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      by , 03-15-2016 at 08:05 PM

      First, I was with a group of people in a sort of class. The class assignment was to play cards, either Yu-gi-oh or Magic. Our instructor gave us a quick explanation of how to play each game. With the game, we had partners. My partner, a girl I think, wanted to play Yugioh. At first I did too. However, I changed my mind and began looking through some Magic cards. After debating between the two our instructor explained that Yugioh was easier than Magic, and since this was a class and our grade was based on winning games with our partner I settled on Yugioh.
      Next, I was on a field trip traveling in a bus. We were in Colorado. I was sitting next to a beautiful girl. She was tall, skinny, with long brown straight hair, and was lively and excited. She must have been to Colorado before because she knew or recognized several locations we drove past. Soon I remembered seeing the sights from a vantage point above the ground; we must have been flying. In our bus that was capable of flying and driving we could see a art installation. It was made of rocks that were stood up, much like Stonehenge though noticeably smaller. At the center of the installation was a sphere, rainbow in color, just like the loading icon on a Mac. This ball of color was suspended in the air with nothing holding it up. As we drove along (or rather flew) we passed a gigantic tree reminiscent of the Redwoods of California. It was standing alone in an open field and as we passed it the brown haired beauty beside me said she knew the tree, apparently from past experiences here in California. The tree itself had a spiral staircase seemingly made of its own material. The staircase, however, started about 1/3 of the way up the tree so a leisurely climb to its peak was impossible. Food was on the agenda and the place chosen was well known (at least to the girl). Inside the restaurant it was cozy but cramped. Now I wanted to get to know the girl. I asked her what she was getting. She said some tacos, which I remember were the first on the menu. The menu only had about four main entrees; the rest seemed to be individual items. I remember, wanting to buy just several small items but unfortunately for me I didn’t know what much of the food actually was. I remember feeling closer to the girl here. We had left the bus before everyone else and so we were alone. We must have talked, though I can’t say about what.
    2. Mutha Fuckin Cockroaches

      by , 06-15-2015 at 02:51 PM

      I was wearing flip flops and there were several cockroaches on a tile floor. I kept stepping on them to kill them. I had to step on them twice, the second time aiming for the head. I was not terrified at the mass of roaches (as I would have been irl). This was the only thing that really surprised me in the dream. Sorry there is no more for this dream. I forgot much of the other dreams I had last night. However, this one stuck with me.
      Tags: cockroaches
    3. Brown Haired Girl

      by , 05-26-2015 at 06:38 PM

      The world is ending in a metropolis of a city full of towering building of hard and unforgiving concrete. I hurried through the city eventually reaching a “sewer” of pipes underground. The sewer was large, tall enough to fit a small edifice and wide enough to fit a group of 10 people side by side. There were people with me, though I don’t know whom. I was supposed to stay with them but I wandered off. I emerged in a room, vastly larger than the underground sewer. The ceiling opened up into the sky, with a hole at the top where rubble had fallen, exposing the sunlight. And in the room there was fresh vegetation, green and wet with what looked like morning dew. There I was with two other people. One was DC (not a dc ) and the other was a girl I did not recognize. The girl was skinny in what I recall to be sporty clothes. She seemed to be an explorer. Her hair was brown and cut short to the shoulders. My conversation fell upon the girl. I don’t remember what precisely was said, but she seemed talkative and conversing with her was easy. I soon became very friendly, until I was flirting with her, asking her questions, talking with humor, maintaining a flow while avoiding awkward silence. I must have had to go because I was next at a trailer park. Or maybe not a trailer park since there was only one house I remember. It did seem to be a trailer or RV type house. There was a long driveway up to the house. Poor dream recall will end the dream prematurely here.
      Tags: city, girl, sewer
    4. A Baby in Need

