep...DreamyLucidDyingWhat?[Wow, that was weird.]

    1. Shroomies in Dreamland

      by , 07-29-2010 at 04:39 PM
      This dream starts out with me walking around in my front yard north of the house. It's slightly overcast outside. As I walk eastward, I notice a hexagonally-shaped mushroom that resembles a biscuit under a sassafras tree. [Odd, for a mushroom.] I recognize it as a psychedelic variety I think that I've seen from pictures on the Internet. I pluck the head off and go inside.

      My house looks no different from how it is normally in real life. Wrapping the head in a couple of tissues, I flop down in front of the TV and watch some market report on a "weed economy." I stand up, and Dad walks in with a set of brown mutton chops for a beard. [???] We talk for a bit, then I head off to my room, walking past Mom, who says something like "people will buy weed!" "No they won't," I reply. I stop for a second. I think to myself, "Don't we usually take different sides? Isn't Mom anti-drug, through and through?" None the wiser, I keep walking. [I could have expanded on that, and probably gone lucid. Damn.]

      I set my wrapped mushroom head down on my bedspread, tear off a corner of it, pop it into my mouth, and suck on it for a while. Nothing happens for a bit, then things start getting all wavy. [I've had these sorts of visual distortions all my life, just never this intense.] I pull out my iPod, and listen to a couple songs. The bass side of things is really faint, and everything high-pitched is accentuated. I lay down on my bed, trying to get a little bit of rest. As soon as my eyes close, though, I awake.

      [Accomplished goal: take a psychedelic in a dream.]
      non-lucid , memorable