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    Fight Honey Rory

    by , 09-19-2016 at 04:39 PM (303 Views)
    Fight Moms: My mother is murderously angry with her sister. We speed to her house in the car. Instead of pulling in the driveway she drives down through the ditch and across the lawn. She storms inside. My cousins are on the porch and ask me about school. We chat peacefully while our parents war very loudly in the house.

    Honey Hut: I wander a network of very narrow paved forest paths and come to an old white house with a roof covered in honey bees. Is the interior of the house a giant honey comb? I want see if it is but the bees wonít let me near. One lands on my head and scampers in clockwise circles. I donít kill the bee because it is only doing its insectly duty. Also I know that if I kill the bee its death pheromones will signal the hive to attack me.

    Rory Wedding: Rory organizes a banquet hall for a wedding. He keeps re-situating the tables into different formations. We get frustrated with his constant changes because we're doing all the work while he stands on the stage pointing and ordering us about like servants.

    6.5 hours sleep
    Feels like there should be more dreams than this

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