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    1. Loading Cats

      by , 09-25-2016 at 01:35 AM
      Loading: angrily trying to upload or download something and it was taking forever.

      Cats: Cats laying on their backs for as far as the eye can see

      4 hours (if I was lucky) sleep.
      Tags: angry, cats
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Elder Darker

      by , 09-23-2016 at 12:32 PM
      Elder Games: At my aunt's house cleaning. I assumed the kids would help but they don't. I set up a complex gaming system and lay out a spread of food. A bunch of elderly people in wheel chairs show up for a gaming competition.

      Darker: A friend and I wander from city park to city park trying to find the area with the darkest sky for stargazing. Each time we find what I believe is the darkest sky my friend says, "Nope. We need darker." We continue searching until we find the darkest sky. We then lay on the grass trying to make out the constellations.

      6 hrs sleep
    3. Morphing Beggars Attack River

      by , 09-22-2016 at 05:29 PM
      Morphing Store: Me and some friends find an abandoned plaza with a broken window. W climb in and investigate. It looks like a party place, junkfood wrappers, liquor bottles, clothes, blankets, graffiti. This saddens me. I climb out and mean to board up the window but when I look back inside the place has morphed into a clean, freshly abandoned shop. We try to leave but a pack of angry dogs won't let us. I talk to the dogs to keep their attention while the others try sneak off.

      Beggars: I am starving and filthy. I try sneak into a hotel to scrub up in the bathroom. I am caught and tossed. The guy who tossed me comes back and gives me a half pack of hotdogs. How nice. I hate hotdogs. I accept them. Beggars can't be choosers, right? Friends suddenly appear. We split the hotdogs between us. As eat the last one I look into the pack and see various sizes of maggots squirming around. I want to puke but I don't. I hold the food down by telling myself "at least the maggots weren't crawling through shit and trash". Horrible how a seemingly kind deed can turn out so hateful.

      Air Attack: I lounge in the sun and three drones fly over. I give them the finger. Shortly after fighter planes, bombers, helicopters, and tanks roll in. I run. People follow. We hide behind a stump, as if that will conceal us from wildly attacking forces. I can't stand the sound of the bombs. I cover my ears and am filled with hatred but can do nothing. A soldier finds us, lays by the stump and tells us he will let the others escape as long as one of us surrenders. Of course I'm the one who surrenders. The others dash into the forest without so much as a thank you. Oh well. Moments later planes fly over and incinerate the woods. I am dragged along into the heart of the battle.

      River Hill: A hillside river appears in many of my dreams. I never remember much about these dreams. Last night: I forge a new path to the river which lay frozen over in the middle of summer. I think I had to save what little water was left before it froze over completely. Others were involved. I remember horses. Nothing more.
    4. Lucid: Artist Pursuit

      by , 09-22-2016 at 02:34 PM
      I run an art academy for troubled kids. One boy of 15 is scarily talented and destined for fame. He promises the students that if he becomes a big artist he will come back and wisk them all away.

      But in walks my cousin. She seduces the boy. He loses all interest in art. We all know he now will never amount to anything more than a sex slave for an old nympho lady. My cousin and the boy hop into a car and peel out of the academy.

      The other students and I refuse to let her steal him. We can’t give chase because we have no vehicles. We do have a few little red toy jeeps. Standing in the yard it very slowly dawns that this whole situation could be a dream. I look at the students worried faces and decide that if this is a dream I will do everything in my lucid power to rescue our artist.

      I take a plastic toy car and place the palms of my hands on the door. I slowly slide my hands in opposite directions along the vehicle and it lengthens. I smile and think, “we ARE dreaming”. I continue to enlarge the vehicle until a bunch of students can fit inside. I do the same to the second toy car. Another batch of students climb into it. They all leave.

      But I have no vehicle. “I need a car.” I say to the dream. Another toy vehicle appears but it looks like a miniaturized child’s car bed instead of a battery operated toy car. It’ll do. I lengthen the toy just enough for me to sit on it. I think for it to move forward. It goes, jerkily at first, then smooths out the faster I go. I catch up to the other two vehicles. We see the artist far ahead of us pull into driveway.

      We all pull into the drive and are met by a giant black bear that will not let us pass. The bear is chained up. The students will be safe. I super leap into a tree to see where my cousin went. She has turned into a crusty old farmer who drags the boy toward the barn. I look down and see the grass is cut into C shapes and they slide and shift into curvy patterns. They mean something but I don’t have time to decipher.

