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    Hospital Art School Divination

    by , 09-17-2016 at 04:38 AM (299 Views)
    First stab at an online dream journal. Hope I'm doing this correctly.
    4 dreams recalled after 7 hours sleep.

    Hospital: Visit niece with heart condition in hospital. Early morning I went outside to see stars peeking out between clouds. The clouds morph into dragon shapes and drift across the sky slowly growing pink in the sunrise. Remember to get back to hospital but am locked out. I climb over barriers and a man made waterfall to get back inside through an open window. I am stopped by woman with a very obese baby. The baby seems to know me so I talk to him for a while. I meet a man who says he knows a friend of my friend, the one who talks out the side of his face and eyes. I don’t know what that means or who is referring to. I excuse myself to go find my niece.

    In House Art Class:Held an art class in my house. The living room was too small to accommodate the artists so we moved to the kitchen. It was still crowed so I instructed them all to paint to the music. I went back to the living room. In my fish tank was an actual human skull with some muscles still attached. While it was still in the water I painted the skull yellow. The paint snaked hypnotically in and out of the eye sockets and nose cavity. The fish in the tank all floated, dead, to the tank top. I went back to the artists and they sat there mesmerized. When asked what was wrong they pointed to box. It was full of baby sized human skeletons. I took the box and stuffed it in the closet (literally skeletons in the closet!). The people snapped out of their stupor. Everything felt normal again.

    School Games: At a football game at school. Football is mind numbingly boring to me so I explored the school grounds instead of watch the game. I found the track and was going to jog but a shady guy stood watching and seemingly waiting for me. I wasn’t afraid, more or less too lazy to want to deal with conflict. I tried to leave but the football team exploded into the area and nearly trampled me. They kept trying to kick a football over the fence around the track. Their kicks barely affected the football. This was more amusing than an actual game so I took a seat on the grass and watched them fumble.

    Reading for a Lady: A panicked lady finds me and asks me to do a reading. I instruct her to gather grass blades, leaves and some small twigs. She does this quickly. I pull a paper lunch bag out of nowhere and place her collection into it. I tell her to clear her mind. Once it is clear I hand her the bag and tell her to shake it vigorously. She does. We move to a sidewalk where she empties the bag of stuff onto the ground. Oddly, a shining silver soup spoon has materialized in the mix of grass, leaves and twigs. “Well there’s your problem,” I tell her while pointing to the spoon, “there’s a silver spoon in your heart where a cup should be.” This made sense to her and she left happily. No idea what my interpretation meant.
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      nice recall!

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      lol. Thank you.