      by , 05-25-2015 at 04:08 PM

      I was assigned an adventure. Perhaps it was for some “school” function. I’m not quite sure. But I wandered through a wasteland void of people and full of desolate and decaying buildings. I don’t remember what my assignment was so I explored aimlessly. Eventually I entered a building and headed to the lower floors. In the basement of the building were desks full of “students”. Proctors of sorts were there to watch us while we completed a "test". I remember starting the “test” but I did not finish it because I found it pointless. I left the room with the “test” incomplete and wandered on. I believe at this point I was called on by DB to play Eb clarinet in ensemble. I declined. Next, I was in a kind of park full of hills, so many that the horizon was blocked in multiple directions by the undulation of the landscape. Somehow I ran into RS. I was now in his car (his black and grey mustang) and we talked about music, clarinet, etc. We drove through the hills until something caught my eye. There was an baby falling from the sky. I knew the baby was in trouble. No on was around to help. So I opened RS’s car door and ran to the baby. I jumped in the air, soaring up as if gravity were less, caught the baby, and dropped the baby as gently as I could to the ground. I saw the baby land with a thump in a shallow pool of water. It wasn’t ideal and I knew the baby still needed help. I hung in the air before falling to the ground. Now I rushed the baby to a nearby table and began CPR. As I used two fingers to press on the baby’s chest I realized that it’s arms were skinny, as if someone had taken clay and rolled it out on flat surface creating “noodles”. No matter, the baby coughed up water and I felt complete. However, trouble didn’t seem to be over yet. Night grew close. The air transitioned from bright yellow-orange to a deep and blanketing purple-black. It seemed that trouble was brewing. I found my friend BC nearby and asked him to take care of the baby. TF was also there so I asked for his assistance as well. I was off, not sure why. I needed to find RS again so I used my phone to call, but my phone was malfunctioning. My phone wouldn’t call and it became of little use other than occupying space. Wandering I somehow ran into AB. She was beautiful. Her face was so clear to me. Slightly rosy cheeks, raised in a affection, a deep and radiant smile, and light brown, slightly curled hair that framed her face and exposed her features. She was there to help me. I knew it. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much. We must have talked, and I’m sure she helped me, but here the dream fades away.
    5. Wings!

      by , 05-20-2015 at 11:38 PM

      I was flying! I had a parachute of some kind and I was floating through the sky over a vast city. And in between the building was water. It was beautiful because the sun was bright and the sky was clear. The wind gusted violently the higher I was and so I used it to propel me forward and keep me afloat. As I navigated through the buildings I found myself just above the top of a very tall skyscraper, much taller than the buildings around it. I felt as though this was a threshold. By this point a “dragon” was following me. So I avoided it as I sailed over this pair of skyscrapers. On the other side I zoomed down where a new part of the city opened up to me, now more water than buildings. I could tell I was losing altitude and so desperately started searching for a place to land. Buildings passed by and I thought about dropping to land but it was too late; the building had passed. I continued to descend and was heading for an enormous bridge spanning over a stretch of water. I carefully, though quickly, navigated between the support beams underneath the bridge. I continued looking for a place to land. I must have received a push upward because next I was going up over a baseball stadium. Here was my chance I thought. I sailed over the side of the stadium, up over a net surrounding the field and quickly plummeted down. I saw the dirt ground and let go. I hit the ground running but felt no pain. The baseball players took little notice besides stopping their game.
      Tags: flying
    6. A Girl to Remember

      by , 05-20-2015 at 11:35 PM

      I don’t remember much of this one. I was in a class with a beautiful flautist. I remember that she was a stunning musician. I know she was blonde, but not a bright blonde; her hair was dirty and real. I don’t recall but I think her hair was short. We must have hit it off because we talked and I began to feel an affinity with her. After this “class” we were in a band hall and I was looking for my locker. I asked her to assist me, as I could not remember where my locker was. Eventually I remembered where my locker was. Later I was at a party with other people. This is where it gets hazy. I was now leaving the party. Somehow I was back at my house. I was preparing to leave though. Perhaps I was actually leaving the party. But, I know that I was leaving in order to see the flautist. I was slightly lucid here. I just wanted to stay in the dream long enough to find the girl again. Who knows, maybe I can find her in another dream. I had a feeling that I had both emails and Facebook messages from this girl. I had a clear vision of my iPhone with notifications from her. Before I could find her or even leave I woke up.
      Tags: girls
    7. Music Always on My Mind

      by , 05-20-2015 at 11:30 PM
      I was with my parents and possibly my brother, and we were getting ready to go to the beach. I had also invited J. However it started to get late and the sun went down. My parents were now reluctant, but I still wanted to go. So we left for the beach in our Suburban. We stopped near the shore were another family was already set up. There were little children playing in the water, though the water was very shallow and surrounded on all sides by sand. I contacted J to come but she was occupied at the time. Next I was rehearsing with a pianist. She needed practice playing Brahms clarinet sonata I. I had the music but it was apparently the wrong arrangement because I could tell there were parts where I should have played and I did not. I told her I was sorry and went to look for my actual music. I told her the part I was playing on was for younger players. I went to what looked like my game room and ruffled through stacks of music, though I could not find it. MRD showed up and said something about how he always made fun of me (in a playful way of course). I asked why. I told the girl pianist that we should just try to keep playing. I guess I was planning on using my memory. However, I woke before we played again. Soon after agreeing to play again I realized the part was in my green folder in my clarinet case.
      Tags: beach
    8. "It's just natural."