      I jump down to the bear. It rears and is a good 4 feet higher than me. I leap up and hover before its face, place my hand on its forhead and sing, “All is well, all is well, all is well, to you I tell.” The bear calms and flops lazily onto the ground. Some kids stay with the bear. Others come to rescue the artist.

      We get to the barn just in time to see a pick up truck speed across the field. The students run back for their car. I pick up a stick and hold it in both hands behind and across my butt. I sit on the stick and lift into the air as if on a swing. I fly along in this manner close behind the truck. The students in the car catch up. They want a flying swing as well. I tell them to hop on a stick and fly along. They do, but ride theirs as a witch will ride a broomstick.

      We catch the old farmer and the boy going into a concert hall but they escape when security confronts us. I have no time for this and push them backwards. They blink out of existence with a strange bwooping sound like defeated video game baddies. We rush into the concert and split up to find the artist. I’m far too impatient to search so sit and whisper, “Find me.” The artist steps out of the crowd and sits by my side. I tell him this is a dream and I demand he tell me what he really is. He only ever gives me cryptic replies like, “I am somewhere.” Or “I am dark matter.” When he asks who I really am I tell him, “I am the Walrus.” We both laugh.

      He never tells me who he is and eventually we get lost in the concert music.

      Dream from Sept 21st
      7 hours sleep
    5. Baby Unplugged Gibson Star

      by , 09-22-2016 at 01:53 PM
      Baby Kennel: I go visit my niece in the hospital. Incubators with malformed and sick babies line the halls. The incubators are stacked three high. Some of the babies wake and stare at me. I should acknowledge them all but if I do I will never get to visit my niece. Perhaps on the way out I will talk with the babies. I get to my niece and my sister tells us the hospital has changed to a sick baby kennel.

      Unplugged: Noise in my basement leads me down to it. The lights won’t come on. The whole basement is pitch black except for a single beam of light shining through the window onto a very old Kurt Cobain. He sits wearily in the old armchair. I ask why he is in my basement and he answers with songs from the unplugged album. I sit and sing with him.

      Fat Gibson: At a gala and people gather around a celebrity. It's Mel Gibson. He is very fat, his belly literally looks as if a giant beach ball is stuffed inside it. The shirt has jumbled flags, stars, and stripes all over it. He acts like a pig.

      Star Search: I spend too much time with my telescope trying to find an elusive comet in a night sky overly packed with stars.

      Dreams for Sept 21st
      7 hours sleep

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    6. Monter Grave Tenant

      by , 09-22-2016 at 04:18 AM
      Church Monster: A friend and I zip line over a very old street and to its end. The walk back is a very long one and I am missing a shoe. I walk carefully. We find an abandoned church and break into it. The zip liners who came behind us follow us into the church. Deep within we encounter an alien like creature that is white with compound eyes. It chases us out but I need to go back to try talk to the thing. The others won’t let me.

      Grave Message: Continuation of above just not with the same dream characters? I'm barefoot in a weedy graveyard and looking for something. Two other people appear. They are barefoot as well. We find a tipped tomb stone nearly swallowed up by weeds. When it is cleaned off we stand around attempting to decipher the message. We take photos of it then leave. We walk extra carefully because the street is covered in broken glass.

      Tenant: I rent out my extra bedroom to a twenty something year old guy. All is fine until night comes. The guy is afraid to sleep in a room by himself in the dark. He asks to sleep on the floor in my room. I shrug a "go ahead" and he camps out on my floor. I can't sleep. I suspect he might be up to no good.

      Aprox 8 hours sleep. Way too much.
    7. Fight Honey Rory

      by , 09-19-2016 at 04:39 PM
      Fight Moms: My mother is murderously angry with her sister. We speed to her house in the car. Instead of pulling in the driveway she drives down through the ditch and across the lawn. She storms inside. My cousins are on the porch and ask me about school. We chat peacefully while our parents war very loudly in the house.

      Honey Hut: I wander a network of very narrow paved forest paths and come to an old white house with a roof covered in honey bees. Is the interior of the house a giant honey comb? I want see if it is but the bees won’t let me near. One lands on my head and scampers in clockwise circles. I don’t kill the bee because it is only doing its insectly duty. Also I know that if I kill the bee its death pheromones will signal the hive to attack me.

