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    Brown Haired Girl

    by , 05-26-2015 at 06:38 PM (344 Views)

    The world is ending in a metropolis of a city full of towering building of hard and unforgiving concrete. I hurried through the city eventually reaching a “sewer” of pipes underground. The sewer was large, tall enough to fit a small edifice and wide enough to fit a group of 10 people side by side. There were people with me, though I don’t know whom. I was supposed to stay with them but I wandered off. I emerged in a room, vastly larger than the underground sewer. The ceiling opened up into the sky, with a hole at the top where rubble had fallen, exposing the sunlight. And in the room there was fresh vegetation, green and wet with what looked like morning dew. There I was with two other people. One was DC (not a dc ) and the other was a girl I did not recognize. The girl was skinny in what I recall to be sporty clothes. She seemed to be an explorer. Her hair was brown and cut short to the shoulders. My conversation fell upon the girl. I don’t remember what precisely was said, but she seemed talkative and conversing with her was easy. I soon became very friendly, until I was flirting with her, asking her questions, talking with humor, maintaining a flow while avoiding awkward silence. I must have had to go because I was next at a trailer park. Or maybe not a trailer park since there was only one house I remember. It did seem to be a trailer or RV type house. There was a long driveway up to the house. Poor dream recall will end the dream prematurely here.

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    Tags: city, girl, sewer