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    1. Ahh! Ghost... Banshee.... Thing?

      by , 08-20-2010 at 02:26 AM
      So I tried to do a wild this at 5 am this morning. It didn't work, but at some point I was lying in bed and pinched my nose, and found out I was having a false awakening. So I sat up and wondered what would happen if I were to think about something bad... which turns out is a bad idea. My bed started to float and a ghost, thingy came and was "haunting" me.

      Eventually it went away, and I started walking around. Just sorta fading in and out of vividness. after a while, I tried to fly, but that didn't work. But it turns out I could jump super high. Then I woke...
    2. First Lucid Dream since I joined

      by , 08-07-2010 at 11:35 PM
      Well this is my first lucid dream since I've joined, and the 4th Lucid Dream I've ever had.

      Anyway, I was out drinking last night and drank myself stupid. Went to bed at around 5:30ish. So I had a dream about somehow losing a few of my fingers. I went into shock( it felt real... or it might have been the alcohol, Not sure :P ) So I went into "shock" and went to go call 911, when I looked at my hand, and my fingers regrew. I was very surprised and clued in I was dreaming. So after that, I had to try and keep my dream from fading and I did a few spins (I heard somewhere that that helped a lot). So after doing that, I tried to fly and found out I couldn't, but I found out I could jump very high. I started climbing building after that sorta of like the assassins creed games, haha.

      But yeah at about 7ish my mom woke up and yelled at the dogs, so that woke me up to :/