      Rory Wedding: Rory organizes a banquet hall for a wedding. He keeps re-situating the tables into different formations. We get frustrated with his constant changes because we're doing all the work while he stands on the stage pointing and ordering us about like servants.

      6.5 hours sleep
      Feels like there should be more dreams than this
    8. Child Beeps Webs Lost

      by , 09-18-2016 at 04:23 PM
      She's a Child: My twenty something friend is messing around with a very troubled 17 year old. Every time he brings up her name I reply with, "She's a child. Send her home to her parents. Tell her to finish high school. Tell her you're not buying her alcohol anymore. If you really do care for her prove it by trying to help her, not by taking advantage of her. She's still a child."
      Needless to say, this dream was mostly the pair of us arguing.

      Barbershop Beeps: I am an old man with very long and very straight white hair, which is my pride. I have a friend who looks like Magneto. We go to a barbershop to get our hair trimmed. The staff send us to separate sides of the shop. It feels like they are up to no good. To convey my suspicions to my friend by talking to him in Morse Code by verbally beeping. It is me in the barbershop chair saying, "Beep. Beep. Beeeeeep. Beep. Beep." And my friend beeps back. We continue to talk in this manner.

      Cleaning Cobwebs: My apartment is full of cob webs. It is like I have been gone for a very long time. I need to clean up because someone is using my place to have a bikini waxing party. (are those real?) As I am sweeping down spider webs I find one very large spider with very long legs. It shakes its front leg at me as if admonishing me for destroying its friends' webs. I leave this spider be but sweep away the rest. If the ladies don't like the long legged spider they can take their creepy party elsewhere.

      GPS: fleeting dream of being lost in the woods and my gps going crazy
      (watched Blair Witch last night)

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    9. Star Songs

      by , 09-17-2016 at 12:37 PM
      I stand alone in a near desert field and the stars sing to me. Sadly I do not understand their songs.

      Feeble recall after 5 hours of sleep that was interrupted multiple times by a dog barking outside.
    10. Hospital Art School Divination

      by , 09-17-2016 at 04:38 AM
      First stab at an online dream journal. Hope I'm doing this correctly.
      4 dreams recalled after 7 hours sleep.

      Hospital: Visit niece with heart condition in hospital. Early morning I went outside to see stars peeking out between clouds. The clouds morph into dragon shapes and drift across the sky slowly growing pink in the sunrise. Remember to get back to hospital but am locked out. I climb over barriers and a man made waterfall to get back inside through an open window. I am stopped by woman with a very obese baby. The baby seems to know me so I talk to him for a while. I meet a man who says he knows a friend of my friend, the one who talks out the side of his face and eyes. I don’t know what that means or who is referring to. I excuse myself to go find my niece.

      In House Art Class:Held an art class in my house. The living room was too small to accommodate the artists so we moved to the kitchen. It was still crowed so I instructed them all to paint to the music. I went back to the living room. In my fish tank was an actual human skull with some muscles still attached. While it was still in the water I painted the skull yellow. The paint snaked hypnotically in and out of the eye sockets and nose cavity. The fish in the tank all floated, dead, to the tank top. I went back to the artists and they sat there mesmerized. When asked what was wrong they pointed to box. It was full of baby sized human skeletons. I took the box and stuffed it in the closet (literally skeletons in the closet!). The people snapped out of their stupor. Everything felt normal again.

      School Games: At a football game at school. Football is mind numbingly boring to me so I explored the school grounds instead of watch the game. I found the track and was going to jog but a shady guy stood watching and seemingly waiting for me. I wasn’t afraid, more or less too lazy to want to deal with conflict. I tried to leave but the football team exploded into the area and nearly trampled me. They kept trying to kick a football over the fence around the track. Their kicks barely affected the football. This was more amusing than an actual game so I took a seat on the grass and watched them fumble.

      Reading for a Lady: A panicked lady finds me and asks me to do a reading. I instruct her to gather grass blades, leaves and some small twigs. She does this quickly. I pull a paper lunch bag out of nowhere and place her collection into it. I tell her to clear her mind. Once it is clear I hand her the bag and tell her to shake it vigorously. She does. We move to a sidewalk where she empties the bag of stuff onto the ground. Oddly, a shining silver soup spoon has materialized in the mix of grass, leaves and twigs. “Well there’s your problem,” I tell her while pointing to the spoon, “there’s a silver spoon in your heart where a cup should be.” This made sense to her and she left happily. No idea what my interpretation meant.