      by , 05-23-2014 at 07:10 PM

      I was in my room with my brother and two other guys; oh, and there was a girl. I don’t know who they were. We were working on something. It seemed important at the time. In my room there were two beds (I’m guessing one was my brother’s). At a point we decided to stop working and so I lounged on my bed. The girl began to lie on top of me as if she were flirting with me. The guys gathered around my window, which was open. I loved being with the girl. I even got a little hard and tried to keep it down. Eventually she left I think. The guys at the window began lighting dynamite and throwing in in our pool. We don’t have a pool in real life. I screamed at them to stop! What were they, crazy? They ignored me and kept throwing lit pieces into the pool, always landing in the water. Then I saw the more conservative friend who I thought was just minding his own business throw a large group of at least five sticks of dynamite out the window nonchalantly. Soon an explosion happened. But, it was of light and not of sound or physical damage. The yellows were beautiful and left me speechless. Horizontally, a line erupted across the bottom of the pool. This line had several vertical lines protruding from it at right angles heading towards the surface. These lines exploded into existence, a bolt of lighting in my own pool. The light was carried upward with celerity and hung momentarily to slowly dissolve in the cold water. I was now fascinated and forgave my friends without the use of words. The window was left open and outside I realized it was cloudy and raining. I did not mind the water, even though it began gathering in tiny droplets on my walls. I figured, “Everything gets wet, it’s just natural”.
    9. The Tiger and I

      by , 05-23-2014 at 07:04 PM

      I was at my university’s the music office, but it was very similar to a library. There were some practice rooms. I looked for one but most were taken. I found CC’s belongings next you an empty room. When she arrived I asked if she was using the room. She said yes. So I walked to where the main office really was. Around the corner I found that a lady working. We small talked and I went on my way. The area transitioned into a store, like Academy, and soon bared no resemblance to the office. I climbed over piles of stuff; some water bottles fell on top of me at one point. JG was there so I tried to hide so as not to alert anyone of my position. I now stayed low to the ground until I found a tent. The tent was very small and I then decided not to use it. Next I found the outdoor section of the store. There was dirt on the floor and a trail leading off to nowhere as far as I could tell. I followed it to get farther away. It led to a completely new area where people seemed to be harvesting trees. There was a gap where a tiger was held. He had a parachute attached to his body, which prevented him from running. The man across the way from me taunted the tiger. He shot the tiger with some weapon to intimidate him. However, he missed and the weapon instead struck the parachute. The tiger was now free and took his revenge swiftly. Judging the situation, I quickly dashed back to where I came from, though the tiger was not far behind. However, the tiger had no quarrel with me and did not engage in a pursuit. I left unscathed.
    10. Super Dope Bros.

      by , 05-23-2014 at 06:58 PM

      Reality: During the day, JJ showed me a vaporizer he wanted to buy. He said it masks odors, opens when you use it, and is quite portable. I sounded very neat. Also that night I played Super Smash Bros. drunk.

      Dream: I had a vaporizer, which seemed similar to the one JJ showed me. I think it was pink. It opened and there was some weed in a small compartment. It would then close to be smoked. I don’t remember much more. Later I was playing Super Smash Bros. I was playing with Mewtwo and trying to complete “break the targets”. I could break all of the targets except one. Then the timer ran out. Instead of having to start over, a sudden death started where I had a set time to break just the one target I could not before. I broke it, but I had to break all of the targets at one time to actually complete the level. So, I started again but cannot remember if I actually beat it. Fin.

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    11. Clarinet Practice and a Pool Party

      by , 04-06-2014 at 12:17 AM

      I am in my room with MRB, JE, and some other clarinet player. We are rehearsing a strange piece. I am very tired and have trouble sitting up and so play laying down on my bed on my side. I play with the other person, but do not look at the music. I listen to the other person and play what he plays. It is basically a C# minor scale until the last note, which is an E# making a Picardy third sound. I think I am playing Eb clarinet as well. Looking up at my shelves, I see a picture of a girl in fancy clothes. It looks drawn with crayon. Her clothes are yellow. As I look she winks at me; very strange being a picture. After this Joe Eck picks up my lollipop (its red) and asks what some scratch marks are on it. I tell him, laughing somewhat, that they are teeth marks and that it must be a sign that I am impatient when eating. He and MRB laugh, which makes me very happy.

