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    1. 1 DEILD, 1 WILD, 1 Night

      by , 03-21-2014 at 03:11 PM
      Last night was epic, and a major breakthrough in my learning to lucid dream. I don't really know where to start so let's begin with the earliest dream I had that night.

      I was at a school campus, but which school that was I have no idea. Me and my friend were on a team and we were pretty much playing in an FPS(First Person Shooter). I remember shooting at the other team with a huge mini gun but it was vague. What I do remember pretty clearly was being chased by the other team with this gun lmao, but anyways I was jumping fluently and running as I would normally do in real life so the essence of the dream wasn't really holding me back. I remember getting shot at and if you were shot, the other team's score would go up. Except, you wouldn't die. You would just keep getting shot at lol. Anyways I couldn't play this game for long. I eventually woke up.

      When I did wake up though I encountered something I haven't encountered since my middle school days: sleep paralysis. I don't know why all of a sudden I would enter such a state but I used to get them a lot during middle school and it really did terrify me. Now that I know what it is though, I embraced the fact that I was in sleep paralysis and took full advantage of it. I just went back to sleep, simple as that. So I'm guessing what I just did was a DEILD but at the time I confused it for a WILD since I was in sleep paralysis but I never was technically awake so I don't think it's appropriate to call it that. Anyways I'm rambling. I went back to sleep but as soon as I closed my eyes I felt like I was being dragged across my bed, spiraling and honestly the feeling felt pretty scary at first. I opened my eyes still paralyzed, realizing that I haven't even moved. I had nothing to be scared of. I closed my eyes again, that eerie feeling of spinning across my bed not a problem anymore. I welcomed it with open arms, and for about 10-15 seconds I rode this wild ride...until I woke up. But something wasn't right. No, I knew this was going to happen. I RC'ed, plugging my nose and seeing if I could breathe through it. I failed the RC and realized I had just achieved my second lucid dream. I immediately calmed myself and ground myself to the dream. Everything felt so...real. It was amazing for lack of a better word. It wasn't my room but it felt like my room. My brother was sleeping soundly across from me and all I wanted to do was just one thing: fly. So I decided screw this, I'm out. I punched my window and...it didn't break -.-. This startled my brother and he woke up asking what I was doing. I was about to tell him that we're dreaming when I realized that it wouldn't be a good idea. With my faulty dream logic still intact and maybe due to a little excitement I concluded that me and him were dreaming together. But no, I pushed this notion out of my head since I knew it was false and focused my efforts on breaking the darn window. It was still dark outside so I decided to make it daytime, and I kept at it when I finally woke up.

      I was dazed and excited and bewildered all at the same time. I can't believe I just achieved something so great without even really practicing. I was satisfied for the night so I went back to sleep, with my intent of just recording down any dreams that came along that night.

      When I woke up it was already 7:45ish, somewhere around this time frame and I just laid in bed thinking about a few things. I tossed and turned, eventually falling asleep. But without really thinking about it I paid attention to it. I was aware of it I guess you can say. I woke up after some time, yet again paralyzed. Was it really possible now to induce a WILD? One lucid dream was good for the night, crap it was good probably for the next 2-3 weeks. But another one?? I closed my eyes and once again welcomed the feeling of being dragged and spinning at the same time, that familiar feeling I had earlier that night.

      I soon woke up, knowing it was yet again another false awakening and doing another RC. This time I was going to break that window. I improvised this time. I grabbed the chair that was in my room and threw it at the window and...it still didn't break. I was done lmao, I just decided to walk out of my room and downstairs, while in the process of walking downstairs imagined a suit and tie on myself and it soon appeared. I was going to walk out the house when I saw that my mom's room door was open. Why not? Let me interact with my dream mom. I called out to her, telling her that I was going outside and she called back but in a strange voice, and at the same time faint as well. Concerned I walked to her room, and when I did she was just folding clothes. She looked just like my regular mom, and I was relieved. As soon as I confronted her though, she gave me this kind of eerie look. She gives me the look in reality when I've done something extremely wrong, but I was wondering what I did. I felt like she knew I was dreaming but then she just asked me if I had put my socks away, and I told her I did. That whole scenario was pretty weird lol but anyways I walk outside, with my suit and tie now gone
      and I soon look at my dream neighborhood. Everything was so amazing, so clear. I couldn't believe my eyes. I then tried to start flying, but it was a real struggle. I would just float back down every single time, taking very large leaps. On my second try I decided to do something else. I saw two dream characters longboard past me. I think one of them was my brother but I can't really confirm it. I then tried to shoot lightning out my hands and trip him up while he was zooming past me. Nothing. I then decided to do something else different. I decided to shoot web out of my hands like I was Spider-Man. I did, and it attached to a car near me. It was nice to know that I actually did have some dream control. It was evident that I had super strength at the moment since I pulled the car to me with relative ease but apparently not enough to break a window -__________- . After that I went to flip the car and it flipped easily when I heard a cough. This was not good. Not good at all. It was coming from my actual room where I was sleeping, my brother being the one who coughed. I immediately woke up, once again excited that I had yet another lucid dream but kind of mad at my brother for waking me up ha ha.

      Last night was a very successful night and I think I found my main way of attaining lucid dreams. WILDing is definitely for me and I can just imagine how many more lucid dreams I have to go. This has been a major achievement for me and now I'm definitely on the right track, especially for a novice and I'm just going to keep getting better and better at this, just watch
    2. Entry 1- The End of the Dreamworld

      by , 03-12-2014 at 11:30 AM
      I decided to share some of my more interesting and memorable journal entries on here just for the fun of it. This is going to be my first entry.

      I was in a dream wasteland with no rules. I had made a contained fortress around me so that these gigantic creatures that would shoot huge beams of energy at me wouldn't hurt me. While exploring my fortress I had discovered a flaw. One of these creatures had breached the fortress, while thinking that I had in fact made this part of the fortress thinking that it couldn't be breeched. As soon as I realized my mistake I ran. The huge creature took off after me. I ran around the corner to avoid its wrath and any chance of being destroyed. I hid outside the ruins of a convenience store, being that my fortress was made of a little town that was no more. When I hid on the side of this store the dream suddenly switched to a third person view. There was no longer a humongous creature after me but in fact a woman who sought after me for whatever reason. I knew her intentions were not right though. She called out for me and as soon as she passed me I didn't hesitate to take action. All of this was still in third person, by the way. I took out a gun that shot out a ray of energy and paralyzed her. She cried out for help and told me to stop. I didn't hesitate to kill her because I knew what she wanted from me. She wanted me destroyed. I can't recall anything more after this incident.