      Before this I was at a lavish party. Many people were there including EH. I remember when I was in the pool outside. It was night time so it was somewhat dark out. There was another boy there, tall and fit. We did not know eacthother but were hanging out. We start doing tricks off of slides etc. I try to do a front flip several times but always land on my back in the water. There is like a jungle gym in the pool which was pretty cool. The other guy tries to do a front flip as well but lands on part of the jungle gym, so I go over and help him. After a while I begin to feel like I am late to something.
      Tags: clarinet
    12. Amusement in and out of an Amusement Park

      by , 04-06-2014 at 12:12 AM

      I am in my house on the second floor with some other people including AP. We have a wind ensemble rehearsal soon. Soon everyone is gone except me. I am still getting ready. I cannot find my keys so I leave in my family's suburban. Driving, somehow I end up in Disneyworld . I have no idea and am very confused. I am late for wind ensemble and am now very nervous. I receive a text from JF asking where I am. It also says that I am taking my mom to the doctor as she is covering for my tardiness. I imagine MRB is very mad. At Disney world I am trying to find my way back home somehow. Soon I find my mom and tell her what is happening. She does not say much but I tell her maybe I should try a ride because I think that is how I got here. So I get in a ride. Eventually the ride becomes the suburban and I am at a stoplight. I decide to turn right. My university is on the right. I turn in the back entrance. By the way, my university looks nothing like it does in real life. It is all gravel and mud. Eventualy I have to walk. I walk to the athletic field and find some athletes. They are sweaty and tired and for some reason I have a giant straw. I pour water on the players and let them drink. They seem to be thankful. There are also two girls who join, bothe very attractive as if out of a magazine. The straw is almost out of water so I give it to them and say don’t have too much fun. I leave the same way I came.

      Some friends and I are on the roof near the athletic fields hanging out. The coaches come and scold us for not being in class etc. We leave but come back and they scold us again. Now I am frustrated.
    13. Epic Water Slide Adventure

      by , 03-19-2014 at 03:08 PM

      This dream is fragmented, but…I am sliding down a gigantic water slide and my goal is to reach the bottom. The slide is more like a mario kart race track with secret passages and obstacles. There are "boosts" around the slide which I try to ride over. Eventually I pick up my dog as a passenger. Now as I ride over the boosts I go no faster as the weight of myself and dog is too great. Soon I make it to the bottom. At the bottom JS is waiting. I cannot remember much more unfortunately.

      I am now with a friend JS (different JS than before) in an office of some sorts. The office looks very nice although it looks incomplete as it is either being torn down or set up. JS has a job here which surprises me because he is a music major and likes teaching. Anyway, we hang out (he doesn't do any work). Eventually, I am at a stadium of sorts with members of the marching band I was in in high school. I am helping them I think. MRB asks me to help the band tomorrow. I am reluctant, but I think I eventually say yes. The dream is fuzzy and there are some parts missing but that is the gist.
    14. I'm too tired to think of a title (there's yoga and drugs in this dream)

      by , 03-16-2014 at 03:34 PM

      I am in a group fitness room. The room is full of many people about to do yoga. Everyone is nearly touching each other because there are so many people and so little room. However, there is a gap in the middle of the room that no one is occupying. So, I move there and tell every one to move to create more space (this is very unlike me as I am usually quiet). People start moving. I realize that my mat is much bigger than everyone else's mats. This bothers me.

      Next I am in a forest type area with a few houses. There are some friends with me but I cannot remember who specifically. I start walking through the forest (I think I am suppose to for some reason). Soon I get to a very steep slope which I must climb. It is not straight vertical, but still challenging. I climb it fairly easily, similar to climbing a rock wall.

      After this I am inside a house. This part gets fuzzy. All I remember is someone talking about drugs, specifically acid. I say I am nervous to try it, but my friend tells a story of someone who tried it and is now fine. I am not sure, but I think we were all high. We go upstairs (I go first), sit on the couch, and are about to listen to music. I do not take any acid.
      Tags: drugs, yoga
    15. Pizza Pi

      by , 03-14-2014 at 01:41 PM
      pi, 2014

      Driving down a gravel road, I come to a house to deliver a pizza. I am off the clock but decide to deliver any way as there was a high school event and many people are ordering pizzas. I have with me a medium cheese pizza and a gluten free pizza. The man at the door is mad at my tardiness. He asks why it took 45 minutes for me to arrive. I tell him we are very busy with the recent high school event. The price is about 13$ plus some change. He only gives me coins as a tip, which disappoints me. Soon the driver that is actually on the clock arrives in a red truck. I tell the driver that we should just eat the pizzas since I already delivered the man's order. However, I realize that the pizzas the driver has are different. So, he walks up to the door and the man comes back out. He tells the driver that he does not want the pizzas, which is even more frustrating. I believe he just does not want to pay for them. Oh well, we decide to then eat the pizzas…but I wake up before this happens.
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